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Initial Post

Category: Quests/Sagas/Events
Topic: Briarmoon Cove
Message #: 165
Date: 01/16/2016 04:24 PM CST
Subject: You see a mound a snow...

Many of us see that mound of snow and our fingers twitch in gleeful anticipation! We scoop up a handful and begin the mastery that is crafting up a perfectly rounded missile for some unfortunate target, heh-ehe-hehe.

I, Deeters, will be introducing my brand new snowball satchels made for just such an undertaking! What makes them so great, you wonder? Well, let me tell you about it, friend!

These specially crafted satchels will allow you to transport your frozen ammunition! No more shall you try to stash your snowball in your cloak, only to find it has broken away! A true marvel of modern magic, and you can get your hands on it at the upcoming Briarmoon Cove festival!

A few examples for your pleasure:

You tap an oilskin ice-blue satchel.

look in my satchel
In the ice-blue satchel you see a perfectly rounded snowball, a perfectly rounded snowball, a perfectly rounded snowball, a perfectly rounded snowball, a perfectly rounded snowball,...

But wait! There's more! Wearing one of my snowball satchels fills you with snow confidence, my friend! You will find interacting with your snowball while wearing it will perhaps express your mischievous intentions to those around you!

take snowball from my satchel
You will need both hands for that.
You glance down to see a perfectly rounded snowball in your right hand and nothing in your left hand.
>You exclaim, "Aha! Already armed!"
>PROD my snowball
You poke a smiley face into the surface of your snowball. Cute!
You grin.
>TAP my snowball
You drum your fingers across the surface of your snowball. Small clumps of snow drop to the ground.

And yes, friends, there's even more if you are one of the lucky selected patrons for me to even further enhance your satchels for even more action!

And, just when you say to me, Deeters, this is amazing! There just cannot be more to these fantastic satchels! But to you, I say indeed there can be! A very lucky few will be able to have me specially weave my magic into these satchels so that you may call upon the icy elements at your will! Why, you'd almost be like Lorminstra herself! ducks Well, only every so often, ahem. But it can be done! If you're itching for a snowball fight, and have no snow in your pouch, simply summon your very own blanket of snow! This will be a limited service for just five happy winners; listen for my announcements to get your chance to win! (Please have satchel with you to redeem!)

Look for the tubular passage at Briarmoon Cove!

Deeters, bringing you the best in snow!

OOC: These special satchels allow you to store snowballs and have special messaging for interacting with your snowball while you wear the pouch. The come off the shelf with PROD and TAP, and of course, storage! Unlocking once releases more verb messaging, and the limited edition unlocking will allow you to create a temporary blanket of snow with which you, and others, can grab and roll up more snowballs; this ability can be activated once a day.


Initial Q&A and Updates

I suppose you could alter a snowball, but it would have to remain a noun of "snowball" for the satchel permissions to allow it back into the pouch. And like any other snowball, once you use it, it'd be gone. I'm not certain if a merchant would be willing to alter snowballs or not, and I suppose you'd have to ask after it if you were interested with the merchant you're with. Some things to keep in mind:

The snowball would still have to make sense with the available verbs, like EAT, LICK, and ROLL. When you ROLL it, you'd show "You smooth your ADJECTIVE snowball to even further perfection." So adjectives like chunky, spiky, and rock-filled simply wouldn't mesh well with the existing scripty goodness that is making snowballs. Therefore, there may not be a lot of room to change the adjective. When you throw it, it acts like a snowball, and anything else embedded into the snowball might not make sense when it splats. As to whether you could add a color? I know myself I'd probably shy away from making a yellow snowball, or brown. I might make a dirty snowball. But again, once you use it, it's gone.

The satchel doesn't produce snowballs, it simply allows you to store them. It works with the existing snowball script. Currently, you can't stockpile snowballs, with this script you can.

I hope this answers your question! I know it's a yes and no kind of answer. In short: yes, you might be able to get a merchant to alter one for you within the altering guidelines. But once it's used, it is gone, and you could only do one snowball at a time, unless a special session of some sort was offered specifically for that purpose.