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Smastan berries are bright red fruit that temporarily but rapidly shrink the person who eats them to six inches. They still exist mechanically in the game, but in the modern usage smastan berries are just food. The magical effect has been retconned to be an aberration that is not normal for the species. They are one of the few examples of I.C.E. Age terms existing in the game that were never changed.


>look bush
The bush grows very low to the ground and has waxy green leaves with red berries.  It is very rare.

>look berries
The berries look ripe and sweet.

>take berries
You can't just get them, they're too firmly attached to the branch.  Perhaps if you plucked them, they would come free.

>pluck berries
You pluck the smastan berries briskly, and a sudden impulse causes you to stuff them completely in your mouth and gobble them down.
No sooner do you swallow the smastan berries, than you feel your whole body tingle.  You realize you are now only 6 inches tall and quickly clamber through the narrow fissure.

You panic momentarily, terrified at being caught a little short but you quickly return to normal size and look around.

>look bush
The smastan bush here is contained in a plain fired clay pot.  It looks remarkably healthy for an extremely rare plant generally only found in the wild.

Behind the Scenes

Smastan berries do not seem to originate in a Shadow World source book, but the same word was used for them both now and previously. They are used to enter the Ye Oddity Workshop, which was originally owned by Lord Odds Bodkins as a private workshop. Barring their copyrighted presence in one of the I.C.E. source books, they may have been unique to the I.C.E. Age of GemStone III. If it existed it should be in the Quellbourne book, because "smastan" is clearly Seoltang. It is constructed from the (glossary adjacent) word parts "sma" and "stan", presumably meaning something to the effect of "tiny pest."

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