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Through adversity, excellence

Rone Academy is one of the Co-operative Houses of Elanthia.

Current Officers

  • Regent - Xanith
  • Ambassador - Ardwen
  • Headmistress - Stormyrain
  • Chatelaine - Carren
  • Scribe - Perigourd
  • Sage - Missoni
  • Exchequer - None
  • Elder-Magus - None
  • Elder-Marshal - Beldannon

Bylaws, Charter, and Joining Information


Rone Academy was established in the year 5098 for the sole purpose of promoting the lawful goals of the realms residents and the membership as determined to be of a mutual benefit. To promote learning throughout the lands, by attempting to train residents of Elanthia in the knowledge of the realm, so as not to be led astray by those who would corrupt for their own fortune and fame. To unite those who would help, heal and protect under a common name, for the purposes of showing charity to those less knowledgeable of the realms. To provide a support system capable of sustaining and training in the apprenticeship program of Rone Academy and realm professions. To dedicate time for the retelling of realm history, legends, and folklore of the many towns, cities, and outposts.


A Council consisting of its house officers governs Rone Academy. The Council has authority to carry out the day-today operations of the Academy, and to make and carry out decisions within the scope of the specifically delegated powers of its constituent offices, and any such tasks or duties as might be specifically delegated to the offices. The Regent and its office have final authority over all decisions.


Officer Terms are established for life. In the event of the vacancy of an office due to any reason, the co-holder of the office shall assume office until nominations and a vote can be arranged.


Officer duties shall include eight hours a month near or at the house to answer questions and provide tours. This will negate the Monthly service event requirement as defined in Section 5.3A. Duties for each position are listed below, but not limited to, the following:

Regent - The Regent has the authority over all decisions and actions of the House, and ultimately responsible for the same.

Ambassador - The Ambassador has authority over all decisions and actions of the house if and when the Regent is not available or incapacitated.

Sage/Scribe - The Sage/Scribe is responsible for all official correspondence, record keeping and reports to local government. The Sage/Scribe shall keep minutes of meetings, maintain an up-to-date membership list and shall make said list available to all members upon request; shall maintain an up-to-date list of member contact information, and shall provide that list to the other officers as needed, or to individual members upon approval of a request submitted to the Regent or Ambassador. The office of Sage/Scribe will issue membership reports as required in Section 6.

Chatelaine/Exchequer - Is the chief financial officer and responsible for maintaining the financial records of the House, seeing that all debts are paid and expenses are accounted for. This office is also responsible for the tracking of member service event requirements and note those to be put before board for review. The office of Treasurer will also issue financial reports as required in Section 6.

Headmaster/Headmistress - These scholars are charged with maintaining classes for the house. They are required to hold classes or coordinate teachers with the instructional classes needed for the house. This office will work with the Bursar's office and Sage's office regarding class schedules, events, scripts from the classes, and monies needed. This office will also issue class reports as required in Section 6.

Elder-Magus - Our magical advisor. This position will work in correlation with any of the officers that may need his/her participation. Typical duties include house hunts, promotion of membership, membership committee duties, events, keeping the profession rooms stocked and things of a similar nature.

Elder-Marshal - Our weapons advisor. This position will work in correlation with any of the officers that may need his/her participation. Typical duties include house hunts, promotion of membership, membership committee duties, events, keeping the profession rooms stocked and things of a similar nature.


All meetings of the Leadership and the Council are to be governed by Lord Robert's Rules of Order.

A quorum will be construed if 51% of the Leadership present.


The Chairman will Regent a membership committee.

Membership in Rone Academy is dependant upon the bylaws as stated.

Full Membership Requirements are as follows:

A. Minimum of 5 (five) trainings

B. Being in good standing in regards to the laws of Elanthia and Simutronics? policy.

C. Payment of Induction Fee (50,000 silvers) at time of induction for a lifetime membership.


House membership is not to exceed Two-Hundred and Fifty (250) members.


Strict adherences to the policies are required. Violation of any of the guidelines may be grounds for disciplinary action, up to and including expulsion.

A) Non-consensual PvP violence prohibited. Members are prohibited from engaging in non-consensual violence against other adventurers.

B) Participation in Academy activities. All members are expected to participate in Academy-sponsored activities, within reason. Justified absence or non-participation is acceptable, but a chronic lack of participation may lead to disciplinary action, including suspension of membership or expulsion.

C) Members are expected to treat one another with dignity and respect.

D) Members are expected to conduct themselves publicly with the dignity and decorum befitting a member of a distinguished academic and socially active organization.


"Ad astra per aspera! To reach for the stars although it may be a difficult journey... I, (character name), hereby vow to uphold the laws of Rone Academy, and current governing body of the realms: To set by example that of a good citizen; To assist those in need, unconcerned with lost of time and fortune To teach to all who will listen, that for which I have learned and been taught for as long as I may reside in the academy. As the gods are my witness, this I do vow. Ad astra per aspera!"

This oath is to be taken freely, if applicant has any reservations they should be made prior to induction. Failure to uphold oath can result in removal from House.


A) Loans, in accordance with published policy B) Education, as set forth in our by laws C) Locker storage D) House Hunts, games, and other activities E) Enchanting Services at low cost


6.1 The office of Sage/Scribe shall issue a monthly report to all officers of current House membership and future events and activities.

6.2 The office of Bursar/Exchequer shall issue a quarterly report to all officers of House financial status, including outstanding loans, debts and funds earned due to special House events.


1) Transfer of bodies to other souls is punishable by immediate banishment from the House, with no further chance of rejoining. No exceptions, ever, for any reason.

2) Any conflicts, duels or assaults caused by or involving house members will be taken under consideration for disciplinary action including dismissal.

3) Lockouts from Elanthia are grounds for immediate dismissal from Rone Academy.

4) Nepotism is permissible on a case-by-case basis. Nepotism is defined as the circumstance of two or more members having the same "soul." The case in question will be reviewed, and if permitted, the applicant will go through the same process and be subject to the same membership requirements as the other members. If two or more members are discovered to possess the same "soul" without the prior knowledge of the officers, all but the most senior member shall be subject to immediate expulsion, and the senior member may be subject to additional discipline (including expulsion), as the circumstances warrant. The "senior member" is the member who has belonged to the society for the greatest length of time.

5) Members must have a current email address for news or events and to keep a current active status of House membership. Failure to do so will result in an 'inactive' status and may be grounds for dismissal


No member, once leaving, voluntary or involuntary, is entitled to any refund and/or benefit of any house service. Rooms not paid for may be reassigned and the banning of a player from GS4 is cause to terminate ones membership after an inquiry by the house officers. The House officers reserve the right to modify and improve this document as is necessary by changing times and House needs.