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This guide is an attempt to be a straight-forward introduction to Scroll Infusion (714) that will allow one to decipher how to go about getting started infusing scrolls. Both current pages documenting the spell are excellent at providing detailed information, but they are better resources for those that already have experience with the spell then true novices. In fact, this document is being created because of a common complaint that people have been left scratching their heads and just decided not to bother with the spell at all after reading those pages.

Special thanks to SDEMASK (player of Desorceri) from the official forums for their post that allowed me to figure out just how to break down scroll infusion in a manner that's more easily understood.

What does Scroll Infusion do?

Scroll infusion is used to either add charges to spells on a standard scroll or to add to the duration of spells invoked off of self knowledge scrolls (identified by the "vibrant ink" they're written in).

In either case, scroll infusion will only add charges or duration to spells that have been unlocked, leaving those that have not been unlocked with their original charges/duration.

What scrolls can be infused?

As long as a scroll has never been INVOKED, you should be able to unlock the spells on it to be infused. Once a spell has been invoked off a scroll, that scroll becomes unable to be unlocked further, but can still be infused if one or more of the spells on it were unlocked prior to that.

Any scrolls you might find hunting and the majority of scrolls purchased from merchants can be unlocked and infused. Those that you might find in the pawnshop are usually able to be infused, but there's always the chance whoever sold it to the pawnshop invoked a spell off the scroll before selling it.


Runestones are used to unlock scrolls, detect the status of spells on a scroll (whether or not a spell has been unlocked and, if so, how many charges can be added), and to charge the scrolls themselves.

In order to create a runestone, you'll need a brush, ink, and a cup of water, all of which can be purchased from the town alchemist shop. You'll also need a runestone to draw your runes on, you can either purchase these from the town alchemist or save any smooth stones you find while hunting and pour an Aish'vrak potion on them to create one (the potion can be purchased from the town alchemist as well).

Once you have your tools, hold your brush in one hand and a runestone in the other. First DIP MY BRUSH IN INK (as long as the container you have your ink in is open, it will work). Once you have ink on your brush you need to DRAW [rune name] RUNE. After drawing a couple runes you'll need to DIP MY BRUSH IN {water container} to clean it before inking it back up to draw more runes.

The following table has the runes relevant to Scroll Infusion:

Rune Name Purpose Max Spell Level Charges
beiron'fyn Unlocking 5 6
erikar'fyn Unlocking 10 6
ikar'fyn Unlocking 15 6
quiss'fyn Unlocking 20 6
odeir'cos Detection n/a 50
ag'loenar Charging n/a 50

It should be noted that runes that unlock higher level spells allow more charges/duration to be added then runes that are limited to lower level spells. The charges listed on the table are the number of times the runestone its self can be used before it crumbles.


Before you can infuse your scroll, you need to unlock the spells on it to allow infusion. In order to do this simply hold the scroll in one hand, an appropriate runestone in the other, and WAVE MY [runestone] AT MY [scroll]. As long as there's a spell on the scroll the runestone you're using can unlock, there will be a skill check to see if you unlock one of the spells on the scroll.

Unfortunately, there's no way to pick which spell you unlock, the runestone will simply pick a spell it's capable of unlocking at random and attempt to unlock it for you. If there's a high level spell you want to unlock and a bunch of lower level spells also on the scroll, you'll just have to keep trying until you get the one you want. On the other hand, if there a low spell you want to unlock and all the other spells are high level spell, you can use a rune that has a lower max level to target that specific spell (though you won't be able to add as many charges).

In order to see which spells have been unlocked or to see how many charges you can add to each spell, just WAVE a runestone with the odeir'cos rune on it at the scroll.


Once you've unlocked all the spells you want to, you're ready to infuse mana into the scroll. If there are any spells you haven't unlocked, they won't be able to be unlocked after infusing, so make sure you got all the ones you care about.

First you'll need to create a link with the scroll by casting Scroll Infusion (714) at it. The link will last a couple minutes, so you don't have to rush and you should be able to INFUSE at least a couple times before having to recast.

Once you've done that, hold a runestone with the ag'loenar in one hand and the scroll in your other hand and INFUSE MY [scroll].

Infusing will select an unlocked spell you are able to charge and add charges to that spell. How many charges are added will depend on your skill level and which rune was used to unlock the spell. You may have to infuse several times to fully charge a spell. You will also have to infuse multiple times if more then one spell has been unlocked, since INFUSE will only charge one spell at a time.


This is by far not all there is to know about scroll infusion. It's merely the bare bones you need to know to make your first attempt, but I hope it adequately explained that well enough to allow you to understand the process so you can make that attempt. For more in-depth information, I encourage you to check out the resources below once you have a handle on these basics.