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The SPEAK verb allows players to change which language the character speaks when using SAY (verb). The possible languages are based on class and race as well as the Dhe'nar and Tehir cultures. All characters can speak common.

SPEAK is also used to change languages when WRITING.

    SPEAK {language}  - Speak further messages in the given language

Where {language} is one of the following:

You may choose a tone for your speech by clicking an option from the tone list.
You are currently speaking Common.

Behind the Scenes

At one point in GemStone history, languages were changed by using the race name or by the word guild. As an example, if a half-elf wished to speak half-elven, they would simply have typed halfelf.

When the method used to change languages was implemented, half-elf as a language was deprecated. Half-elves now speak common and elven.