River's Rest Graveyard

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Outside the town River's Rest, just south and west of the draw bridge, is the River's Rest Graveyard. The graveyard opened in 5107.

As you approach the graveyard, you'll see the high and crumbling river stone walls with a large stone arch set in its center.

In the center of the cemetery there is a statue of a robed woman with clusters of lilies growing around the base.

To the south of the statue, is a neglected portion of the graveyard. Dark green moss and vines cover a broken statuary. There is also an old moss-covered tombstone there.

To the west of the statue, is a serene overlook of Maelstrom Bay and the wide flowing south fork of the Tempest River. Graves dot the area some have wooden markers. Spreed throughout are marble and riverstone crypts. One of interest is a narrow marble crypt.

Northwest of the statue is a nice gravel path bordered by lilies. A low, wrought iron fence runs between the bluff and many headstones. There are three headstones of interest. There is a riverstone marker, a simple white marble headstone and a simple black granite headstone.