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SimuCon is a yearly gathering in St. Louis near Simutronics headquarters usually taking place near the end of the summer.

2017 Schedule

Provided by GM Zythica

The roundtable conflicting with the Escape Room will be rescheduled.

SimuCon 2017 Schedule
Day Time Activity Game
Wednesday After 3 PM Meet, Greet, Socialize. Rooms: Alpine I & Alpine II All
8 PM Welcome dinner at Drunken Fish All
Thursday All Day Check-in and Socialize All
8 AM Snack/Coffee Table Setup All
1 PM Live Alterations GS4
3 PM Games: Munchkins Tournament All
7:30 PM Masquerade (RSVP: Palvella) All
10 PM Radio Free SimuCon (link subject to change) All
Friday All Day Check-in and Socialize All
8 AM Snack/Coffee Table Setup All
1 PM Games: Settlers of Catan Tournament All
3 PM Escape Room RSVP Only
5 PM Worlds/Subscriptions Roundtable GS4
7:15 PM City Museum (player-organized, meet in lobby) All
10 PM Radio Free SimuCon (link subject to change) All
Saturday 8 AM Snack/Coffee Table Setup All
1 PM State of Elanthia GS4
2 PM State of Elanthia DR
3 PM Games: Freeroll Poker Tournament All
5 PM Development Roundtable GS4
7 PM Dinner All
8 PM Live Auctions All
9 PM Alchemy/Drink Contest All
10 PM Radio Free SimuCon (link subject to change) All
Sunday 11 AM Bristol Brunch Buffet RSVP Only
3 PM Room closes - Con is offically over! The End.

City Museum Friday 7:15 pm

Posted by Naamit, this is a player-organized outing.

There will be a troupe of people going to the City Museum on Friday night as well. 7:15pm meeting time at the lobby to coordinate rides, carpool, catch ubers, etc.

At last count (on the Facebook MAH Gemstoners group) there were 9 people interested in going and 3 cars among them. If more than 5 extra people are interested, we'll need to order tickets online -- else try to filter in casually so as not to rouse suspicion ;).

I'll meet you all AT THE MUSEUM at 8pm (gotta pick up a friend from the airport).

Buy tickets in advance: last week they sold out before Fri night.


The rooms open at around 3PM on Wednesday, Aug 2. We are in ALPINE I & ALPINE II this year! NOT DAVOS!

If you like to help, I will be doing our first Costco/shopping run, and then we will set up the tables in the room. If you need ANYTHING for this night, you gotta let me know before I leave for shopping.

Snack/Coffee Tables I will be setting up a small "breakfast" table on Thursday, Friday and Saturday mornings this year. This will be a selection of pastries, bagels (w/ cream cheese), fruit, coffee, teas, orange juice, whole milk, 2% milk and soy milk, as well as creamer & assorted sweeteners - sugar, Splenda, Equal and honey. If you want any other special kinds of sweetener, milk, juice, etc...I can buy for the whole class if it's a reasonable request, or you can bring your own. Hopefully this will be set up every morning by 8am, but YMMV.

Masquerade Please see Palvella's post on this and RSVP to her ASAP if you want to participate. There will be a selection of party trays for snacking during the event, but no formal dinner.

Roundtables I have set up two Roundtables for GS4 on Friday afternoon. IF you guys end up doing an outing on Friday, I can re-arrange these to a different time, but you need to let me know ASAP, please! DR's roundtables are TBA/TBD.

Games Munchkins will be run by Mestys again this year, while Catan will be run by Zythica. Both games will have prizes for winning the tournament. We will also be doing a Freeroll Texas Hold'em Poker Tournament run by Kveta on Saturday afternoon. Freeroll means there will be no buy-in - you will get chips and there will be a timer increasing the blinds every so often until we have 3 players left. Again, there will be PRIZES for winning!

Saturday Dinner We are pretty much confirmed (knocks on wood) for a catered BBQ dinner on Saturday night. The meat options will include chicken, pork, and beef. There will also be your standard BBQ sides - baked beans, potato salad, cole slaw, cream corn, seasoned vegetables, as well as tossed salad and bread. We may additionally have party trays with fruit, raw vegetables, cheese, shrimp, etc.

IF YOU HAVE SPECIAL DIETARY NEEDS I'm willing to accommodate this (as long as you actually purchased a Con perk). For example, if you are a vegetarian, I'm trying to arrange some vegetarian meals so you aren't just picking at the side dishes, but I need to know this info at least when you check-in to Con. The sooner the better, so please e-mail me at

Live Auctions All games will have their Live Auctions at the same time, but we're going to be splitting it up between games by herding everyone off into separate areas. GS4 Platinum will not be competing with GS4 Prime and will have a different auction list. NO COLLUSION!!!!!

Alchemy/Drink Contest This will be in place of the costume contest this year, but you can still wear a costume. Please see this post for more info:'17/General%20Discussions/view/150

Bristol Brunch We are NOT doing Lemp Mansion this year after all. Instead, we are going to be having a brunch at Bristol Seafood Grill, which is located close to the hotel. (Even though this is a seafood place, it will be your standard brunch buffet). The hotel will be able to shuttle about 14 people, the rest will need to carpool (which I figure will work out as some may need to leave early). The shuttle will be leaving the hotel at 10:40am; our brunch reservation is at 11am, and the shuttle will be departing Bristol at 1pm to return to the hotel.

The cost for the meal is $30/person, but WILL NOT INCLUDE ALCOHOL. You will need to open a separate tab to order alcohol, which we may do for mimosas anyway. I will need you to let me know if you want to come by Saturday morning. Please e-mail me if you are definitely coming, and there will be a sign-up sheet located at Con. It is very important that we get a headcount beforehand.

