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When it comes to Lich scripts, Bigshot takes the cake. Bigshot can fully automate hunting to a point where you do not even have to be at your computer. Take care, though, as /afk scripting on any server but Shattered is in violation of game policy and can have some nasty consequences.


What Does Bigshot Do?

Using a series of menus and commands inputs, Bigshot lets a user create a modular, customizable and fully automated hunting script. With just a few clicks and tweaks, you can go from scripting Rats to the Rift.

How Do I Get It?

Grab it from the Repository: ;repository download Bigshot

Once it is done, ;trust Bigshot.

How Do I Make it GO!?

It is a bit complicated. As with most scripts, using a SETUP command will open a graphical user interface for configuring the script. Use ;bigshot setup to open this dialog. This will open a window with the following tabs:

  • General - General configuration for non-hunting options.
  • Resting - Set up your resting routine and location.
  • Hunting Map - Create a hunting map by adding BOUNDARIES and a starting room.
  • Hunting - Specify what you are hunting and how.
  • Attacking - Create a customized attack routine designed to murder your foes.
  • UAC Options - Options for a uac routine
  • MSTRIKE Options - Options for using MSTRIKE
  • Should_hunt? - Set conditions for Bigshot to know when to start hunting.
  • Should_rest? - Set conditions for when you want Bigshot to stop hunting and rest.
  • Ammo/Wands - Let Bigshot know where you keep your arrows and wands.

We will take a closer look at each of these individually further on.

There is also several other commands you can do for more functionality.

  •  ;bigshot quick - Special hunting mode that kills everything in the room your in and quits bigshot. Wont wander at all, and wont attempt to rest. Has its own hunting commands and hunting targets.
  •  ;bigshot head/tail - This is for Multi-Account hunting. It only works for a single computer. Every character needs to be setup for the hunting area your going to. You start it by having your following characters join your head character. The following characters need to be running bigshot with ;bigshot tail. Once that happens, have the leader of the group do ;Bigshot head. They will then procede to hunt in the area you have setup.
  •  ;bigshot display - Shows all your current settings.
  •  ;bigshot reset - Resets all your targetable and untargetable lists. Useful if you find bigshot won't targets something it should.
  •  ;bigshot ranger or ;bigshot companion - Resets ranger companion setting so you can set it again. Used when you change your companion.
  •  ;bigshot profile save <name here> - Saves a profile in YAML format in your LICHFOLDER\scripts\bigshot_profiles folder.
  •  ;bigshot profile load <name here> - Loads a profile from your LICHFOLDER\scripts\bigshot_profiles folder.

The General Tab

On this tab, you will see four check boxes. They are:

  • Engage deadman's switch - Selecting this option will force Bigshot to quit Gemstone IV when your character is at less than 40% health, allowing you to log back on and assess the situation manually later.
  • Depart/rerun if dead - Enabling this option will force a DEPART, causing your character to wake up in the Temple with low spirit. Following this, Bigshot will re-start, starting a fresh hunt. If you do not have a Check Spirit value set in your Should_hunt? tab, you will start hunting without recuperating lost stats.
  • Monitor interaction - Running scripts automates most functions and happens rather mechanically. Most anyone can tell if you are scripting just by watching you. Checking this box will pop up a window whenever Bigshot thinks that someone or something is trying to interact with you.
  • Flee from clouds - Enabling this check box will force Bigshot to flee from Cloud spells such as 125(Call Lightning with its Ominous Cloud), 1704 (Stun Cloud) and 1713 (Death Cloud)
  • Flee from vines - Enabling this check box will force Bigshot to flee from Vine spell such as 610(Tangle Weed)

The Resting Tab

Short and sweet, here is where we setup our resting routines. During REST mode, Bigshot uses the EXP command and checks your mind, hit points, wound status, mana and spirit. Once all of these values are at the specified Should_hunt? settings, Bigshot leaves REST mode and begins a HUNT.

