Shuyy (prime)

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I was born to a Giant Cleric Mother, and Warrior father, the first of many kids, in a small village where Icemule Trace is now. I was taught the ways of the Warrior, while my younger brother Shuy became a cleric, we both are helpers of Voln, as my parents are, and we each worship the Mighty Red Dragon.

I became a powerful brawler as a youngin, and spent my free time fighting other youngins, or listening to my dad's tales. At the age of 20, I set off for my Manhood quest, to capture a red dragon, I managed to capture one as an egg, and named him Gargameth, after this, I returned home to find my village destroyed by Orcs, so traveled to lands, killing every orc I could find, but a huge Grey Orc killed me, so some lord dragged me to a place called The Landing, but I got lost a lot, so another kind lord led me to the Inn, and there I met the old Thrak Warrior.

He taught me all about the rules of the hunting, etiquette, etc.. and I was off on my own...