Rise of Rone - 5118-01-20 - Rescue From Danjirland (log)

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Lormesta 20-21, 5118

by Leafiara Autumnwind of the TownCrier


  • Crying children are found at the militia barracks, saying they were taken away by a woman who gave them candy and told them people were coming to take them away, before a ghost arrived and killed her.
  • After the militia escorts the children home, adventurers look for the kidnapper's corpse and find her in a cave in Danjirland. Kembriana loresings to discover that the woman fed children poisoned candy and caged them to be sold off, but before it could happen she was killed by the vigilante teleporting in.
  • The would-be slavers, seemingly there to pick up their quarry, attack, but are swiftly slain. The last remaining bandit sounds a horn and retreats, stirring an attack from angry trolls and spiders in the cave, but after an extended battle the Landing defenders prevail.


The Rescued Children

[Town Square Central]

This is the heart of the main square of Wehnimer's Landing. The impromptu shops of the bazaar are clustered around this central gathering place, where townsfolk, travellers, and adventurers meet to talk, conspire or raise expeditions to the far-flung reaches of Elanith. At the north end, an old well, with moss-covered stones and a craggy roof, is shaded from the moonlight by a strong, robust tree. The oak is tall and straight, and it is apparent that the roots run deep.

Snowflakes slowly....descend from the sky.

A swirl of ethereal mist appears down a nearby street then vanishes.

[multiple groups split off to search, but nobody finds anything until finally...]

Some sobbing of some children can be heard nearby.

[more search ensues until...]

A voice can be heard shouting nearby, "Find the Captains, quickly. I have no idea what to do with these damn crying kids outside!"

[the group proceeds to the militia barracks]

[Wehnimer's, North Ring Rd.]

The east-west road continues, closed in on the south by the militia barracks and on the north by the twelve-foot-high wall of the city itself. The occasional thud of leather boots in unison upon cobbled pavement and the clipped shouts of barked orders reverberate off the modwir walls along this part of the road. The scents of leather, weapon oil and hearty cooking fill the night air. You also see a scared young boy, a nervous young girl, a frightened young child and the town barracks.

Some young children are huddled near the entrance of the barracks, sobbing.

A young girl says, "Stay...stay back...."

The kids huddle together. They look frightened, dirty, and malnourished.

[people try to soothe the children, provide food, ask where they've been, and so on]

A young girl says, "She....she took us...."

A young girl says, "...said..said they were coming to get us...to take us away..."

A young girl says, "I want my mommy!"

The young boy says, "...she gave us candy...

The young boy says, "The ghost saved us."

Cryheart asks, "A ghost?"

Cryheart asks, "Like someone in a white longcoat?"

The young boy says, "A ghost! With black claws!"

The young boy says, "He cut her up!"

Cryheart asks, "Where did the ghost cut the lady, lass?"

The young boy says, "A cave. I don't know. It was dark and smelled. We saw a spider once."

The young boy says, "I want to go home. Where is my mom and dad?"

Speaking to a scared young boy, Ysharra asks, "Where is home?"

The young boy says, "Here. We live in town."

The children huddle in the cold.

Nehor takes a pair of soft suede boots off his feet.

A uniformed Wehnimer's militiaman just arrived!

A uniformed Wehnimer's militiaman just arrived!

A uniformed Wehnimer's militiaman just arrived!

Speaking idly to a scared young boy, Nehor says, "Take my boots, boy. It'll keep you warm."

A uniformed Wehnimer's militiaman just arrived! A uniformed Wehnimer's militiaman just arrived! A uniformed Wehnimer's militiaman just arrived! A uniformed Wehnimer's militiaman just arrived!

(Maylan offers her white fur blanket to the children.)

The boy takes the boots from Nehor and bows.

The children huddle with Maylan's blanket.

The militia members nod, "We'll get these kids home. I recognize one of them. What happened?"

Fosorian says, "They were attacked, and a ghost appeared."

Speaking to a uniformed Wehnimer's militiaman, Stormyrain says, "A thwarted kidnapping attempt it would seem."

Talonhawke quietly says, "Apparently someone attempted to kidnap them."

Bekke says, "Appparently luring children away with promises of candy."

You cheerfully explain, "They were saved by the 'spirit of Rone' again."