  • room id: - This is the room that Bigshot will return to for resting. Use Room Numbers from Narost / Go2. For example, 228 is Town Square Central in Wenhimer's Landing - a supernode!
  • pre-rest commands: - These commands run before entering REST mode. An example routine is: 'shea, wear shield, sit, stance offensive, rest'. This will sheath your weapon, wear your shield, sit, enter offensives stance and use the REST verb. Casters able to should use the MEDITATE verb.
  • active resting scripts: - Active resting scripts are scripts that will be run upon entering REST mode. These scripts should be things that you do after a hunt: get healed, empty your bags, spell up. An example list is: 'sloot sell, waggle, useherbs pack'. This will use Sloot to sell according to the options set with Sloot. After selling, it will use Waggle to spell you up according to however Waggle is setup. Finally, useherbs will check your PACK and use herbs stored there to heal whatever wounds you have.
  • Fog Option: - Uses Spirit Guide (130) or Voln Symbol of Return when heading back to rest. Setting it to None does nothing. Setting it to 130 will cause it to use 130 first then if that fails symbol of return. Symbol of return will use that first, then 130 if that fails.

The Hunting Map Tab

Your hunting map is a series of Boundaries - rooms that Bigshot will not enter - and a Start room - the first room that Bigshot moves to when a hunt starts. These function very similarly to the boundaries in the ;Wander script, but are stored in Bigshot's configuration files and not in a character cache as with ;Wander. Luckily, some very enterprising gnomes have put together a List of Hunting Areas and Boundaries, taking some of the legwork out of the deal.

  • starting room ID: - This is the first room that Bigshot goes to when hunting. You may set this to any room within the Boundaries that you set with the second option.
  • boundary rooms: - Boundary rooms are walls. Bigshot will not enter a Boundary room!
X-X-B - A - 0 - 0 - 0
|   |

Imagine a hunting area that is a six room square. To enter this square, one must GO DOORWAY from room A. You would set the room outside of the square - ie room A - before you GO DOORWAY, as a boundary. Then, you would set room B to the Starting Room. From there, Bigshot will move to room B and then wander around inside the Boundary - ie the square hunting area - until it your Should_rest? conditions are met.

  • Wait before wandering to another room: - Time you wait before leaving a room to find some creatures. Default is 0.3 seconds

The Hunting Tab

The bread and butter of Bigshot, Hunting is where you define what monsters you are hunting and what non-attack abilities you want to use.

  • valid targets: - These are the monsters you are hunting. Bigshot will most easily recognize monsters based on the NOUNs or their name. For example, 'a large ogre' can be targetted with just 'ogre'. Using longer descriptors can be troublesome, and you should copy a monster's name directly from the game front end to avoid troubles. You can use multiple entries separated by commas. For example: 'manticore, thrak' will kill manticores and thraks.
  • quickhunt targets: - These are monsters you have designated attacks for when your using the ;bigshot quick option for hunting.
  • attack stance: - Specify what stance you want to attack from. Bigshot will remain in Stance Defensive until an attack command is issued, whereupon it will stance to your Attack Stance and execute your Attacking routine. Bigshot recognizes all stances from the game, Offensive ->-> Defensive.
  • pre-hunt commands: - These commands will be executed before Bigshot uses Go2 to travel to your hunt's Starting Room. As an example: 'gird, stance defensive'. This will ensure that you have readied your weapon and are in Defensive stance before traveling. Set short lived combat spells like 1605 (Arm of the Arkati) to be cast in this line.
  • active hunting scripts: - Active hunting scripts are scripts that will run while Bigshot is in Hunt mode. Many of these scripts have been made obsolete by the next option. Clever scripters have written some nice scripts that will keep certain spells up, execute cmans based on conditions etc. If you need a complex action to run while Hunting that Bigshot does not have the capacity for, an active hunting script may be called for.
  • society abilities/spells/cmans: - Bigshot can be asked to keep certain abilities up at all times during a hunt. Hovering your mouse over this field will display a list of cmans and society abilities specified by their numerical designations. Spells may also be added here. Separate all values by commas. For example, entering '506' will keep the spell Haste up during Hunts, casting whenever it has worn off.
  • loot script - Bigshot will call a loot script to loot your kills for you. Sloot and Sloot2 are common scripts used here. Be sure to use the SETUP command on whatever loot script you use, as if it is not configured properly, Bigshot will likely error.
  • wracking spirit >= - Setting a value here will WRACK for mana if your spirit is greater than or equal to the value specified. Setting 6, for example, will WRACK down to 5 spirit. This will ONLY function if you have the 'Use sign of wracking/sigil of power' box checked.
  • Use sign of wracking/sigil of power - checkbox to enable the use of wracking
  • Priority hunt - checkbox to enable the use of the priority system for hunting. This allows you to change targets based on the order listed in valid targets/quickhunt targets. For example, your hunting thunder trolls, wind witches, and puma. Your valid target order is wind witch, thunder troll, puma. Your currently attacking a puma, when a thunder troll walks in. You will switch to the attacking the thunder troll because its before the puma in the valid targets list. After killing the thunder troll, you go back to the puma, only to have a wind witch walk into your room. You will again switch to the wind witch because its in front of the puma. Hope you get the idea. When using the ;bigshot quick option, it will base the order of targets by your quickhunt targets first, then the order of the targets in the room that don't match any of your quickhunt targets. Example, bandits are in your quickhunt targets. You type ;bigshot quick when you get ambushed in the room. Currently in the room is a large ogre and three bandits. The order of targets will be the bandits first, then the large ogre.

