Rise of Rone - 5118-01-07 - Strike Three (log)

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Lormesta 7, 5118

by Leafiara Autumnwind of the TownCrier


  • Another corpse slain by the vigilante, who the townspeople have taken to calling the Spirit of Rone, is found at Banker's Square. This time it's a town clerk with severed hands and Archales' loresong seems to reveal that the man stole money from his work at Moot Hall and gambled it away, but left his wife and two children hungry.
  • Breshon returns from a hunt and speaks with adventurers in the Feast Hall at the Hendoran Outpost, later mentioning that he is skilled with bow and blade and has been hunting bears, boars, and manticores.
  • When informed about a vigilante in the Landing, Breshon says it's troubling and that it's a romantic term for a murderer, but that Bourth--where he is from--also deals with similar criminals: Gallard's Guardians.
  • Breshon mentions that he's had Kestrel's golems sealed away.
  • Breshon reiterates that he's here to find a cure for his sister Larsya. Adventurers begin offering aid or proposing ideas, and Breshon says he'll gather their minds in the near future, but the group is interrupted by the sound of Larsya being troubled again and he leaves to calm her.


The Three-Time Vigilante

[from TSC]

Out of the corner of your eye, in the dark recess of a nearby alley, you think you see a swirl of ethereal mist appear briefly, and someone rush off into the night.

[pursuit begins; eventually we get a helpful hint]

Two townspeople can be heard gossiping nearby, "...did you see that? The mist again, that blur of white! I was near Dragonsclaw Road when I saw it. Maybe the Spirit of Rone strikes again!"

[Wehnimer's, Banker's Square]

The eastern road leads closer to the river, which can be smelled but not seen from here. The southern road constricts as it makes a straight cut towards the modwir palisade that surrounds the town, avoiding the maze-like side streets of the riverfront and Shanty Town, which are haunted by dockworkers, warehouse porters, and wharf rats. A dusty pile of rubble might have been a building once, but whatever it was is unrecognizable now. You also see a bloodied half-elven corpse.

J>look cor

The half-elven man appears to be garbed in a tailored outfit, matching jacket and tunic, each dyed an unremarkable brown hue. Pinned to the side of his coat is a small bronze scroll-shaped pin identifying the man as a town clerk of Wehnimer's Landing. The sleeves of the man's jacket are stained sanguine, caused by the severing of both hands. A wicked gash has torn open the man, from neck to groin.

[lots of speculation and discussion; Archales eventually gets the loresong:]

Archales recites:

"A middle-aged man swings his legs over his bed and steps over to his dresser where he grabs a drab brown jacket and tunic, slipping them on and pulling up some dark trousers. He fastens a pin to his coat and walks down the hall of his small home, grumbling as the sound of his children and wife echo from the next room."

Archales recites:

"A middle-aged man passes by his kitchen, nodding to his two young children and tired-eyed wife, who smiles at his presence, despite him not returning the grin. Many of the cupboards are bare, and only scraps of food are on the children's plates. They look up with hungry eyes. The man apologies and walks out the door."

Archales recites:

"A middle-aged man sits behind his desk in Moot Hall, and as he calculates and stores piles of silver coins, he continues to pocket some for himself. Hours pass, and he leaves work, finding himself walking down the street towards Beldrin's Gaming Hall, two bulging sacks of silvers at his side."

Archales recites:

"A middle-aged man hangs his head as he departs Beldrin's hall, absent the silvers he carried inside. He sighs and slowly walks towards his home, oblivious to the white ethereal mist swirling up behind him. A white cloaked figure rises up and in a blur of motions, the middle-aged man's hands are severed from his wrists, he screams and turns, and a blade tears into his gut."

[more discussion, more speculation, and eventually Breshon greets us on the amunet, saying he's back from a hunt]

Some town guards arrive, and shake their head at the corpse. "Rone is going to put us out of a job, but, I guess they deserve it..." The guards carry off the corpse.