Pukk quietly says, "They were abducted.."

Speaking thoughtfully to a uniformed Wehnimer's militiaman, Stormyrain offers, "Our vigilante stopped it and brought them here."

One of the militiaman nods, "Blessed is the Rise of Rone!"

A militiaman says, "We'll get them home." The militia salute Stormyrain and Shinann.

One militiaman glares as he walks by Cruxophim and mutters "DeArchon dog..."

The militia members escort the children away.

The Kidnapper's Story

[A lengthy search for the cave ensues, as several people take the mention of spiders to mean one of the caves around the Landing with greater spiders: the sea caves, the crystal caves, and even the coastal cliffs and the graveyard are brought up as possibilities. The sea caves and crystal caves are checked first, but nothing is found...]


The webs grow thick, and you must struggle to break them as they are more firmly attached in this place to the floor and curved rock walls of the chamber. You see the carcass of a giant rat floating in the white cloud-like webs above.

Some gossiping voices can be heard nearby, "...and they say old Miller's boy was found with two girls, they had all gone missing two days ago. Miller's boy said he saw some magnificent oak when they were being led away by the spirit of Rone....thank Kai he has returned!"

[...and then we also can't figure out what to make of this one. People take the mention of Kai to mean that it might be Kai's shrine, which is in a forest, but nothing. Then we check out the well since the underground could be considered a cave by children and of course there's an oak in TSC, but nothing there either. Among all this, Xorus' death is sensed and people locate him, spotting him killed by spiders in a cave, but aren't sure where he is until Crux reports on the amunet that he's in the area with cave trolls in Danjirland. The big Cryheart group searches for the cave and _finally_...]

[Upper Trollfang]

An expanse of grassy meadow stretches before you, a lake of green bounded by grayish firs. Bright golden butterflies flit among the flowers that dot the grass. A pile of churned earth to one side marks a gopher's back door. A trail winds through the trees to the northeast, and curves around to a gentle climb up a hill to the southeast.

There is a loud crash near a CRUDE LADDER to the WEST.

Sir Cryheart's group just went west.

[Upper Trollfang]

Bones of animals and odd bits and pieces of litter are scattered about this area. Leading up to a small opening in the hillside stands a crude ladder.

Sir Cryheart's group just climbed the crude ladder.

[Littered Ledge]

This narrow ledge is covered with garbage and trash of nearly every shape, size and description imaginable. You recognize the craftsmanship of most of the known races of Elanthia in the broken shards of pottery, the rusting and useless weaponry and the faded scraps of cloth. Extending to the floor of the valley below is a crude ladder while to the north can be seen the darkened entrance to a large cave. You also see a murky black cave spider that is lying down, a murky black cave spider that is lying down and a murky black cave spider.

[some combat with spiders ensues and the group makes its way deeper into the cave...]

[Cave, Living Room]

A few broken pieces of furniture clutter this small chamber. Whoever (or whatever) lives here is certainly not tidy. Piles of half-eaten food and bits of garbage are scattered among the ratty furniture. You also see an angry cave troll hunter and a bloodied human woman corpse.

[combat ensues with many spiders and troll hunters showing up, but finally things clear up a bit...]

J>look cor

The corpse is that of a human woman with short dark hair, narrow green eyes and a crooked grin frozen in death. Her simple clothing is stained deep by blood which had gushed out of vicious wounds torn into her abdomen and sides.

Kembriana sings whimsically to a bloodied human woman corpse:

"Rotting corpse, oh so near Tell us a story, that we can hear"

The human woman corpse seems to respond to the magic of Kembriana's song.

Kembriana blinks, staring off into the distance.

Kembriana melodically says, "Your vision blurs and colors melt away. You see a human woman with short dark hair and a crooked grin standing over a wooden counter, her narrow green eyes regarding a platter of caramel-covered candies. Her crooked smile stretches as she uncorks a thin vial and carefully begins to pour some pale liquid from the vial onto the candies."

Kembriana sings whimsically to a bloodied human woman corpse:

"Corpse, with your poison and your vials

Tell us more of your treacherous styles"

The human woman corpse seems to respond to the magic of Kembriana's song.

Kembriana blinks, staring off into the distance.

