Rise of Rone - 5118-04-04 - Seven Selected Jurors (log)

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Olaesta 4, 5118

by Leafiara Autumnwind of the TownCrier


  • The Trial of Rone is to be held on the Eve of the Huntress, Olaesta 6, and all are invited to witness Malluch Burdos answer for his crimes, ask questions, or give testimony for or against him.
  • Malluch will be acting as his own defense council.


A town crier shouts in the distance, "There will be a quick announcement regarding the Trial of Rone outside of Moot Hall shortly."

A town clerk says, "Greetings everyone."

A town clerk says, "This will be brief."

A town clerk says, "The Trial of Rone begins this Eve of the Huntress late in the night. All will be invited to witness the prisoner answer for his crimes, and be questioned."

A town clerk says, "In addition..."

A town clerk says, "There have been seven, among Wehnimer's citizens, to be jurors who will decide the guilt, and potential punishment, of Rone."

A town clerk says, "Those seven are: Evician, Severine, Pukk, Chamorr, Drektor, Alasatia and Fahlo."

A town clerk says, "Any questions?"

Evician softly asks, "Should we arrive early sir?"

Speaking to a town clerk, Irar asks, "A sentence will be pronounced that evening?"

A town clerk says, "Arrive around the usual hour of rain."

A town clerk says, "I do not know if a decision will be reached that night."

A town clerk says, "All will be welcomed to give testimony for or against Malluch, or ask questions."

Fahlo asks, "Who will be representing the City, and who will be representing the accused?"

A town clerk says, "He will be given a chance to defend himself."

A town clerk says, "Goodnight."

The town clerk walks off.