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Use Arrows, Staves
Bonus +5
ST/DU 5/20
Rarity Uncommon
Primary Color unknown

The rowan has long enjoyed its reputation to protect against enchantment, however there is also evidence that supports the fact that it has the capacity to channel enchantment as well when formed into rune staves, or sticks upon which runes are inscribed. Among the more rural human and sylvan communities, there are instances recorded where rowan wood is used for metal divining, as hazel twigs are used for water. Rowan has played a central role in druidic ceremonies for centuries, and among rural populations, sprigs are often placed over the main door of the house and also worn on the person to ward off false enchantment.

Examine a red rowan berry and you will discover that unlike other fruits that bear just a round hollow or dimple opposite their stalks, it carries a tiny, five-pointed star, or pentagram -- the ancient magical symbol for protection.