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Snowball satchels made their debut at Briarmoon Cove. They are used to store snowballs and allow for various interactions. They have three tiers, off-the-shelf, unlocked, and auction quality. Auction quality satchels allow the owner the once a day ability to create a snowfield in their desired surroundings.


The creator has also provided the following information:
This ice-blue satchel is specially designed to hold snowballs, and only snowballs.
It can be altered at will, so long as it makes sense as a container.
It is currently unlocked.  You can PROD, TAP, STARE, GAZE, GLANCE, and SHUFFLE snowballs while wearing it.

Verb Traps

Note: All verbs listed are done with snowballs while the satchel is worn unless otherwise noted.

Off-the-Shelf PROD You poke a smiley face into the surface of your snowball. Cute! XXX pokes at her rounded snowball, apparently amused with herself.
TAP You drum your fingers across the surface of your snowball. Small clumps of snow drop to the ground. XXX drums her snowball with her fingers, causing bits of snow to drop to the ground.
(in satchel)
You carefully pack your snowball into your ice-blue satchel. XXX carefully packs her snowball into her ice-blue satchel.
GET You reach into your ice-blue satchel and scoop out a rounded snowball. XXX reaches into her ice-blue satchel.
Unlocked STARE You cast your gaze around the area, narrowing your eyes to mere slits, while menacingly thumbing the rounded snowball in your palm. XXX casts a squinted gaze around the area, menacingly thumbing the rounded snowball in her hand.
GAZE You survey the area with a raised eyebrow, attempting to scope out your next target for snowball-throwing skills! XXX surveys the area with a raised eyebrow, slowly rolling the rounded snowball in her palm.
GLANCE You glance around the area, lightly tossing your well-packed snowball into the air and catching it again. XXX glances around the area, lightly tossing her well-packed rounded snowball into the air, then catches it again.
SHUFFLE You plant your feet solidly beneath you and raise your snowball slightly. XXX plants her feel solidly beneath her, raising her rounded snowball slightly.

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