Rose-marrow potion

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Rose-marrow potion is a potion made of knob-like nodules on a rose-marrow root. This particular herb, when rendered into this form, is useful for healing minor head and neck wounds. However, this potion leaves behind a scar, which would require haphip root, or for more severe scars, brostheras potion.

Rose-marrow potion cannot be foraged. Rose-marrow roots can be foraged and made into a tincture of rose-marrow through alchemy. Rose-marrow is a member of the leguminous family. It has small, scarlet-edged white blossoms and possesses small seed pods and black-green leaves.

Note: Mixing rose-marrow potion with any other potion will cause an explosion.

Alchemy Recipe

A tincture of rose-marrow
  1. add water
  2. add ground rose-marrow root
  3. Simmer

Other Remedies

The following potions, teas, and ales have the same effect as rose-marrow potion.

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