Rogue Guild (Kharam Dzu)

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The Kharam Dzu Rogue Guild is accessed through the Abandoned Warehouse.


Kharam Dzu Rogue Guild Map

Noteworthy locations not explicitly stated on the map above:

  • There are free peanuts and crackers at the guild lounge.

Guild Shop

Projected baseline prices. Final prices may vary on a per-character basis due to various factors (race, influence, trading, citizenship, etc.)

# Item Price Notes # Item Price Notes
1 a black leather climbing pack 20000 Back worn, VLA 14 some reinforced black leather pants 2800 Leg worn, VSA (2)
2 some padded black leather boots 400 Feet worn, VSA (2) 15 a glaes-inlaid black leather thigh-sheath 4500 Pin worn, SmallAmt (1)
3 an onyx-eyed black skull pin 500 16 some crossed black leather back-sheaths 10000 Back worn, MA (2)
4 some sturdy black stalking leathers 1000 ASG8 13lb 17 a sturdy black glaes tiger-claw 20000 Brawling, 2lb
5 a glaes-inlaid black leather scabbard 1100 Belt worn, SSA (1) 18 a small black glaes buckler 30000 Medium Shield, 13lb
6 a small black glaes lockpick case 1250 Belt worn, FSA 19 a short-hafted black vultite hatchet 50000 Edged, 4lb
7 some studded dark brigandine armor 1500 ASG12 21lb 20 an onyx-hilted vultite talon sword 50000 Edged, 4lb
8 a sturdy black leather tool belt 1600 Waist worn, VSA 21 a flanged black vultite mace 50000 Blunt, 7lb
9 a reinforced black steel hauberk 2200 ASG16 23lb 22 a small black vultite target shield 60000 Medium Shield, 6lb
10 a sturdy black leather gem pouch 2300 Belt worn, MA 23 a black vultite morning star 65000 Blunt, 7lb
11 a sturdy black leather satchel 2300 Belt worn, MA 24 an ivory-tipped dark vaalin lockpick 140000 Standard Vaalin
12 a sturdy black steel breastplate 2500 ASG17, 21lb 25 a plain sack 50 Belt worn, MA
13 a dark oilcloth stalking cloak 2800 Cloak worn, SignificantAmt