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3.0 (2015-05-30):
stop trying to attack monsters that aren't in the room (wild guess, untested)
bumped version up from 2.12052012 to 3.0, because 2.12052012 is a stupid version format
added message to trust script
Edits by Kalros: (2015-11-2015)
	-Fixed Disk poaching.
	-Fixed First room poaching.
	-Removed group poaching logic.
	-Ambush detection via Exec Script.  It will leave the room if it detects an ambush line.
	-Rewrote and updated wander targeting sections. Fixes some target related bugs.
	-Moved WAIT command to exec to prevent line buffer issues and make more responsive
v3.2 (2/27/2016)
	-Added changes to fix incant loot issues (might work)
	-Added ability to detect renaming of bigshot without destroying exec scripts
	-Converted exec scripts to strings to allow =>quiet

Edits by Zhiart: (2016-03-25)
	-Added new ambush command for legging a critter and then go for the head as long as they are prone (Code by SashaFierce)
Edits by Hazado: (2016-06-01)
V3.3 (2016-06-01)
	-Added UAC combat! Start it with hunting command "unarmed punch/jab/kick/grapple"
	-Added options for UAC in setup
	-Added options for MSTRIKEing in setup
	-Rewrote MSTRIKE routine
	-can now check mana/stamina/health(percentage)/encumbrance/unarmed tiering inside the hunting commands
	-Changed wander routine to hit every room in area instead of random wandering
v3.31 (2016-06-02)
	-Changed up the ambush command so it ambushes what you said to ambush first, then attempts right leg, left leg, then chest
	-Added an option to trigger the mstrike during UAC combat, other MSTRIKE options apply
	-Few fixes to MSTRIKE routine, now checks number of creatures in room as an equal or greater
	-Fixed bug caused when doing commands like "stance for and kill target"
v3.32 (2016-06-02)
	-Changed aiming for UAC to continue until if finds something you can hit or just hits them like normal
	-Added Voln Smite to command, use Smite in your hunting commands
	-Rewrote Ambush again! Now has the option to pick locations you want to ambush at on the hunting page
	 Also supports it from the hunting command i.e. "ambush head"
	 If left blank without picking any options in setup will default to Head, Right Leg, Left Leg, Chest
v3.33 (2016-06-06)
	-Fix for creatures leaving room and script getting stuck (Hopefully)
	-Fix for loot script activating during roundtime
	-Fix for issue with targeting using creatures name or noun
v3.34 (2016-06-08)
	-Added aiming for archery to the Hunting tab in setup.
	 Will change location once you stick the place your aiming at, looping until the creature is dead
	-Made gathering ammo a bit more specific about what its grabbing and where its putting it. 
	 Also works with bolts and darts now if you gathered things to the ground.
v3.35 (2016-06-14)
	-Added option for attacks to only trigger when certain number of creatures are in the room.
	 Just add (mob#) to the attack you want to do
	-Fixes for unarmed combat getting stalled
	-Now attempts to soothe (1205) when appropriate
v3.36 (2016-06-23)
	-Added option for adjusting wander time between rooms (Found on Hunting Map Tab)
v3.37 (2016-06-24)
	-can now have two or more checks for a command. i.e kill(mob3 s20 h80) 3 mobs in room, stamina is above 20, health is above 80%
	 must all be inside the () and seperated with a space
	 current checks are mana/stamina/health(percentage)/encumbrance/unarmed tiering/mobs in room
	 m/s/h/e/tier/mob respectively
v3.38 (2016-06-25)
	-added command check for target not being prone or target being undead
	 current checks are mana/stamina/health(percentage)/encumbrance/unarmed tiering/mobs in room/target not prone/target undead
	 m/s/h/e/tier/mob/prone/undead respectively
	 Prone means target is sleeping|webbed|stunned|kneeling|sitting|lying down|prone|frozen|held in place
V3.39 (2016-06-26)
	-Quick Hunting mode added - Just start bigshot with the variable quick - ;bigshot quick
	 Quick Mode overrides your currently setup targets and targets the current room npcs
	 Wandering, Fleeing and Resting is disabled
	 Bigshot exits when no NPCS found in room
	 Uses Quick Hunting Commands
	-Supports up to 10 (A-J) different attack routines now.
