Rogue Guild (Zul Logoth)

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The Zul Logoth Rogue Guild is through the office of the Brewery in the Emerald Tunnel.


Zul Logoth Rogue Guild Map

The guild in Zul Logoth is a series of halls, tunnels and caverns beneath the town. The upper and lower halls are very striking and finished, while the dark cavern and dark tunnel are more rough/natural.

Noteworthy locations not explicitly stated on the map above:

  • The guild lounge also has free Smashed Melon wine available on a stand.

Guild Shop

Projected baseline prices. Final prices may vary on a per-character basis due to various factors (race, influence, trading, citizenship, etc.)

Item Price Item Price
an azurite-eyed black skull pin 500 some slate grey invar-traced leathers 900
a deeply hooded charcoal wool greatcloak 2500 a pewter-inlaid dark invar breastplate 7800
an iron-studded grey canvas back-sheath 9000 some ash grey invar-studded brigandine 5000
a silk-lined grey canvas satchel 2000 a sturdy matte grey invar hauberk 7200
a hardened dust grey leather belt 1500 a silver-edged grey vultite targe 44500
a pewter-edged grey silk scabbard 1000 a silver-veined grey vultite stiletto 7700
a silver-traced grey silk gem pouch 2000 a blackened grey vultite pit-knife 15500
an iron-buckled grey canvas pack 18000 a dark stone grey vultite spikestar 63500
an invar-bound grey canvas thigh-sheath 4000 a hide-wrapped grey vultite ridgemace 52000
some fitted ash grey leather pants 2500 a razor-edged vultite talon sword 54500
some side-laced dusky grey boots 375 a pitted grey vultite miner's axe 45000
an azurite-set invar lockpick case 1200 a plain sack 50
a sharp frosted grey invar lockpick 75000