Roshambo and Cards Against Humanity

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"Roshambo" and "Cards against Humanity" are both played back to back.

Roshambo is a tournament style game, pitting two players against each other each with the winner moving on to the next round. Players are eliminated every round until there is only 1 ultimate winner who earns a brag for defeating all of their opponents.

Roshambo makes use of the in game verb ROSHAMBO. You can do ROSHAMBO <player> <ROCK | PAPER |SCISSORS>

In the event of a tie be sure to make another move against your opponent until there is a winner.

Due to time constraints each round only lasts 60 seconds, so it is possible there will be no winner if no one has made a winning move by the end of the round.

Here are the rules: If one player makes a move but the other player does not when the round is over then the player who made a move automatically wins, if neither player has made a move then no one wins. If you leave the table you are automatically disqualified. Please do NOT make moves against people you are not playing against, this includes making moves after the round is over and the other person has moved on to the next round. The game only allows for people to be engaged in one match of Roshambo at a time, so if you lost the round but keep making moves against your opponent then they won't be able to play against the new person they are matched up with.

To opt out of playing Roshambo do ;chat ::dreaven remove rosh

"Cards against Humanity", or CaH for short, is played very similarly to the real life version of the game. Due to the OOC nature of the game it takes place exclusively in OOC whispers and on LNet. How the game works is Dreaven will draw a random "black card", which asks a question or details a situation of some kind, and 10 people are chosen at random to provide an answer to the question. Each player is given 5 random "white cards" which have statements, people, places, etc, on them. These players will choose which card they think is the best, whether for being the most funny or clever or for whatever reason, then everyone at the table will vote on which answer they like best. Whichever player receives the most votes for their white card will win and will receive an awesome point!

To opt in for CaH do ;chat ::dreaven add cards

People will first be chosen randomly from those who have opted in to play CaH. If there aren't at least 10 people at the table who have opted in for CaH then everyone who has opted in will be chosen and random people at the table will be chosen for the rest of the spots.

Dreaven will whisper to you your cards and the question and you have to whisper back the number of the white card you want to use.

Everyone is given a minute to choose their best white card. Afterwards everyone at the table will be able to vote on which card they liked best by whispering to Dreaven the number of the answer they like best. The voting round lasts a minute, after which the person with the most votes will win! Yay!