Kembriana melodically says, "The human woman is seen pushing a wooden cart through town, moving along the southern palisade wall, grinning and waving to some children playing near an old well. The children's eyes light up when they see the woman and they run over to her, greedily taking some of the caramel-covered candies she gladly offers them."

Kembriana sings whimsically to a bloodied human woman corpse:

"Corpse of children misleading What more can we know with our pleading"

The human woman corpse seems to respond to the magic of Kembriana's song.

Kembriana blinks, staring off into the distance.

Kembriana melodically says, "The flickering light of a few torches cast dancing shadows along a cavern wall. The human woman stands before some cages chained to the earthen floor, and as she eats her meal at a decrepit table she tosses scraps to some dogs on the ground, and occasionally into the cages where some children whimper and plead to be let out."

Kembriana sings whimsically to a bloodied human woman corpse:

"Corpse who has stolen our children

Tell us where, oh where, they might be imprisoned"

The human woman corpse seems to respond to the magic of Kembriana's song.

Kembriana blinks, staring off into the distance.

Kembriana melodically says, "Some children in cages begin to cry and the human woman says, "Silence, all of you. Soon your escorts will arrive and you'll be off safely to a new home!". Just then, rising up behind the woman comes a column of swirling, ethereal mist. The children gasp as blood sprays the cavern, black swords piercing the woman and shredding her abdomen."

Kembriana sings whimsically to a bloodied human woman corpse:

"Corpse rightfully attacked and slain

Tell us, is there more from your pain"

The human woman corpse seems to respond to the magic of Kembriana's song.

Kembriana melodically says, "Seems the end of the story."

Slavers and Spiders and Trolls, Oh My

[Note: there's no story progression after this point other than the militia taking away the corpse, so if you only want pure story there's nothing more to see here. But I left it in anyway because I had a blast playing it, a blast reliving it while editing, and I do like showcasing the different reactions of our characters to things too when I can.]

Some voices can be heard and footsteps approaching.

Suddenly the voices go quiet.

[people decide whether to stay silent and lie in wait, run, or outright attack, but eventually...]

You hear some clicks, and the faint sound of metal on leather.

A human bandit leaps out of his hiding place!

The glowing specks of energy surrounding Alasatia intensify!

A human bandit swings a mace at Alasatia!

AS: +423 vs DS: +587 with AvD: +31 + d100 roll: +43 = -90

A clean miss.

[tons more bandits pop out and are swiftly slaughtered]

A scruffy human bandit appears to be stopped at the edge of the torch light, rethinking his plans.

Hapenlok yells, "Oh, no you don't!"

Cruxophim calmly warns, "I wouldn't move if I were you."

Talonhawke quietly says, "Nowhere to run at this point."

Arnylon says, "We won't hurt you. Step forward."

Ysharra says, "On. We know you're there."

Talonhawke quietly says, "Give it up."

Shinann says, "Come talk to us."

Cryheart says, "Come out."

Evia says, "Capture that one."

Elementz says, "Come on bandits, you haven't seen me cast yet."

Ulkov exclaims, "No, no, please come forth! We got a nice juicy Nehor!"

You soothingly suggest, "C'mon in."

You grin slowly.

Shinann says, "Hold if just one comes out."

Madmountan says, "Stop him."

Cryheart says, "We shall hold our attacks."

Hadya quietly says, "Get him."

Ysharra says, "Run."

The bandit raises a horn to his mouth and blows it. It echoes throughout the cavern. The bandit runs off!

Nehor frightenedly shouts, "Get down!"

Ysharra says, "Oh, is that all."

Earthdiver says, "Ok, well. I guess we have to kill all of them."

Talinvor says, "Let loose the hounds."

Cruxophim amicably concludes, "Well, no survivors it is, then."

Talonir says, "We need information."

Speaking quietly to Nehor, Hadya exclaims, "Then run!"

Elementz says, "Here we go."

Speaking to Talinvor, Ysharra says, "The dogs of war."

Speaking mischievously to Cruxophim, you say, "Just the way I like it."

Madmountan exclaims, "This is gonna be crazy!"

Cryheart says, "Hmm..something big is coming."

Elementz says, "The war beasts."

Myasarie softly says, "Calling for reinforcements? or sounding retreat."

Talinvor wryly asks, "And who are the hounds?"

Hapenlok says, "Probably retreat."

