Rise of Rone - 5118-01-03 - The Vigilante's Repeat Performance (log)

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Lormesta 3-4, 5118

by Leafiara Autumnwind of the TownCrier


  • The figure in a white longcoat is seen again and shortly afterward the corpse of a giantman in a blacksmith apron is found in the back alley near Helga's.
  • Stormyrain gets the loresong from the corpse, revealing images of 1) him being drunken and angry around a beaten human woman inside a home, 2) him digging in a graveyard while glancing over his shoulder, 3) the figure in a white longcoat descending from a rooftop, and 4) the figure slicing the giantman's gut and then disappearing like mist.
  • Adventurers go to inquire about the giantman with Iron Jack (the town blacksmith), who says the man was named Rusty and had a human wife, but doesn't remember her name and won't confirm where the two of them lived unless asked by the Constable.
  • Afterward they go to speak with Helga, who banters back and forth with the adventurers and says that Rusty was often there drinking, always alone. She says rumors have been going around town about the white vigilante, and that Sleepy (the West Gate guard) has also heard them in his stops by the bar, but nobody is sure what to think of the vigilante--be it male, female, ancient spirit, or multiple people. The group ends its night by trying to come up with nicknames for the vigilante.


Vigilante's Second Strike

Amidst the falling snow, a humanoid figure in a white longcoat briefly appears along some rooftops nearby, then drops out of sight.

[various people search town, but cannot find anyone]

A figure in a white longcoat appears briefly out of an alley near Stormarm St, then seems to vanish suddenly.

[a group heads to Stormarm Street, then to the back alley to find...]

[Helga's, Back Alley]

The narrow alley, shaded by the overhanging eaves of the stone and wood buildings that rise on all sides, is full of debris, piles of rags and filth. A broken wooden chair, an old crate and a trash barrel are piled to either side of the smoke-stained oaken door that leads into the back of the building to the south. You also see a bloodied giantman corpse.

J>look cor

The giantman corpse is large, with a huge bulky frame and broad shoulders with an even bigger beard to match it, which engulfs the lower half of his face. The giantman's blacksmith apron is stained with both soot, and fresh blood, which has poured down from a vicious half-circle slice across his gut. A few bruises and other uneven slices cover the giantman's arms.

Puptilian asks, "Stormy?"

Stormyrain asks, "Pup?"

Puptilian asks, "Anything you can sing off the body?"

Stormyrain says, "There are some echoes."

Stormyrain sings something in Guildspeak to a bloodied giantman corpse that you don't understand.

The giantman corpse seems to respond to the magic of Stormyrain's song.

Stormyrain blinks, staring off into the distance.

Stormyrain says, "Your vision blurs as the colors melt away to slowly be replaced by the interior of a cluttered home. A large bearded giantman storms down a hallway, shouting and spluttering, a bottle being tossed from his hand. A human woman turns at his approach, and her one good eye that is not swollen shut winces as he draws near."

Stormyrain sings something in Guildspeak to a bloodied giantman corpse that you don't understand.

The giantman corpse seems to respond to the magic of Stormyrain's song.

Stormyrain blinks, staring off into the distance.

Stormyrain says, "Your vision blurs as the colors melt away to slowly be replaced by the landscape of a dark graveyard, where a large bearded giantman digs furiously under the cover of night, occasionally glancing over his shoulder."

Stormyrain sings something in Guildspeak to a bloodied giantman corpse that you don't understand.

The giantman corpse seems to respond to the magic of Stormyrain's song.

Stormyrain blinks, staring off into the distance.

Stormyrain says, "Your vision blurs as the colors melt away to slowly be replaced by a stretch of city streets, as a large bearded giantman wipes his greasy hands along his blacksmith's apron and heads in the direction of Helga's Tavern. Above the giantman, the form of a humanoid figure swathed in a white longcoat appears like an ivory gargoyle on the edge of a rooftop. Silently, the white figure descends to the ground."

Arnylon says, "I wonder if Iron Jack could identify him."

Stormyrain says, "It would make sense to me that we look in the graveyard next, to see if there are any signs to that end."

[Puptilian goes off to investigate the graveyard, but later reports not finding anything new]

Stormyrain squints at a bloodied giantman corpse.

Stormyrain leans in toward the corpse, her pointed ears raised ever so slightly.

Stormyrain sings something in Guildspeak to a bloodied giantman corpse that you don't understand.

The giantman corpse seems to respond to the magic of Stormyrain's song.

Stormyrain blinks, staring off into the distance.

Stormyrain gives a short little hum of surprise.

Stormyrain says, "You see a dark alley, where a cloaked white figure tumbles behind a large giantman, who growls in pain at the wounds along his arms. He reaches out with one hand and grabs the cloaked figure, slamming him against a wall while trying to then toss him aside, but the figure spins out of the grasp and in a blur of motion slices a small blade across the giantman's gut. Ethereal mist seems to swirl around the white figure and he disappears like evaporating mist, as the giant slumps to the ground."

