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Stolen Goods are lightly scripted clothing items from a dubious source. They are available in a variety of worn locations, including cloakworn containers. They were recently sold at Windfellow's Retreat at the shop A Dank Room.


You analyze your velvet smoking jacket and sense that the creator has provided the following information:

This is a Stolen Good!  Call the proper authorities!

This item traps PINCH and RUB.

Alterations are acceptable so long as it remains fabric of some kind.

You might be able to have a talented merchant lighten the velvet smoking jacket for you or deepen its pockets.


Style First Third
PINCH You pick at the fabric of your jacket with worried fingers, glancing this way and that. For some reason you swear you've seen someone wearing this at a social event, but can't quite remember which, or who. XXX picks at the fabric of his jacket with worried fingers, his eyes darting this way and that.
RUB You run your hands nervously over your jacket, noticing your palms are unusually sweaty. What is it about this jacket that makes you feel so uneasy? XXX rubs his hands over his jacket nervously as an expression of unease flits across his face.

Additional Information

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At the edge of the fabric, there is a frayed place where a tag or former identification has apparently been ripped out.

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Stolen Good Information
Type Fluff
Item Classification Clothing
Item(s) Applied to Chestworn
Alterable Yes
Light/Deep Yes
Restrictions Must remain fabric.