	 Moved all the attack routines to new tab, Commands
	-Moved few options to the attacking tab
V3.40 (2016-06-30)
	-Mstrike will now cast 1107 and 1607 when appropriate
	-Quick Hunting mode tweaked so that it works when your in a group, or in a room that isn't mapped
	-added inverse command checks, put a ! in front of the command check, i.e kill(!h60)
	-Doesn't count escorts anymore for NPC checks
v3.41 (2016-06-30)
	-Fixed Head/Tail bigshot hunting
v3.42 (2016-06-30)
	-Fix for mob command check due to recent change
	-Optimized the escort npc check
v3.43 (2016-07-01)
	-Fix for the Fix :(
v3.44 (2016-07-01)
	-Fix for the fix for the fix!!
	-Added a check for spell 608 to skip if already hidden
	-Added hidden and !hidden a command check, hidden only works when your hiding, !hidden when your not hiding
v3.45 (2016-07-09)
	-better code for checking for an escort, less error prone now (:
	-fixed rare issue with ambusher jumping out of hiding just as go to move and it screwing up bigshot
	-UAC Bless option changed so that you can leave it blank and it wont stop hunting. Has tooltip explaining different options.
v3.46 (2016-07-19)
	-now tries to pull someone to their feet when they are lying down/kneeling/etc.
	-Rewrote the bless option to bless anything that runs out of a bless.
	 Now located on Attacking Tab as a checkbox
	 Returns you to your resting area if you can't bless things.
	-Added a priority targeting option to hunting tab.
	 Will switch target based on the order of your valid targets, whenever its attacking.
	-Added Quickhunt targets, These always are first in terms of priority (Quickhunt targets, room targets)
	 You can use the (a)|(b)|(etc) in here instead of just the Quickhunt routine every time.
v3.47 (2016-07-19)
	-fix for blessing weapons
v3.48 (2016-07-20)
	-Added Consecrate(1604) to bless routine
	-Quickhunt targets code update and fixes
	-Made bless work with identical weapons
v3.49 (2016-07-24)
	-Updated berserk to use Spell.cast functionality, should now use STOP BERSERK when no alive mobs in the room.
	-Command check added for poison and disease
	-Fixed some options that were out of place, oops
	-Tail should now use scripts when performing pre-hunt commands
	-Head should wait for tails to be out of RT before heading to rest now
	-Incant should no longer fry your nerves when you dont have enough mana.
	-Changed incant to use wands when you dont have enough mana.
	 Also checks your target before incanting, so you always target the correct creature
	-Changed wand routine to be able to use multiple wand types, "use this wand type" now takes comma seperated wands
	 "use this wand type" example: "aquamarine wand, bloodwood wand, etc"
	-Changed incant, spell and wand routines to return to attack stance option instead of stance defensive.
	-Fixed bug with bless routine, maybe
	-Option to use Voln SMITE in UAC routine now, instead of always doing it.
v3.50 (2016-07-24)
	-Untargetable and Targetable lists now use the name instead of noun.
	 Option to clear these so they can start fresh using ;bigshot reset. This will fix the issue for being unable to target guards in warcamps.
	-Targetable and Untargetable are now listed in ;bigshot display
	-Fix for Head/Tail Routine. Head wasn't waiting for the tail members to join bigshot group.
v3.51 (2016-07-25)
	-Special coding for 1700. Wont stance offensive for "incant 1700", Will stance offensive for "incant 1700 evoke"
	-Fix for ;Bigshot quick not working when your quickhunt targets was empty
v3.52 (2016-07-27)
	-Changed variable tracking to be downstream hook instead of exec script
	 Please let me know if anything doesn't work like it did in the previous versions
	-Tracking added for Corrupt Essence (703), will no longer repeatedly cast and waste that precious mana
	 You can also cast it open as "incant 703 open"
	-Added flee from vines option to first tab of ;bigshot setup
v3.53 (2016-07-29)
	-Incant should now work for any incant combination
	-Bless can now bless two weapons that lose bless in same attack
v3.54 (2016-07-30)
	-REIM! Quick update for some support for reim creatures
	-Smite tracks individual mobs now, So if you switch creatures before killing it, will smite the new one
	-Fixed the lag issue
v3.55 (2016-07-31)
	-Target tracking for Aura of the Arkati (1614). Wont cast again on something that is affected.
