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Storyline The Nazhor Chronicles
Gender Female
Race Burghal Gnome
Status Dead


You see Mistress Selbi.
She appears to be a Burghal Gnome.
She is diminutive.  She appears to be mature.  She has bright greenish-grey eyes and golden brown skin.  She has very long, thick brown hair worn in a single braid.  She has a delicate face, an upturned nose and dimpled cheeks.
She is in good shape.
She is wearing a nondescript leather pouch, a pair of oiled leather boots, some emerald green trousers, and a russet leather doublet.


Appointed by Socius when he left his position of leadership of Four Winds Isle, Selbi is a relative unknown to most of the isle's inhabitants. With little regard for social niceties, she often wields a sharp, acerbic tongue. She has expressed a desire to reform the isle and its government to be more in line with her personal standards. She tutored Socius when he was a boy, and he has expressed complete trust in her.

She died to a Dark Assassin on Lormesta 26, 5120, after revealing she was terminally ill and chose to end her life quickly rather than painfully.