Hunting Target Examples

All of the examples below will work for both the 'valid targets' and 'quickhunt targets' entries.

  • A hunting option only using the default command (a) for each creature in an area:
crazed zombie, niirsha, sacristan spirit
  • A hunting option using custom hunt commands depending on the creature. In this case it will use command (a) for a crazed zombie and a sacristan spirit, while using (b) for a niirsha:
crazed zombie(a), niirsha(b), sacristan spirit(a)
  • A hunting option that will include the Boss Creatures variations as valid targets:
(?:adroit |afflicted |apt |barbed |belligerent |blurry |canny |combative |dazzling |deft |diseased |drab |dreary |ethereal |flashy |flexile |flickering |flinty |frenzied |ghastly |ghostly |gleaming |glittering |glorious |glowing |grotesque |hardy |illustrious |indistinct |keen |lanky |luminous |lustrous |muculent |nebulous |oozing |pestilent |radiant |raging |ready |resolute |robust |rune-covered |shadowy |shielded |shifting |shimmering |shining |sickly green |sinuous |slimy |sparkling |spindly |spiny |stalwart |steadfast |stout |tattooed |tenebrous |tough |twinkling |unflinching |unyielding |wavering |wispy )?crazed zombie, niirsha, sacristan spirit
  • Some additional advanced options for identifying valid targets:
(?:seasoned |grizzled |battle-scarred |weathered |veteran |hulking |haggard )?Grimswarm (?:giant|troll|orc) (?:dissembler|sorcerer|sorceress|warlock|witch)(a)
(?:seasoned |grizzled |battle-scarred |weathered |veteran |hulking |haggard )?Grimswarm (?:giant|troll|orc) (?:barbarian|blackguard|fighter|marauder|soldier|warrior)(b)
(?:seasoned |grizzled |battle-scarred |weathered |veteran |hulking |haggard )?Grimswarm (?:giant|troll|orc) (?:adept|archmage|elementalist|mage|warmage)(c)
(?:seasoned |grizzled |battle-scarred |weathered |veteran |hulking |haggard )?Grimswarm (?:giant|troll|orc) (?:hunter|huntmaster|huntmistress|ranger)(d)
(?:seasoned )?(?:dwarven|elven|halfling|erithian|human|giantman|half-krolvin|gnomish|half-elven) (?:thief|rogue|bandit|mugger|outlaw|highwayman|marauder|brigand|thug|robber)(e)
(?:shopkeeper|innkeeper|bartender|patrol leader|bandit lord|bandit lady|gypsy queen|gypsy king|guard captain|wall captain|drill sergeant|stable hostler|dungeon master|master torturer|butler|cook|
knight captain|foreign dignitary|royal prince|royal princess|royal jester|royal emperor|royal empress)(f)