[the group travels over to the Outpost to meet Breshon]

[Hendoran Outpost, Feast Hall]

A number of tables and chairs are set against the walls of the hall, waiting the next meal or well attended meeting. At the end of the hallway is a wide stairwell with two Imperial soldiers standing sentry at its base. Hendoran military banners decorate the stone walls along with flags of defeated enemies, a ragged Nalfein banner among them.

Kenstrom smiles.

Kenstrom says, "Evening."

Ysharra looks thoughtfully at Kenstrom.

Berkana glances at Kenstrom.

You gaze in amusement at Kenstrom.

Goldstr grins at Kenstrom.

Nyssia studies Kenstrom, giving him an intense consideration.

Earthdiver waves to Kenstrom.

Evician grins at Kenstrom.

Chaoswynd begins chortling at Kenstrom.

Speaking to Kenstrom, Ysharra says, "...hello, stranger."

Bernadette bows to Kenstrom.

Breshon on Vigilantes and Outlaws

Breshon says, "Evening."


Speaking to Breshon, Goldstr asks, "A good hunt?"

Breshon nods at Goldstr.

Breshon says, "Well enough."

Speaking to Breshon, Lylia says, "Thank you once again for the invitation on such a chilly night. It is good to be somewhere warm."

Speaking to Breshon, Ysharra says, "Do you mind if I take some of the strawberries for my raven? I see she's not allowed in the premises."

Breshon nods at Lylia.

Breshon says, "Certainly."

Breshon says, "I hope to spend plenty of time together in the coming months."

Speaking to Breshon, Ysharra says, "This way prepared, I can feed them to her without her looking like a murder victim."

Breshon grins at Ysharra.

Speaking to Breshon, Ysharra says, "There was a half-elf in our town who was slaughtered. Nearly disembowelled and had his hands removed."

Speaking to Breshon, Ysharra asks, "Have you all heard anything odd here?"

Breshon frowns at Ysharra.

Breshon says, "That is unfortunate."

Breshon says, "...and troubling."

Speaking to Breshon, Ysharra says, "These things tend to foster and build. I thought you and your men should at least know."

Breshon says, "I would lie if I told you Bourth did now have their own measure of wickedness."

Breshon says, "Thank you for bringing it to my attention."

Breshon nods at Ysharra.

Speaking quietly to Breshon, Pukk asks, "What did you hunt this fine eve?"

Speaking to Breshon, Ysharra says, "You're welcome. You look like you like to be abreast of things."

Earthdiver says, "This vigilante is quite talented, able to disappear and appear at will."

Breshon points at a roasted bear haunch on a long wooden table.

Breshon nods at Pukk.

Pukk nods.

Breshon asks, "A vigilante?"

Earthdiver says, "That is what we surmise."

Earthdiver nods at Breshon.

J>look breshon

You see Lord Breshon Caulfield.

He appears to be a Human from Bourth.

He is average height. He appears to be youthful. He has small midnight blue eyes and tanned skin. He has short, curly dark tawny hair worn in a ponytail. He has an angular face, a small nose and the faint shadow of scruff growing below his dimpled cheeks. He has a single hawk feather braided into the right side of his hair.

He is in good shape.

He is wearing a crystal amulet, a heavy grey fur-lined cloak, a slender black yew bow, some studded dusty white leathers, a black and white iron signet ring, an oiled grey leather back quiver, a pair of fitted black trousers, and some crisp black leather hunting boots.

Breshon says, "A romantic term for a murderer."

Pukk helps herself to a roasted bear haunch.

Pukk takes a bite of her bear haunch.

Breshon asks, "No beast has been a match for my bow or blades...Pukk, is it?"

Breshon peers quizzically at Pukk.

Breshon nods.

Pukk quietly says, "I am."

Pukk coughs.

Speaking sheepishly to Breshon, Pukk says, "Found me out eh? I admit it now, I was just teasin you by giving you a false name the other night."

