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SHRUG is a roleplaying verb. It has special human and aelotoi settings.

By default, Aelotoi lift their wings slightly when they shrug. Aelotoi can choose SHRUG SET NORMAL, which will allow them to shrug without lifting their wings slightly. If you use this option, you can either SHRUG SET AELOTOI and SHRUG SET STANDARD to set the default. SHRUG WINGS as a style can be used also if SHRUG SET NORMAL is chosen. The styles will work with the wing messaging.


Help shrug:

    SHRUG [style]          - Shrug your shoulders
    SHRUG [style] {target} - Shrug at someone or something
Where [style] is one of the following:

Verb Info

Verb information for verb "SHRUG":

People targets:
STANDARD           - You shrug at (target).
HUMAN              - Your brow furrows as you give (target) a long look.
                     You deliberately shrug your shoulders, loosening up
                     your back muscles in order to be prepared for whatever
                     may happen next.

No target:
STANDARD           - You shrug.
AELOTOI            - You shrug your shoulders, lifting your wings slightly.
HUMAN              - You shrug your shoulders a few times, rolling your
                     torso from side as you loosen up the muscles along
                     your upper back.

Object targets:
STANDARD           - You shrug at (target).  It probably doesn't care either.
HUMAN              - Your brow furrows slightly as you examine the (target).
                     You slowly begin to shrug your shoulders from side to
                     side, loosening up your muscles in preparation for
                     what may come.

Creature targets:
STANDARD           - You shrug at (target).
HUMAN              - You give (target) a long look, then with the
                     slightest of smirks creeping across your face, you
                     shrug your shoulders in exaggerated movements, making
                     a show of preparing to take the (target) on.

Styles available:
  APOLOGETICALLY   - You shrug apologetically (at target).
  DISMISSIVELY     - You shrug dismissively (at target).
  HELPLESSLY       - You shrug helplessly (at target).
  INCREDULOUSLY    - You shrug incredulously (at target).
  INDIFFERENTLY    - You shrug indifferently (at target).
  INNOCENTLY       - You shrug innocently (at target).
  NONCHALANTLY     - You shrug nonchalantly (at target).
  NONCOMMITTALLY   - You shrug noncommittally (at target).
  SLIGHTLY         - You shrug slightly (at target).
  SHEEPISHLY       - You shrug sheepishly (at target).
  UNCOMFORTABLY    - You shrug uncomfortably (at target).

NOTE:  ONLY first person messaging is listed unless it differs substantially from other versions.  Wedding messaging will only work with your spouse, all other targets default to standard messaging.  Messaging without an option shown applies to all options.  Special scripts and areas may override listed messaging.