Salti (prime)

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Race Human
Culture Torre
Hometown Fairport
Profession Rogue
Affiliation(s) Order of Voln
Disposition Welcoming
Greatest Strength Expert sailor
Hobbies Sailing, alcohol, fisticuffs
Likes Mighty ships, flirty women
Dislikes Krolvin, flavorless food
Loyalties Fellow sailors, brewmasters

Salti is a human who currently resides west of the Dragonspine. He is an accomplished sailor, captain of his own sloop, and a master of fighting with his fists. He enjoys good company, good drink and a hot meal.


Salti made his way north from Fairport in his mid 20s, seeking his fortune away from his parents, who are accomplished fishermen. Although he enjoyed his time at home, and occasionally returns to visit for periods of time, he felt that his calling was elsewhere. With little more than a sack of silver and the clothes on his back, he hopped on a local merchant vessel heading to Solhaven and said goodbye to his hometown. He discovered that he was quite handy with his fists and fingers, and decided to pursue the path of pilfering and pit fighting. This landed him in many problematic situations, including a short stint in becoming a wealthy woman's personal gladiator after being caught stealing a few silvers from one of her assistants, and given the choice between losing his hands or using his hands, he decided on the latter. Eventually escaping from servitude, he took his skills to Wehnimer's Landing, where he has taken up temporary residence. He maintains that his debt was paid to his mistress from the victories in the fighting pits, but keeps a wary eye open in case she decides to reclaim her former prize.

Current Activities

Captain of the Fancy Umber Artichoke




Master in the Order of Voln

Ally to Kraken's Fall