[discussion ensures about what any of this could mean, similarities and differences between this corpse and the last, the gender and possible magical talent of the white figure, philosophical discussion of whether the vigilante's actions are a good, bad, or neutral thing, if the figure might be an actual ghost, etc.]

Some town guards arrive to carefully take away the body.

Iron Jack's Info

[we head over to check with Iron Jack]

[Blacksmith, Forge]

Iron Jack's boasts four well-sized forges, three of which are currently in operation. Several new apprentices are gathered around one, learning the finer points of Smithery, while the blacksmith's eldest son is crafting a large sword at another. At the third forge, two older apprentices are working on shorter blades suitable for knives. You also see an empty forge, a pile of straw and the blacksmith.

The blacksmith looks up, "Eh?"


[while waiting, everyone decides that after speaking with Iron Jack we'll speak with Helga]

Iron Jack looks up from the forge, "What is going on?"

Iron Jack says, "You all in line for the workshops?"

Speaking to the blacksmith, Arnylon asks, "Good evening. You happen to have a burly bearded giantman in your employ?"

Speaking to the blacksmith, Shinann asks, "Do you have a giantman with a very large beard working for you?"

Iron Jack says, "Rusty? He's got a big ole beard, damn near covers his whole face."

Shinann nods slowly.

Iron Jack says, "Which isn't so bad, once he done shaved it, and he's no looker for sure."

Iron Jack says, "He do something wrong?"

Cryheart says, "He is dead."

Cryheart nods to Iron Jack.

Speaking to the blacksmith, Arnylon asks, "We think he's dead. Seen his wife of late?"

Iron Jack blinks.

Iron Jack says, "....dead?"

Speaking to the blacksmith, Irar asks, "Did you know him to be violent towards women?"

Iron Jack says, "I don't know much of my smith's personal lives, not my place."

Iron Jack says, "If he's been violent towards women, that's a shame."

Iron Jack says, "Man can swing a hammer for sure."

Iron Jack says, "Or could, I guess."

Evia asks, "Soo....Rusty, eh? Was he married?"

Iron Jack says, "Aye he had himself a little wife."

Speaking to the blacksmith, Irar asks, "You happen to know her name?"

Speaking to the blacksmith, Shinann asks, "Human?"

Speaking to the blacksmith, Evia asks, "Human or giant?"

Iron Jack says, "I don't recall her name."

Iron Jack says, "She was a human."

Alisaire asks, "Was?"

Iron Jack says, "When I saw her aye."

Iron Jack says, "Only met her once. She brought him a meal one day."

Dirra asks, "Where is his domicile? So we could check on her, do you know?"

Iron Jack says, "I'm not really comfortable informing a mob of people where he lived."

Iron Jack says, "I'll be sure to answer any questions the Constable has, or send a report."

Iron Jack says, "Well, I hope you find who did this."

Iron Jack says, "I mean, if what you say is true, he's no good, but we can't be having murder in the streets."

Iron Jack says, "Then we're just Solhaven. Their streets are dead. HAR!"

Helga's Info: Naming the Unnamed Vigilante

[travel time to Helga's]

[Helga's Tavern, Barroom]

The blended odors of ale, sweat, leather, perfume and hearty stew fill the stifling air of the tavern. Disheveled regulars and road-weary travelers rub elbows at the wooden bar, which looks recently varnished but already bears a variety of stains and grime. Helga, the ancient, obese proprietor, moves behind the bar, wiping glasses with a dirty towel as she keeps a beady eye on the patrons. A small fireplace in one corner burns feebly, adding little light or warmth to the room. You also see Helga, an overturned creel, a huge cast iron stewpot, a set of swinging doors and a tattered menu.

Helga looks at Nyssia, "See? Not a quiet night at all."

Helga says, "Welcome everyone."

Speaking to Helga, Shinann asks, "Evening. Did you have a regular customer called Rusty?"

Helga says, "Rusty? The cooks called him Fuzzface. He's been here sometimes."

Helga says, "Drinks more than Goblyn's orchard, y'know?"

Speaking to Helga, Irar asks, "Ever come in with his wife?"

Helga says, "He has a wife?"

Speaking interestedly to Helga, Cruxophim inquires, "He drank blood?"

Helga says, "No, he didn't drink blood."

Helga says, "I just meant, he drinks alot."

Arnylon says, "He had a wife. He doesn't anymore since he's dead."

Shinann asks, "Was he always alone?"

Helga says, "She's dead? That is rather blunt of you."

Helga says, "He was always alone, aye. He'd drink, whistle at the girls, but mostly drink."

