Rogue Guild (Icemule Trace)

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The Icemule Trace Rogue Guild is accessed through the private library in the Silvermule Gaming Hall on Stout Street.

IMT-rogue guild.png

Guild Shop

Projected baseline prices. Final prices may vary on a per-character basis due to various factors (race, influence, trading, citizenship, etc.)

Item Price Item Price
a black silk climbing pack 18000 a glistening black glaes tiger-claw 187500
some padded black brocade boots 375 a small black glaes buckler 28500
a ruby-eyed black skull pin 500 a bamboo-hafted dark vultite handaxe 45000
some sleek black stalking leathers 900 a dark vultite talon sword 45000
an elegant black leather scabbard 1000 a studded dark vultite mace 45000
a small black steel lockpick case 1200 a small black vultite target shield 55000
some laminatted black scale mail 1450 a dark vultite morning star 60000
an elegant black silk sash 1500 an etched black vaalin lockpick 125000
a fitted black chain hauberk 1950 a plain sack 50
an elegant black brocade satchel 2000 a glossy leather quiver 4000
an elegant black silk gem pouch 2000 a ruic composite bow 83500
a laminated black steel breastplate 2100 a slim ruic long bow 40000
a hooded black silk stalking cloak 2500 a sanded carmiln short bow 3000
some silk-lined black leather pants 2500 a matte leather quiver 4000
an elegant black brocade thigh-sheath 4000 a set of gold calipers 7000
some crossed black brocade back-sheaths 9000