Speaking to Breshon, Ysharra asks, "You do a lot of hunting in the deep winter?"

Speaking to Breshon, Ysharra asks, "I'm impressed. You don't get much of this in Bourth, do you?"

Breshon says, "We do not."

Pukk whispers to the group, "Sorry guys, was hoping he would show his weapon and we could see."

Breshon says, "Your boars, bears and manticores seem to come about regardless of season."

Breshon says, "Odd, but welcomed."

Speaking to Breshon, Dirra says, "Is the wine a vintage from Bourth? And we have not met yet, Dirra Crawfinn, Hospitalier of the Order of the Azure Sun."

Dirra sinks down in a deep curtsy before Breshon, her lashes lowered.

Breshon bows to Dirra.

Breshon says, "Well met Dirra Crawfinn."

Dirra smiles at Breshon.

Breshon says, "The wine is an Outpost vintage I'm afraid."

Breshon chuckles.

Breshon says, "I didn't really travel with luxuries."

Breshon says, "Bourth is no stranger to those outside of the law."

Speaking to Breshon, Dirra says, "No worry, thought I would inquire."

Breshon says, "Gallard's Guardians are well known for taking bloody matters into their own hands."

Breshon says, "While I agree with their message, I do not agree with their methods."

Cryheart asks, "Did anyone else accompany ye on the trip from Bourth?"

Breshon nods at Cryheart.

Breshon says, "Some of my soldiers came, yes Sir Cryheart."

Cryheart nods at Breshon.

Breshon nods at Nyssia. [whispered exchange]

Nyssia nods at Breshon.

Breshon says, "I am the son of Baron Caulfield of Bourth."

Breshon nods at Nyssia.

Breshon says, "You needn't whisper. Everyone is welcome to a voice."

Breshon asks, "Who are you?"

Breshon peers quizzically at Nyssia.

Speaking darkly to Breshon, Wolfloner asks, "How is your sister?"

Speaking to Breshon, Shinann asks, "Are they the group that are trying to wipe out racism there?"

Speaking quietly in Elven to Breshon, Nyssia says, "A pleasure to make your acquaintance. I am Nyssia Alise Illistim."

Speaking to Breshon, Albanus asks, "Excuse me my Lord. Do you only carry that bow with you when you hunt, or do you have a sword as well, if your quarry turns on you?"

Breshon says, "There is no improvement with my sister unfortunately. Not yet anyway."

Breshon nods at Albanus.

Breshon says, "I am well trained in the bow and blade, yes."

Breshon nods at Albanus.

Speaking to Breshon, Ysharra says, "We've got some bruises still."

Albanus takes a moment to observe Breshon.

Speaking quietly to Breshon, Nyssia repeats, "A pleasure to make your acquaintance. I'm Nyssia Alise Illistim."

Speaking to Breshon, Albanus asks, "I cannot see a sheath my Lord. Where might you be hiding said blade?"

Breshon says, "If prey is too close, and you are not equipped for such close combat, then they become the predator."

Speaking darkly to Breshon, Wolfloner asks, "You have any prospects for curing her?"

Breshon says, "One does not hide a blade well by speaking of it."

Breshon winks at Albanus.

Breshon chuckles.

Speaking to Breshon, Maylan asks, "What, you don't fight with your bare hands?"

Maylan flashes a wide grin.

Breshon begins chuckling at Maylan!

Speaking to Breshon, Albanus says, "Very good my Lord."

Breshon says, "Not since I was a kid."

Dergoatean asks, "Larsya managed to bond with an animal companion before her affliction, if I remember correctly?"

Breshon nods at Dergoatean.

Breshon says, "Dawn."

Breshon looks over at Wolfloner and shakes his head.

Breshon says, "No ideas yet. In time I hope."

Speaking curiously to Breshon, Nyssia asks, "Do you not find it difficult, being so far from home?"

Breshon nods at Shinann.

Breshon says, "Yes, the Guardians seek to squash persecution with violence."

