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Sirenglass is a style of artisanal glass unique to Naidem. Imbued with the emotions of the dead who torment this realm between life and death, it allows those who wield it to access those emotions, and better express themselves.

Sirenglass traces its origin to deceased glassmakers condemned to Naidem, who returned to their mortal trade as they regained memories of their now-past lives. They found their fellow denizens' clouded memories of their lost lives seeping into their kilns and forges at certain hours of the night, yielding a glass that channels those very feelings into whoever wields it.

While at first yielding little more than an emotional scrapbook in glass form, with time and discipline, Naidem's glassmakers have been able to hone sirenglass to allow any who wield it to better access and express their own emotions, whether joyfully, reservedly, or coldly.

To be wielded properly, sirenglass requires a simple gesture of bonding with its owner, which can be easily undone. Sirenglass can accept any decorative technique, but uniquely, under the perpetual moonlight of Naidem, spectral occlusions can appear within it, drifting and winking out of existence like souls of the dead escaping their torment.


Sirenglass items can remain "sirenglass" as the noun, or be altered into anything as long as they remain small, decorative, and wearable. For their initial release, they will only work with runestaffs via the Staff Charm, though the intention is to expand this to other items down the line.

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