Rouste (platinum)

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Race Human
Culture Mestanir
Class Ranger
Profession Fletcher, Skinner, Forager
Religion Atheist
In-a-Word Unstable
Disposition Laconic
Demeanor Reserved
Primary Trait Melancholy
Flaw Ale
Greatest Strength Shooting things in the eye
Greatest Weakness Drinking
Habits Cannot speak clearly, has trouble making sense
Hobbies Leaning, drinking, sleeping

Grumpy old man.

Rouste was a farmer in Mestantir as a young adult, happily married to his wife, Laurena. She was killed on a raid on his village by people appearing to be members of the Tehir tribe. Consumed by hatred and guilt, he slipped into depression and alcoholism. He promised revenge on his wife's murderers, but this usually manifests itself as wanton slaughter of any Tehir he comes across. Wanting to join his love in the afterlife but too afraid to die, he has both a desire to protect any woman he meets but is simultaneously wary of them. Any affection shown to him is bound to, at best, confuse him.