Breshon says, "Not typically a winning formula."

Breshon says, "My sister is here. I am not far from home."

Breshon nods at Nyssia.

Speaking interestedly to Breshon, Marijka asks, "Your sister? Is she here now? Tonight?"

Breshon nods at Marijka.

Breshon says, "She is here every night."

Marijka glances around the room.

Breshon says, "As much as she can be."

Breshon says, "Not, in this room no."

Kayse grimly says, "She has been at the outpost for some time."

Breshon nods at Kayse.

Speaking darkly to Breshon, Wolfloner says, "Perhaps fate will lend a hand. If not perhaps we can come to an arrangement after you have exhausted your options."

Speaking to Breshon, Elementz says, "Have you brought any associates that aren't in the Hall's employ? I'm just wondering."

Speaking quietly to Breshon, Pukk asks, "I haven't visitied many places. How is Bourth?"

Pukk smiles at Breshon.

Speaking to Breshon, Ysharra says, "I could likely find something to help her with the stress and trauma she clearly has. The rest..."

Breshon says, "I fully intend to partner with the people of your town."

Breshon nods at Wolfloner.

Breshon peers quizzically at Ysharra.

Speaking absently to Breshon, Chaoswynd inquires, "This tea of yours, I don't suppose you would happen to have a spare tin of it that you wouldn't mind parting with? For a reasonable price, of course?"

Breshon says, "I've brought some of my soldiers."

Breshon nods at Elementz.

Breshon grins at Chaoswynd.

Speaking amusedly to Breshon, Chaoswynd says, "Or perhaps more than one."

Breshon says, "Bourth is beautiful."

Breshon nods at Pukk.

Breshon says, "I will take you sometime."

Ysharra whispers something to Breshon.

Breshon whispers something to Ysharra.

Vonnor raises his ornate drinking horn in a toast and proclaims:

"A day is only as good as the company you share it with, and this day, my friends, has been amazing."

Speaking to Breshon, Dinaden says, "Thank you for your hospitality Lord Breshon, have a fair evening."

Speaking to Breshon, Berkana says, "If I was you, I would hire some security."

Dinaden bows to Breshon.

Breshon waves to Vonnor.

Vonnor bows to Breshon.

Breshon waves to Dinaden.

Dinaden just went out.

Vonnor bows.

Vonnor just went out.

Breshon says, "Between the Hendorans and Bourthians, I am sure the Outpost is well defended."

Breshon nods at Berkana.

Breshon says, "I have had the last of the Kestrel golems sealed away."

Breshon points down.

Speaking to Breshon, Berkana says, "I meant you personally, not so much the town or the Outpost."

Breshon nods at Berkana.

Speaking quietly to Breshon, Pukk whispers aloud, "Have you checked to see if Raelee isn't actually a golem too?"

Breshon chuckles.

Breshon says, "I would accept her either way."

Breshon smiles.

Speaking to Breshon, Elementz says, "I'm hoping that none of your associates have interest in utilizing Melgorehn's Reach for any purposes. I'd be delighted to hear they do not, for Zelia's sake."

Speaking curiously to Breshon, Kayse asks, "I was not here the evening you met everyone. How long did you plan on--sticking around the Outpost and Wehnimer's?"

Breshon says, "I value the power of Melgorehn's Reach."

Breshon says, "It is keeping my sister alive."

Breshon grins at Kayse.

Breshon asks, "Who are you?"

Breshon peers quizzically at Kayse.

Kayse glances at Breshon.

Speaking dryly to Breshon, Kayse says, "You are answering my question with a question."

Breshon says, "Or I am reviving the archaic gesture of introductions."

Breshon says, "Forgive me."

Speaking to Breshon, Maylan says, "I wouldn't venture up near the Reach, mister. There's a dangerous blue thing up there."

Breshon smirks at Kayse.

Kayse grins slowly at Breshon.

Kayse sighs at Breshon.