The cave echoes with a huge roar!

Speaking to Hapenlok, Nehor snaps, "Do your job and protect me!"

Talonir asks, ".... has he called a worm?"

Hapenlok says, "Or...."

Arnylon says, "That sounds promising."

Pinchot says, "Umm."

Chaoswynd slowly says, "Oh, that doesn't sound good."

Speaking to Talinvor, Ysharra says, "I'd say we have some that suit that sobriquet."

Thrassus says, "I hope that isn't the cavern collapsing."

The voice of Kayse slowly says, "This is about to be interesting..."

Lisbethany greedily exclaims, "I would rather like a horn that summoned a roaring thing!"

The ground begins to shake violently, making it hard to stand.

Nehor commands, "Someone stop them!"

Hadya quietly says, "I do hope everyone is in the same group."

Ysharra says, "I guess we'll find out shortly."

Pebbles shake loose as the ground shakes with the approach of something, or somethings.

Myasarie softly asks, "Can we offer Nehor as a hostage for information?"

Talonhawke quietly says, ".... oh dear...."

Talinvor says, "Please do not be roa'ters."

A cave troll ambles in!

You defiantly exclaim, "Bring it on!"

Xannorath swings a fel-hafted rusty bladed hatchet at a cave troll!

AS: +455 vs DS: +106 with AvD: +31 + d100 roll: +29 = +409

... and hits for 147 points of damage!

Right hip pulped, severing the leg.

A cave troll screams and falls to the ground grasping her mangled right leg!

The cave troll is stunned!

Ulkov swings a sharpened kelyn hoolurge at a cave troll!

AS: +593 vs DS: +38 with AvD: +29 + d100 roll: +56 = +640

... and hits for 192 points of damage!

Left leg mangled horribly.

The cave troll screams one last time and dies.

Speaking to Talinvor, Stormyrain says, "Bring on the worms."

Dinaden says, "Phoen guard us all."

Cruxophim dubiously notes, "Well, that was anticlimactic."

Earthdiver says, "One cave troll."

Nehor frightenedly whimpers, "Too many too many far too many."

Talonhawke quietly says, ".... uh, I don't think that was it."

The voice of Xorus says, "That was a most unlucky cave troll."

Myasarie softly says, "L'Naere watch over one please."

Cryheart says, "That was one loud troll."

Speaking to Cruxophim, Ceyrin says, "Maybe the rest of them decided it wasn't worth dying for a failed buy."

Speaking to Nehor, Stormyrain barks, "Pull your jewels from your stomach and prepare man."

Hadya quietly says, "Luukos help you send them to the Maw."

Cryheart says, "Blast Luukos...Kai give us strength."

Lisbethany suggests, "Um maybe we should not be in a cave that is rumbling."

Subarashi asks, "We're certain it wasn't just the alarm to abandon the hideout?"

Speaking cheerfully to Lisbethany, you disagree, "Oh, but we want to find out what's coming."

Speaking to Lisbethany, Ceyrin asks, "Nonsense. This is the perfect place to wait for the rumbling to stop. How else will we know when it does?"

An angry cave troll hunter ambles in!

An angry cave troll hunter ambles in!

An angry cave troll hunter ambles in!

[the troll hunters are obliterated, along with more of them that come in]

The walls tremble and a huge roar echoes loudily as something approaches...

A giant cave troll king suddenly charges into the room with a fierce growl!

A giant cave troll king flesh wounds regenerate some.

A giant cave troll king claws at Pinchot!

AS: +900 vs DS: +300 with AvD: +25 + d100 roll: +26 = +651

... and hits for 70 points of damage!

Weak diagonal slash catches Pinchot's left knee!

It is dislocated.

He is stunned!

[combat and a whole lot of death ensues as many more cave troll kings run in, going up to 1100 AS, but finally about 10,000 lines of combat later...]

The trembling subsides and the cavern grows quiet.

Town militia arrive and carry off the corpse.

[...but wait, there's more!]

Above, in the dark depths of the cave's ceiling, a pair of yellow eyes appear.

A second pair of yellow eyes appear.

Soon, the ceiling begins to become illuminated by a host of yellow eyes, as the bulbous shapes of black spiders begin to slowly descend.

[combat ensues with the spiders and eventually they're all defeated]