	-More Reim creatures added, Still missing creatures from the gypsy camp probably, celestial types
	-New Command check: noncorporeal - Will see if current creature is non-corporeal undead
	-New Command check: pcs - Will check for other non-grouped players in the room
v3.56 (2016-08-02)
	-Think I have all the Reim mobs handled
	-Fix for Multi-account hunting...oops
	-other minor tweaks
v3.57 (2016-08-04)
	-Bigshot won't consider arms(709) and demons(725) as room creatures for targeting or fleeing purposes
	-Priority should now ignore some NPCs when it does its calculations
v3.58 (2016-08-07)
	-companions and familiars should now be excluded from fleeing and targeting stuff
	-companions and familiars count for poaching checks now just like a disk does
	 this check only works for solo hunters, group bigshot hunters will ignore this
	-Ambushers that are part of your group should no longer trigger the poaching routine
	-Bigshot will on first run for a Ranger with a companion set your companion to a variable. 
	 You can reset this variable with ;bigshot ranger or ;bigshot companion
v3.59 (2016-08-13)
	-To prevent me having to duplicate code, Bigshot will now download GameObjAdd.lic and make it autostart
	-Spells should no longer target npcs when they are meant to target you. Let me know if something happens otherwise.
v3.60 (2016-08-15)
	-Fix for ;bigshot quick not working correctly when you dont have any quickhunt targets.
	-Option to use Spirit Guide (130) or Voln Symbol of Return when going to rest. Option is on Rest Tab.
v3.61 (2016-08-15)
	-Fix for new fogging option triggering at weird times.
v3.62 (2016-08-23)
	-UAC Mstrike no longer will ignore the number of creatures in the room in some instances.
	-Option to flee the room when player-defined message from the game happen
	 Check the Attacking tab for box to input your text
	-Fixed issue with bigshot not targeting "do not count these" targets
	-Fixed issue with force command until # not working correctly
v3.63 (2016-08-23)
	-Added option to use Celerity (506) for any command.
	 Will cast if you dont have it on you or you have less than 6 seconds or so left on haste.
	 Just add haste or 506 to the front of any command you want it to be cast before.
	 example: "506 kill target" or "haste kill target(x3),525(pcs)"
v3.64 (2016-08-23)
	-Changed Celerity option to only recast if you have less than 3 seconds left
	-Changed so it doesn't change into your attacking stance before casting
	-Changed Fog return option to be an option pulldown instead of a checkbox, defaults to None
v3.65 (2016-08-28)
	-Fixes for targeting, fleeing, and priority targeting
	 This should let bigshot work in the duskruin arena
v3.66 (2016-08-29)
	-Only checks for group members if there are other pcs in the room
	-Won't loot in the Duskruin Arena anymore
v3.67 (2016-08-31)
	-Optimization for priority checks, wont run that section of code so often anymore.
	-Manual aiming for unarmed combat routine. Command is "unarmed <punch/kick/grapple/jab> <aim location>"
	 Will swap to the default aiming when you can't reach what your aiming at or its already missing.
v3.68 (2016-09-14)
	-option to stance defensive before looting if not all the creatures in room are dead
	-wracking option now will use "Symbol of Mana" for voln peoples :)
	-Performs the bless routine if needed when you wander or go to rest now
	-Added a delayed looting option
	 skips looting when creature still alive in the room or its been less than 15 seconds since the last creature died
	-Will now try to escape from the inside of a roa'ter if you get swallowed
v3.69 (2016-09-20)
	-Wont stance offensive for the spell 703 anymore
	-Fixes for delayed looting
	-option to pull players to there feet, Defaults to on
	 Only pulls the player to there feet if their is an aggressive npc in the room with them
v3.70 (2017-09-28)
	-Fix download loop of GameObjAdd.lic
v3.71 (2017-10-08)
	-Attack line now recognizes "wand" by itself
	-Fix GameObjAdd autostart
v3.72 (2017-10-10)
	-Fix bug in berserk
v3.73 (2018-04-22)
	-Add flee from webs option
	-Add 917 to not stance offensive if using incant
v3.74 (2018-04-30)
	-Added water as option for cmd_spell extra variable