Speaking simply to Breshon, Kayse introduces, "Kayse Thaellian."

Breshon says, "I have no plans to travel up the Reach."

Breshon bows to Kayse.

Breshon says, "Well met."

Breshon says, "Breshon Caulfield."

Kayse nods once at Breshon.

Speaking to Breshon, Marijka introduces, "You remind me of my own manners, sir. Marijka of Mestanir, and more recently of the frontier and Wehnimer's Landing."

Breshon says, "I am here to help find a cure for my sister and maintain an interim leadership role for the Outpost, until Earl Jovery sends someone else."

Breshon says, "Or Sir Thadston is tracked down by the Earl's men."

Kayse nods understandingly at Breshon.

Breshon bows to Marijka.

Breshon says, "Well met."

Proposals for Larsya

Speaking curiously to Breshon, Talinvor asks, "And on the topic of cures, have you spoken to Akrash in the Landing to see if she has any insight?"

Breshon asks, "Akrash?"

Breshon says, "I am unfamiliar with that name."

Speaking to Breshon, Elementz says, "The local healer."

Breshon says, "Noted though."

Lylia says, "Surtey Akrash, the healer in town."

Pukk quietly says, "A famed healer."

Elementz says, "An herbalist."

Maylan rolls her eyes.

Maylan snorts!

Maylan sarcastically says, "Some healer he is."

Speaking to Breshon, Lylia says, "You would usually find him in a tent along North Ring Road in the town proper."

Maylan sarcastically says, "Can't even heal folks without herbs."

You mention, "If there's even a possibility of an herbal remedy for this, I think Ysharra's much more likely to know about it or be able to create it than Surtey Akrash."

Speaking to Breshon, Dirra says, "I offer any assistance you might need."

Breshon nods at Dirra.

Raelee absently says, "... the remedy is not going to be herbal."

Lylia says, "There is some speculation that the poison is of an extra-planar origin and would not likely respond to --"

You nod in agreement at Raelee.

Maylan agrees with Raelee.

Breshon says, "I intend to gather some minds and opinions in the near future, as we begin to try to see what can be done for my sister."

Lylia says, "Just so."

Lylia nods at Raelee.

Speaking to Maylan, Zosozpage says, "That is what a healer does. Magic healing is done by empaths, nae healers."

Earthdiver asks, "Does that also rule out extra-planar herbs?"

Speaking to Raelee, Maylan says, "Aye and I fear that if traditional healing arts were the solution, it would have already worked."

Breshon nods.

Breshon says, "My father did tell me many normal measures were taken to try, before he left here."

Raelee absently mentions, "Futile attempts."

Speaking confusedly to Breshon, Kayse asks, "Why did he just leave her here?"

Speaking to Raelee, Dirra says, "No but I have read some interesting tomes and found possibilities but I do agree herbal is not going to accomplish it."

Breshon says, "Because my father is afraid."

You determinedly say, "They can't all be futile. We'll find the one that works."

Speaking to Raelee, Talinvor says, "Not all things can be answered by magic, though most problems start with it."

Ysharra says, "Herbs shouldn't be discounted, no, but I'm willing to speculate that for something ike this, they could likely at best help with the symptoms."

Speaking to Breshon, Shinann says, "That is no excuse for leaving your child."

Speaking to Breshon, Kayse says, "That is not a good enough reason for me."

Ysharra says, "Her obvious discomfort when she realizes what's been done to her, for example."

Breshon says, "There is more I could say, but I wish to maintain a facade of respect."

Ysharra says, "I could likely make a tea to relieve that trauma. But her aging? No, not likely."

Speaking to Ysharra, Dirra says, "Yes, I well see your reasoning there."

Lylia diplomatically says, "Then we should, of course, follow suit."

Lylia nods at Breshon.

Breshon nods at Lylia.

Speaking to Breshon, Kayse asks, "I take it you are not afraid then, since you have returned to help your sister and such?"

Breshon says, "There is little I fear, yes."