The Attacking Tab

  • Ambush aiming locations (head, etc): - Allows you to specify what order you aim for ambush. Default is head, right leg, left leg, chest.
  • Archery aiming locations (head, etc): - Allows you to specify what order you aim for archery. Loops through your aiming locations once you hit the area your aiming at.
  • flee if enemy count is > - Flees the room if the total number of enemies in the room exceeds the value. Set this to 1 if you want to engage single targets.
  • ...but don't count these: - Bigshot will ignore monsters specified in this line when eveluating if it should flee based on how many monsters are in the room. Useful for when you are hunting in an area with extremely low level monsters mixed in with your targets.
  • ...and always flee from: - Bigshot will always flee from the specified monster as soon as possible. Extremely useful if your hunting area has higher level and/or extremely dangerous monsters mixed in with your intented target(s).
  • flee from environment message: - Will flee whenever anything you put in here gets sent from the game.
  • Wait before wandering to another room: - time you spend before moving to a new room. Default is 0.3 seconds. You can set it to 0 to move instantly. Tends to be spammy for anyone in the same hunting area.
  • Spam attacks - This check box will force Bigshot to execute attack commands at an extremely high speed, cutting down on lag times. If you want to squeeze in the maximum number of swings or casts during an enemy's round-time, make sure this is checked.
  • Approach lone targets only - Forces Bigshot to only begin combats against creatures that are alone.
  • Bless weapon? - Performs a Consecrate (1604), then a Cleric Bless or Voln Bless on whatever weapon loses its bless during hunting. If you can't bless your weapon while hunting will return you to your rest area and quit the script.
  • Flee from boon - Enabling this check box will force Bigshot to flee from all boon/gifted/boss creatures (available in v4.3.0)

Commands Tab

The true guts of Bigshot, this is where you specify your Attack Routine.

  • hunting commands - These are the commands that Bigshot will evaluate (ie execute) when it is in the room with a valid target (one that you specified in your Hunting section. These commands are separated by a comma. Bigshot recognizes most hunting verbs and, failing that, will use an fput command (a direct entry method) and just execute the commands directly as written. The following are a list of usable hunting commands:
    • kill - Attacks using the KILL verb.
    • incant <spell number> - ** incant <spell number> - Casts the specified spell with the INCANT verb. This will automatically stance into offensive for bolt and other stance-sensitive spells. A caster may CHANNEL the spell using INCANT (verb) to INCANT SET CHANNEL <spell> (a standard GSIV verb, not part of Lich). Alternatively, a caster may CHANNEL spells by using the SET verb (a standard GSIV verb, not part of Lich) to SET ChannelIncant ON. This will CHANNEL an INCANTed spell if the caster is in a stance higher than neutral.
    • channel <spell number> - Channels the specified spell at the target. This requires a stance higher than neutral to have any effect.
    • <Spell Number> - Casts the specified spell with the PREPARE and CAST verbs.
    • wand - As in, 'wand target'. Gets a wand from the specified storage and WAVES it at the target.
    • fire - As in, 'fire target'. Gets ammunition from the specified storage and FIREs it at the target. Will attempt to aim based on settings on hunting tab.
      • The above listed commands should be used with the (x#) syntax. For example, kill target (x3) will swing three times at the target before re-evaluating the attack routine. If the (xx) variable is used, Bigshot will continue using the specified attack command up to five (5) times. Example: '903 target (xx)' will continue to cast 903 at the target (5) times before restarting the attack routine or until it is dead. If you want to ensure the routine does not restart, using a sufficiently large number should suffice (e.g. x100). Bigshot may also be set to only execute a command based on how much mana or stamina you currently have. For mana, use the (m##) command. '920 target (m50)' will only cast 920 (Implosion) if you have 50 or more mana. Similarly, 'cman feint target (s10)' will only execute the combat maneuver Feint on the target if you have 10 or more stamina
    • aim <location> - Aims at the specified location.
    • ambush - Uses the AMBUSH verb to attack. Will aim based on settings in Hunting tab. Also will aim dynamically, "Ambush head" would aim at the head, overwriting any settings or defaults for that attack.
    • wait
    • mstrike - As in, 'mstrike target'. Mstrike depending on mstrike cooldown and stamina. Has its own option page. Can also be used with UAC, "mstrike punch".
    • berserk - Executes the BERSERK verb and stands by until it fades.
    • throw - Empties hands, Attempts throw, get the stuff you emptied.
    • weed/kweed - Casts 610 at target. Using "kweed" as your command will cast 610 from offensive stance.
    • unarmed - Uses the Bigshot UAC routine. Routine will attack with appropriate attacks to rank up and use mstrike based on mstrike options page. Usage "unarmed (punch|jab|kick|grapple)".
    • smite - Performs an Order of Voln Smite on target until successful.
    • script <script name> - Executes a specified custom attack script.
    • hide - Continue hiding until you're actually hidden. Or it's tired of trying.
    • sleep - As in, 'sleep 10'. Pause bigshot. Useful with fried hunting commands such as: '410, sleep 15' will E-wave then wait 15 seconds and e-wave again if there are valid targets.
    • stance - As in, 'stance defense'. Change stances.
    • nudgeweapons - Move all weapons on the ground to an adjacent room. Useful for casting Implosion (720).
    • force <cmd> until <endroll> - As in, 'force 1002 until 101'. Continue issuing a command until a desired endroll. Only works for normal looking swings/spells/cmans.
  • hunting commands (b) - Attack routines set up for a monster flagged (b) in the Hunting section.
  • hunting commands (c) - Attack routines set up for a monster flagged (c) in the Hunting section.
  • hunting commands (d) - Attack routines set up for a monster flagged (d) in the Hunting section.
  • hunting commands (e) - Attack routines set up for a monster flagged (e) in the Hunting section.
  • hunting commands (f) - Attack routines set up for a monster flagged (f) in the Hunting section.
  • hunting commands (g) - Attack routines set up for a monster flagged (g) in the Hunting section.
  • hunting commands (h) - Attack routines set up for a monster flagged (h) in the Hunting section.
  • hunting commands (i) - Attack routines set up for a monster flagged (i) in the Hunting section.
  • hunting commands (j) - Attack routines set up for a monster flagged (j) in the Hunting section.
  • fried hunting commands - Commands executed specifically when fried. Useful when hunting in a group.
  • quick hunting commands - Commands executed specifically when using ;bigshot quick.

