Size changing shield

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Size Changing Shields are shields whose size (small/medium/large/tower) can be changed at will by the owner. All associated factors of the shield change to the corresponding shield size.


a ruby-inset golvern target shield

On the reverse of the golvern target shield, a complex arrangement of gears, cogs, and shafts link a series of tightly overlapping plates about the edges so that they can swivel synchronously while still maintaining most of their strength. A small pin locks the plates firmly in place. You judge that the plates could swivel both inward and outward from their current position.

>open shield
You flip open the locking pin on the mechanism holding the edges of the shield in place.
>push shield
As you push on the edges of your shield, they ingeniously fold in on themselves, making the shield a bit smaller.
Roundtime: 3 sec.