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Originally released in 2008, this clothing line offers simple zests for to help complete even the most basic wardrobe.


You analyze the indigo raw silk tunic and sense that the creator has provided the following information:
This item has the "Rustic Clothing" script on it, originally released in 5108.  Alterations are fine as long as the item is a worn clothing item.  Available verbs: PINCH, PULL, PUSH, and RUB.

There are no tiers.


PINCH You snap a stray thread from your tunic, feeling a bit sheepish about its appearance.
PULL You tug at the fabric of your tunic, straightening the tailored lines.
PUSH You fitfully adjust the fabric of your tunic, plucking at it with fidgeting fingers.
RUB You flick an invisible bit of dust from the fabric of your tunic.