Shayen Aezereth

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Shayen Aezereth

I was orphaned in Icemule, starving and wandering the snowy streets in but a filthy yellow dress. It was there I met my first love and a bit later my new mother.

From my love at the time I learned much of how conceit can turn a person sour. To me he was funny and loving but he had little patience for anyone else.

From my mother, Berylla I learned kindness, strength and a sense of what a family truly is. I also had the advice of many stout warriors from which to shape my professional goals. Nothing much beats sitting and listening to hardened veterans dispense advice and stories!

After receiving a few harsh lessons of life and love, mom and I moved south for warmer climes and hearts--The Landing. I have fairly much remained there and in River's Rest ever since.

I was poor when I was adopted and I fear I shall be a popper my whole life. I cannot stand to see folks unhappy for the lack of a few coins and nothing is more rewarding to me than a good over tipping or a well timed gift!

I have never and will never hurt another citizen and I have seen the trouble that such can bring. I will go to great lengths to help those who ask for help.

My parents have of late gone to the Elven lands and I have felt their absence most dearly. While I still have a bit of family left here and a loving fiancé, I still feel the need for more kinsmanship.