Breshon nods at Kayse.

Speaking casually to Breshon, Kayse says, "Nothing wrong with that, but actions speak louder than words."

Kayse shrugs her shoulders, lifting her wings slightly.

Kayse says, "You're here, that is what matters."

Breshon asks, "And what do my actions speak to you Kayse?"

Breshon nods.

Breshon says, "Excellent."

Speaking lightly to Breshon, Kayse teases, "For an imperial, I suppose they will do."

Kayse appears to be struggling to keep a straight face as she glances at Breshon.

Breshon begins chuckling at Kayse!

Breshon says, "We're not all dogs."

Breshon chuckles.

Speaking seriously to Breshon, Kayse says, "We'll see how your actions fare while you're here. I'll try to not judge too quickly."

Breshon says, "I appreciate such."

Lylia says, "For what it is worth, I have already judged you, at least in part."

Speaking to Breshon, Geijon says, "Perhaps a good time to welcome you as Commander. A pleasure to meet you. I am Geijon."

Lylia puts her hands on her hips.

Breshon begins chuckling at Lylia!

Lylia says, "I have judged your table and found it delectable."

Breshon bows to Geijon.

Breshon says, "Hello Sir Geijon."

Geijon faces Breshon and smartly brings his right fist up to his chest. Holding it there, he bows deeply.

Breshon says, "I am aware of you."

Breshon smiles.

Speaking to Breshon, Geijon says, "Humbled of you to take notice of us in your reports, I imagine."

Geijon smiles.

Breshon says, "You're too modest."

Speaking darkly to Breshon, Wolfloner says, "There is a legend of a spring near the ruins of Bir Mahallah within the Sea of Fire. The spring has healing properties."

Geijon chuckles.

Geijon says, "Perhaps a bit formal in first meetings."

Geijon agrees with Breshon.

Breshon says, "You should be proud of the work and honor of the Order of the Silver Gryphons."

Breshon grins at Wolfloner.

Breshon says, "There are plenty of rumors in the world."

Breshon nods at Wolfloner.

Breshon says, "And promises."

Breshon says, "I'm not one to chase all of them."

Speaking to Breshon, Geijon says, "Indeed. Order is healthy and dedicated to it's mission."

Breshon nods at Geijon.

Breshon says, "Good. Order will be needed."

Breshon nods at Geijon.

Speaking to Breshon, Geijon says, "Call on us if th' need arises. We'll see where we can offer assistance."

Speaking darkly to Breshon, Wolfloner says, "But ifyou run out of other options ......"

Breshon says, "This land does not go without drawing attention from all sides of the world."

Breshon nods at Wolfloner.

Speaking darkly to Breshon, Wolfloner says, "I will make some inquiries on her behalf."

Shouting from somewhere upstairs, "I am the Black Pirate Larsya! Dreaded Scourge of the Seas!"

Dergoatean yells, "Yar!"

Cryheart says, "There goes Larsya, bless her heart."

Maylan yells, "Yarrrrrr indeed!"

A voice shouts upstairs, "Argghhh! Lay down your weapons! Yer ship is ours!"

Maylan yells, "You'll never take us alive!"

Dergoatean yells, "Avast, ye scurvy dogges!"

Cryheart yells, "We surrender!"

Pukk yells, "Take the women captive too!"

Telum exclaims, "I can't swim!"

(Telum holds on to Maylan for buoyancy.)

Maylan wobbles slightly, trying to keep her balance on a discolored mop-fringed pegleg.

Some guards can be heard fussing upstairs, shuffling and trying to calm the woman as she shouts, "Wait...what...where am I...how did this happen!"

Maylan sadly says, "And there she goes again."

Breshon frowns.

Breshon slowly pushes away from the table.

Breshon says, "I am needed, if you will excuse me."

Breshon says, "Reading to her at night has seemed to help calm her."

Breshon bows.

Lord Breshon just climbed up a wide stairwell.