Command Checks

Additional checks you can add to any command to customize the attack to your desired scenario. Each check below can be used by itself or with any other check. Put them inside () with a space between each additional check. Example - Kill(m20 s5 e20)

Each of these also has an inverse or opposite. Just put a ! in front of the command. Example - Kill(!m20 !s5 !e20)

  • s# - Checks that you have the required stamina
  • m# - Checks that you have the required mana
  • h# - Checks that you have the required health but based on a percentage instead of fixed number
  • v# - Checks that you have the required spirit
  • e# - Checks that your encumbrance percentage is at or below
  • tier# - Checks for your current UAC tier (1,2,3). Performs command if UAC Tier is equal or greater.
  • mob# - Checks for the number of npcs in room. Performs command if npcs in room is equal to or more than number specified.
  • prone - Checks to see if target is not sleeping|webbed|stunned|kneeling|sitting|lying down|prone|frozen|held in place. Performs command if target status is not one of the previous.
  • undead - Checks to see if target is undead. Performed command if target is undead.
  • flying - Checks to see if target is flying. Performed command if target is flying.
  • hidden - Checks to see if your currently hidden.
  • poison - Checks to see if your currently poisoned.
  • disease - Checks to see if your currently diseased.
  • noncorporeal - Checks to see if NPC is non-corporeal undead
  • pcs - Checks to see if there are any PCS in room that are also not in your group
  • outside - Checks to see if the room you are in is outside

Additional Options

  • haste or 506 - Placing this in front of any command will cause you to cast 506 before doing that command. It only casts if it isn't currently up or has less than 3 seconds left on its timer.
wait 10, haste kill target (x3)

Example Attack Routines

wait 10, kill target (x3)

Waits 10 seconds for the monster to swing or cast and then immediately counter attacks from the specified attack stance set in the Hunting tab. Swings a total of three times before going into Defensive stance and waiting 10 seconds again.

wait 15, incant 505, incant 903 (xx)

Waits 15 seconds before INCANTing 505 (Hand of Tonis), hopefully knocking down or stunning the target. Following this, Bigshot casts 903 (minor water) repeatedly until the target is dead (up to 5 times).

stance defensive and 1615 target, kill target (x100)

Casts 1615 (Divine Strike) at the target from Defensive stance, possibly forcing the target to kneel. Then, uses the kill verb to swing continuously until the target is dead or 100 times..whichever happens first.