Arnylon says, "I didn't say she was dead. I said he was."

Helga says, "Oh Rusty is dead?"

Helga says, "He was just here, last night!"

Helga says, "What happened?"

Earthdiver says, "There was...an assassin, it seems. In a white longcoat."

Helga says, "Oh...the White Coat."

Speaking to Helga, Tetreves asks, "You know of this?"

Earthdiver asks, "You know of such?"

Speaking to Helga, Irar asks, "You know of this person?"

Cryheart asks, "What ye know of the white coat, Helga?"

Helga inches a little closer to the bar, as if she could much.

Helga says, "I don't know nothin'. But some have talked."

Helga says, "This is what, now, the second body?"

Helga says, "Some say he's a ghost, or some woman sent to drive out the evil men of the world."

Helga says, "Sleepy's been calling him the White Coat."

Helga says, "I prefer the Ghost. Better ring to it."

Helga says, "Some have said he just, appears and disappears, like out of thin air."

Speaking pragmatically to Helga, Cruxophim clarifies, "He, or she."

Helga says, "Or it."

Speaking calmly to Helga, Cruxophim agrees, "Or it."

Speaking to Helga, Dirra asks, "Any other rumour of?"

Helga says, "Nah. No one is sure what it is, man, woman, ancient spirit. Maybe it's not even one person. But if it's killing people, that's concerning."

Speaking nonchalantly to Helga, Cruxophim wonders, "Is it?"

Helga says, "Isn't it?"

Speaking to Helga, Stormyrain murmurs, "I like ancient spirit, myself."

Speaking affably to Helga, Cruxophim suggests, "You tell me."

You indifferently say, "I'm not sure it's concerning. So far."

Helga says, "This tavern has been around forever. We serve ancient spirits. Drink up!"

Speaking offhandedly to Helga, Kayse says, "Depends on WHO this--thing is killing, I suppose."

Helga says, "Murder should always be concerning."

Evia says, "I like..The Pale Reaper, let's call him, her, it, they, them..that."

Evia grins.

Helga says, "We don't need a town full of powerful adventurers with access to magical weapons and armor running around and fighting...oh wait..."

Helga says, "Pale Reaper, that is a good one!"

Albanus says, "We shouldn't be giving him any fancy names and encouraging this."

Helga says, "The Ivory Phantom."

Helga says, "If it's a lady...Gut'em Girl."

Speaking to Helga, Marijka says, "'Ivory' lacks that certain... ring."

Ulkov asks, "The Faint haint?"

Albanus says, "Next thing you know there's going to be a gang of white clothed vigilantes calling themselves The Reapers and exacting "justice" on people."

Cruxophim affably suggests, "The Bony Wraith. No, that's no good."

Speaking to Albanus, Irar says, "The Lone Rangers."

Cryheart asks, "The white avenger?"

Speaking confusedly to Irar, Cruxophim suggests, "The Bone Ranger?"

Helga says, "Starch."

Speaking to Helga, Dirra asks, "You mentioned he was in here last night, he talk to anyone in particular or just the gathered? Maybe someone else me might inquire of?"

Speaking slowly to Irar, Cruxophim notes, "Oh, you said Lone."

Evia asks, "Vanilla Vanquisher?"

Marijka suggests, "Savage snow spectre?"

Cryheart says, "Makes no difference what we call it...we need to find it or whatever it is."

Helga says, "The Scrimshaw Stalker."

Albanus says, "I mean, the best thing we can call him is Lawbreaker."

Speaking to Helga, Irar asks, "Think Sleepy could shed some additional light on our pale visitor?"

Helga says, "He was here last night aye. Nothing out of the ordinary."

Helga says, "Sleepy's just heard the rumors here, when he visits."

Shinann asks, "Any rumors connecting him to the Rooks?"

Helga says, "Haven't heard any."

Marijka asks, "Wasn't his first victim allegedly a Rook?"

Helga says, "Were these victims bad people?"

Speaking absently to Helga, Chaoswynd says, "It would seem so, yes."

Speaking to Helga, Marijka says, "No proof, but it seems possible."

Shinann says, "Still want Beldrin to look at that body."

Speaking to Helga, Irar says, "Some evidence indicates they were abusive towards women."

Alisaire says, "They preyed on women. Violently."

Cruxophim nods to Helga.

Evia asks, "Who is to judge the dead?"

Earthdiver says, "Everyone has good and bad in them, I find."

Evia shrugs.

Helga says, "If so, and this murderer keeps it up, you won't have any Council candidates left Mayor. HAR!"

Cryheart says, "It is probable."

Cryheart asks, "Any other thoughts, Helga?"

Helga says, "No more thoughts. Have a good night!"

Helga inches a bit away from the bar, and goes back to her work.