Here is menu of Bristol's brunch buffet in case you'd like to check it beforehand:

Con Closing The rooms will technically be closed at 3pm on Sunday, but we usually start cleaning up beforehand. If you're a person who drove your own car to Con, you may want to wait until we do cleanup, as this is the point where we start giving away any leftover alcohol, snacks, etc. You can really score big if you stay to help us clean up!!

Auction Details - Prime Instance

Item Details Price
Custom Bolt messaging A player can pick any bolt spell in the game and have custom messaging set for it 1m
Custom Bolt messaging A player can pick any bolt spell in the game and have custom messaging set for it 1m
Custom Bolt messaging A player can pick any bolt spell in the game and have custom messaging set for it 1m
Custom Fire Spirit (111) firework Custom messaging 1m
Custom Manna (203) Custom messaging 20m
Custom Major Sanctuary (220) Custom messaging 1m
Custom Well of Life (308), Raise Dead (318), Divine Word (1640), or Miracle (350) Custom messaging 1m
Custom Floating Disk (511) or Tremors (909) Custom messaging Pass
Custom Tangleweed (610) or Call Swarm (615) Custom messaging Pass
Custom Grasp of the Grave (709) Custom messaging 1m
Custom Call Familiar (920) talisman Custom messaging 20m
Sonic Weapon, Shield, Armor, or Singing Weapon alteration Custom messaging Pass
Custom Blink (1215) Custom messaging Pass
Custom Illusion Prop Creates a magical aura about the player when LOOKed at 7.5m
3-setting gold ring Unlimited use gold ring with 3 settings 12m
Weight reducing backpack 33% reduction in weight for items held within the backpack 5m
Weight reducing cloak 33% reduction in weight for items held within the cloak 11m
Spell Rune Tattoo select approved Mental or Arcane spell, 3x/day 10m
Spell Rune Tattoo select approved Spirit spell, 3x/day 40m
Spell Rune Tattoo select approved Elemental spell, 3x/day 10m
1x DB jewelry A +5 DS jewelry 15m
+3 OB jewelry A +3 AS jewelry 25m
CreatureBane Provides +10 AS CreatureBane for bane of choice except undead, with common or uncommon flares, or +10 weighting 17m
CreatureBane Provides +10 AS CreatureBane for bane of choice except undead, with common or uncommon flares, or +10 weighting 25m
Enchantment (+5) Max 8x, no special > 10, no katanas, claidhmores, or naginatas 6m
3-Socket Fusion Armor or Shield User picks the base, 4x plain vultite (or equivalent wood/cloth/fiber) Pass
3-Socket Fusion Weapon User picks the base, 4x plain vultite (or equivalent wood/cloth/fiber). No katanas, claidhmores, or naginata 10m
Choose Your Own Adventure Custom spell prep, custom signature verb, custom logon/logoff 3m
30 minutes alter time Get as much done (GALD) as you can in 30 minutes of alter time 2m
Acuity or Mana runestaff flare boost +1 to mana or +1x to acuity flares, up to normal max 6m
Skeleton key Unlocks any box every 6 hours 6m
Double Dispel Wand Elemental Dispel/Spiritual Dispel (417/119) double-wand - 25 charges per day 30m
Epic Deepening and Epic Lightening Certificates Deepen: by 100 lbs up to 200 for back/shoulder, 100 slung on shoulder, and 60 for belt, and Lighten: by 100 lbs down to min 5m
De-Fusion Service Remove fusion script from an item, but leaves enhancives on it. 37m
Ethereal Weapon Tattoo User picks the base. No katanas, claidhmores, or naginatas. 5x with plasma flares 20m
T3 Chaos Jewelry Shifting description jewelry, T3 allows going invisible at the cost of spirit Pass
Recharging Crystal Can be fueled with gems to add 2 charges to magical items 40m
Rune Knowledge Any demonic rune, no teaching Pass
25k Weightless Coin Bag Holds 25,000 silver weightlessly 5m
Banshee Armament 5x runestaff, shield, or armor, banshee flares: +25 TD/bolt DS for 10 seconds, 1 in 6 chance to trigger when warding Pass
Forest Armor 6x, T4 Forest armor 5m
Dispel Runestaff 6x runestaff that can flare dispel Pass
3x/Day Barkskin Absorbs the next attack, and may last longer on weak attacks 4m
Gold Ring Tattoo Tattoo that works like a gold ring 10m
Disarm Returner Returns the weapon to the owner when disarmed Pass
Greater Plinite 10x per day open portal to Elemental Confluence and can trigger a redrill of the rooms 20m
ClimateWear with feature hiding Weighs 5 lbs and holds 150 lbs. 1m
Supercharger Jewelry 1x supercharger, Koar holy symbol 5m
Trap Tarot Card 3x per day, while holding a trapped container, you can Rub the card and it will disarm the trap and absorb the energy. The card will hold a maximum of 10 charges. You can WAVE the card at a container to vaporize it, leaving the items inside on the ground (similar to Call Lightning (125)). It can also be WAVEd at another player or creature to cause a standard maneuver roll, resulting in an electrical critical if they fail to avoid the maneuver. (Incorrect info was given to the buyer, this item was returned.) 65m
Weather Charm Unlocked weather charm - fluff verbs and 2x per day can create localized weather storm in the room. Unlocked version adds bloodrain and ambient messages 62m
Muirgheal Manor Prime Private property in Zul Logoth with 5 rooms and “as is” 10m
The Dark Tower Prime Private property in Icemule with 5 room and “as is” 35m

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