force cman feint target until 101, kill target x2

Uses the Combat Maneuver FEINT against the target until a successful end roll and then hits the target twice before trying to FEINT again.

stance defensive and hide, ambush target left leg

Hides from Defensive stance and then ambushes that the target's left leg. Once round-time is up, repeats (ie HIDES again from defensive stance).

incant 720(m50), incant 708, incant 702 channel(xx)

Casts 720 (Implosion) at the target if your character has 50 or more mana. Then, INCANTs 708 (Limb Disruption) at the target, using the default AIM location (if set). Finally, casts 702 (Mana Disruption) at the target up to (5) times or until it is dead.

prep 708, cast at target left leg / prep 708 channel at target left leg

Prepares 708 (Limb Disruption) and CASTs it at the target's left leg. The second prepares the same spell and then CHANNELs it at the target's left leg.

wait 30, unarmed punch

Waits 30 seconds or until your target attacks. Begins attacked with UAC combat using Punch to tier up.

shield charge target(s15 prone), ambush, mstrike

Will shield charge the target if your character has 15 or more stamina and the target is NOT prone.

The second command will then ambush based on the settings in the "Attacking" Tab - in this case a custom order of head, neck, right leg, back was given so Bigshot will first try to Ambush the head unless the head is too injured or the head cannot be reached followed by the neck then right leg then back.

Bigshot will then focus mstrike the target unless the creature count is equal to or greater than the setting in the MSTRIKE Tab, in which case it will open mstrike instead. If you put "mstrike target", Bigshot will always focused mstrike regardless of the settings in the MSTRIKE Tab. Alternatively, you can set the "Unfocused MSTRIKE when creatures equal or greater" to a large number, to always focus your mstrikes (or set it to 1 to always open mstrike).

UAC Options

The various options for configuring how UAC works:

  • Tier 3 Attack
    • The attack used when you have reached excellent in the UAC tier
    • Options are jab, punch, grapple, or kick
  • Aim at location (head, etc)
    • Used for aimed UAC Combat, which requires ambush training to be effective
    • Leave blank when you don't want to aim.
  • MSTRIKE when creatures equal or greater
    • Determines how many creatures must be present before using MSTRIKE
  • Use Voln SMITE?

UAC Setup

Frequently, people have trouble setting up Bigshot to work with Unarmed Combat. Bigshot only requires minimal configuration to ensure UAC works well.

  1. UAC tab: Input your Tier 3 Attack (jab, punch, grapple, or kick)
  2. Commands tab: Input your hunting commands(a) option as unarmed jab

Important notes to keep in mind on how UAC works in Bigshot:

  • The hunting option unarmed jab can be replaced by any UAC attack type (e.g. unarmed punch)
  • UAC follow up strikes will be selected over the base or tier 3 attack
  • Tier 3 attacks will be used only when positioning is excellent

There is almost no reason to ever use anything other than unarmed jab as the hunting command, and either grapple' or kick as the Tier 3 attack.

UAC with combo.lic

(It is not recommended to use combo.lic over the native unarmed punch/kick/grapple options from Bigshot v3.93 and forward)

Many people It is important to note that while the combo.lic script is what many people use for unarmed combat, it requires additional setup within combo to work with Bigshot. To make Bigshot work with the combo.lic script:

  1. Hunting tab: enter script combo
  2. UAC tab: enter grapple beside "Tier 3 Attack" (or could enter jab, punch, or kick)
  3. Set ;combo tierup grapple (could substitute jab, punch, or kick, rather than grapple)
  4. Refer to ;combo help if you have trouble with step 3


MSTRIKE attack now has options for when it should be used.

  • MSTRIKE during cooldown stamina requirement
    • Allows you to specify how much stamina you want before it will MSTRIKE during the MSTRIKE Cooldown
    • Be careful when setting this too low as it can pop your muscles
    • Leave blank for it to use your max stamina.
  • QUICKSTRIKE stamina requirement
    • Like above but instead for using QUICKSTRIKE during the MSTRIKE routine.
  • Unfocused MSTRIKE when creatures equal or greater
    • Number of creatures in room before you do an unfocused mstrike. Default is 2.
  • MSTRIKE during cooldown
    • Toggle for MSTRIKEing during its cooldown period
    • Toggle for using QUICKSTRIKE when you MSTRIKE

The Should_hunt? Tab

Bigshot evaluates the conditions set on this tab to determine if you are ready to hunt or not.

