Rogue Guild (Ta'Illistim)

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The Ta'Illistim Rogue Guild is reached by way of the Royal Arboretum at the northeast end of Glamesine Var.


Ta'Illistim Rogue Guild Map

The guild structure in Ta'Illistim appears to be a well-kept manor with an open courtyard at its center. The upper floor is above the courtyard, with railings rather than inner walls so as to look down on the courtyard below.

Noteworthy locations not explicitly stated on the map above:

  • There is a functional mirror in the southernmost room in the servant's quarters.
  • There are several apparently stolen trophies and miscellaneous objects on display in the hallways.
  • There is free food and drink on a tray in the Club Room.

Guild Shop

Projected baseline prices. Final prices may vary on a per-character basis due to various factors (race, influence, trading, citizenship, etc.)

Item Price Item Price
a feystone-eyed black skull pin 500 a light golden vaalorn longsword 35500
an elegant green leather scabbard 1000 a green-bladed vultite main gauche 40000
a coin-clasped narrow lockpick case 1200 a feystone-set vert vultite shield 43500
a coin-fastened tan suede gem pouch 4000 a faenor-edged gold vultite handaxe 50000
an elegant tan suede thigh-sheath 4000 a green silk faenor-edged mantle 55000
some crossed green suede back-sheaths 9000 a cedar-hafted gold vultite mace 60000
a pair of tan faenor-edged trousers 10000 a green vultite spiked morning star 63500
a pair of green faenor-edged trousers 10000 some deep green faenor-edged leathers 80500
some tan suede thin-soled boots 10250 some supple faenor-studded leathers 115000
a tanned suede faenor-buckled belt 12000 a feystone-set swirled vaalin lockpick 125000
a vultite cedar-handled hook-knife 15500 a feystone-set blackened steel breastplate 201000
a reinforced green suede satchel 25000 some leaf-green vultite chain mail 260000
a supple suede faenor-clasped pack 30000 a plain sack 50
a light golden vaalorn buckler 30500