  • when percent mind <=
    • Setting this to 51 will rest until Cleared. Setting at 65 will wait until Muddled.
  • and percent mana>=
    • Determines the percent total of your maximum mana that must be present before hunting
    • Setting below 50 will result in quick, uneventful hunts if you cast much. Generally, this is set at 95 or higher.
  • and CHECKspirit >=
    • Bigshot will check to see that your current Spirit value is higher than what is listed here.
    • Make sure that you have this set high enough that Bigshot won't hunt immediately after DEPARTing if you have Depart / re-run Bigshot checked on the General tab.

The Should_rest? Tab

Bigshot evaluates these conditions and, when they are met, will go to your resting room set on the Resting tab and execute any resting scripts you have set.

  • when percent mind >=
    • Rests when your mind has reached this threshold. Generally, set this to 100 to rest when fried.
  • and used lte boosts >=
    • The number of LTE boosts it will attempt to use after reaching your `when percent mind` threshold
  • and extra kills >=
    • The number of extra monsters to kill after reaching your `when percent mind` threshold and after LTE boosts used
  • or percentmana <=
    • Forces Bigshot to rest when your percentage of mana is at or below this threshold.
    • This can be set to 0, but leaving a bit in the tank can be good if you have to use 406 (Unlock) to open the WL Graveyard gate.
  • or percentencumbrance >=
    • Forces Bigshot to rest when you have reached a given level of encumbrance.
  • or wounded eval
    • Allows you to set an evaluation phrase to determine if you are too wounded to continue hunting. Wound evaluations can send you home on nearly any wounded condition of your choice: bleeding, level 2 wound, can't cast, too many scars etc.

The following is a wounded evaluation that will rest whenever you have any level II wounds.

XMLData.injuries.any?{|key,value| value["wound"] > 1} || percenthealth <= 70

The following is a wound evaluation that will take you home if you can not cast anymore (nerves, level 2 head/eyes, bad scars etc.):

bleeding? || percenthealth <= 25 || [Wounds.head, Scars.head, Wounds.leftEye, Scars.leftEye, Wounds.rightEye, Scars.rightEye, Wounds.nsys, Scars.nsys].max > 1 ||  [Wounds.leftArm, Wounds.leftHand, Wounds.rightArm, Wounds.rightHand, Scars.leftArm, Scars.leftHand, Scars.rightArm, Scars.rightHand].max > 2 || ([Wounds.leftArm, Wounds.leftHand, Scars.leftArm, Scars.leftHand].max > 0 && [Wounds.rightArm, Wounds.rightHand, Scars.leftArm, Scars.leftHand].max > 0)

The Ammo/Wands Tab

Here you find the settings to tell Bigshot where you keep all of your nifty wands and bolts and arrows. If your attack routine involves FIRE or WAND verbs, these fields must be set lest Bigshot hang up.

  • find ammo in this container: - Leave BLANK if having Bigshot use FIRE without getting ammo out (Archery 2020 Update). Rather self explanatory, this field holds the location of your ammunition storage, be it a wand harness, a quiver or just your backpack.
  • use this ammo type: - Leave BLANK to have Bigshot use FIRE without getting any ammo (Archery 2020 Update). Again, like specifying monsters, Bigshot is most sensative about the NOUNs that you use here. If you
  • fresh wand container: - Bigshot looks in this container to find fesh wands to WAVE.
  • dead wand container: - ...And then will deposit the used up wands in this container.
  • use this wand type: - Here you specify which particular wand type you want to use. Bigshot will then pull only these kinds for WAVEing. Can have multiple types listed. Seperate each one with a comma. Example: "aquamarine wand, bloodwood wand, etc"
  • Hide while waiting to pick up ammo - Checking this box will have Bigshot hide when gathering up your spent arrows and bolts.
  • Use wands when out of mana - Bigshot will pull whatever wand you have specified in the use this wand type field and automatically stance to your attacking stance and WAVE your wand at valid targets until you are out of wands OR hit your resting conditions.

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Third-Party Software - edit
Utility: Lich | PsiNet
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