Solhaven Cataclysm - 2009-09-06 - Paidreg's return (log)

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  • This is from Geijon's perspective on Imaerasta 6, 5109 (Sept 6, 2009).
Cryheart says, "I think the soul remains after the flesh has gone...but the soul or essence still remains in some form."

You settle yourself on the oak chair for a moment's rest.

You join Aydan.

Annelie quietly says, "Pardon us for being late, M'Lord Provost."

Paidreg nods to Annelie.

You see Lord Paidreg Venquinor, the Baronial Provost of Solhaven.
He appears to be Human.
He is of average stature and appears to be young and untried. He has green-ringed hazel eyes and freckled skin. He has short, wavy dark ginger hair gathered back into a tight ponytail. He has a laugh-lined face, a patrician nose and a faint scar forming a crescent around his left eye.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a green and white cotton robe.

Speaking simply to Cryheart, Shannivar says, "No. Raelee had a bit of his soul."

Guarrin nods in greeting to you.

You wave to Guarrin.

Cryheart says, "But it remained."

Metadi deeply says, "We've had enough confusion."

Speaking to Metadi, Paidreg says, "Indeed."

Speaking to Paidreg, Shannivar says, "But that whatever it was you are now, as improbable as it seems, you are not some.. um. Unnatural creature."

Speaking quietly to Shannivar, Paidreg asks, "So, you are convinced that I am not an agent of Luukos?"

Shannivar glances away from Paidreg.

Paidreg chuckles.

Lifting first one foot and then another, Alisaire slowly back-pedals.

Misun smiles quietly.

Speaking quietly to Paidreg, Shannivar says, "Yes, and I apologize for my words last night. They were harsh, and I was wrong, and I ask forgiveness."

Paidreg says, "I attempted to read my prior self's journals. They were all blank."

Speaking deeply to Paidreg, Metadi says, "Being as how ye're a Master o' the Order, I'd find that unlikely."

Paidreg nods to Metadi.

Speaking to Paidreg, Missoni says, "That is probably because no one could remember them to reconstruct them."

Paidreg says, "It also seems that at least someone was confused as to my previously obvious spellcasting abilities."

Paidreg concentrates very hard, narrowing his eyes and furrowing his brow.

Alifair asks, "There are many here who can return part of your memories thought their own, but innate magic.....would you not sense it?"

Alisaire looks thoughtfully at Paidreg.

Shannivar bites her lip.

Speaking to Paidreg, Alifair says, "You were quite proficient at it in the past."

Speaking to Paidreg, Nilandia says, "I was under the impression from Sir Vectrus that you did not have any spellcasting ability

Speaking to Nilandia, Paidreg says, "As was I."

Alifair says, "It's all very confusing."

Paidreg says, "We had an earlier meeting about the bandit situation around Solhaven."

Perigourd says, "Yes, he came earlier to dispose of some of them."

Paidreg nods.

Speaking to Paidreg, Perigourd asks, "Lord, if the barons representatives don't believe you or this city to be real.. how do they intend to proceed in regards to yourself and it?"

Speaking to Perigourd, Paidreg says, "I have been left out of those discussions."

Kateerina frowns.

Missoni winces.

Nilandia says, "That might be for the best at the moment."

Guarrin shifts his weight.

Aydan nods.

Paidreg says, "However, Sir Vectrus did not give any indication that I was to be removed."

Paidreg says, "He did say a Lord Valgrass--I believe that was the name?--was quite interested in my condition."

Kateerina says, "Yes.. he would be."

Nilandia says, "Yes, he is, perhaps was, the most likely candidate to become Provost, should you not be able to fulfill the position."

Aydan says, "Lord Valgrass was widely believed to be next in line to be appointed Provost."

Missoni curiously asks, "Who is that?"

Speaking grimly to Missoni, Metadi says, "A supporter o' Chaston's Edict."

Kateerina says, "He is in favor of the edict."

Speaking dismissively to Missoni, Eugenides says, "It won't matter after he's been assassinated."

Speaking to Eugenides, Missoni says, "I will leave it to you."

Paidreg says, "Might I say how unusual and improbable it is to meet a knight who uses magic, and not of the sort that comes directly from the gods? I do not know why that strikes me as odd."

Xanthias glances between Alisaire and Armaxis.

Speaking to Paidreg, Perigourd says, "From what he said, it's mostly an honorary title bestowed upon him."

Aydan says, "Rather impressive, if you ask me."

Paidreg nods to Perigourd.

Melorra nods to Aydan.

Eugenides idly scratches himself on the neck.

Metadi nods to Aydan.

Paidreg says, "Ah, scallops."

Paidreg helps himself to a seaweed-wrapped scallop adorned with a lemon wedge.

Kilthal softly says, "He was a most unusual mage."

Paidreg takes a bite of his seaweed-wrapped scallop.

Speaking politely to Paidreg, Rorac says, "Sorry I'm late. I was out eating a rolton."

Paidreg takes a bite of his seaweed-wrapped scallop.

Restmode: 9/7/2009 10:48:44 PM
Restmode: XP

 Level: 62 Deeds: 31

(LOL - 31 deeds)

Paidreg nods to Rorac.

Speaking to Paidreg, Nilandia says, "If I might ask, sir, how is your mind faring? Last night, you seemed rather bewildered and lost."
Paidreg says, "At least, they appear to be scallops."

Speaking to Kilthal, Kippe says, "That was redundant."

Speaking to Paidreg, Rorac asks, "Room for another?"

Speaking to Nilandia, Paidreg says, "More stable, I believe."

Speaking to Paidreg, Alifair says, "It would seem you remember mundane things."

Speaking to Rorac, Paidreg says, "Of course, please sit."

Bristenn just arrived.

Speaking to Alifair, Paidreg says, "Rather, I have the impression of memories."

Bristenn clears his throat.

Speaking to Paidreg, Nilandia says, "I am happy to hear that. I admit I was rather worried."

Bristenn sheepishly mumbles, "Sorry. Fashionably late."

Paidreg says, "I fear that the unfortunate effect of being forged in such a manner is that I do not know much more of myself than you all do."

Nilandia says, "At least from the instance of when you were 'born,' so to speak. I would imagine since then, you would have memory of your own."

Paidreg nods to Nilandia.

Paidreg says, "It is fortunate that my interactions with you all are intact, since you recalled them."

Paidreg says, "Otherwise, this would be exceptionally confusing."

Speaking to Armaxis, Paidreg says, "I do not recall you, however."

Missoni says, "Well, perhaps that bit of your soul could be used to restore your memory."

Metadi deeply inquires, "Instead o' mostly?"

Shirkon deeply says, "I imagines it still confusin at times."

Speaking to Paidreg, Shannivar says, "You should consider yourself exceptionally blessed. Not many people get the chance to start anew like you have."

Melorra glances between Paidreg and Armaxis.

Speaking to Shannivar, Perigourd says, "Rare indeed is such a gift bestowed."

Paidreg chuckles.

Speaking to Kerl, Arwen asks, "How is it?"

Paidreg says, "I suppose I like me as well."

Eugenides glances at a pitcher of ice cold spring water on an inlaid silver tray adorned by honey oak handles.

Speaking to Paidreg, Aydan says, "The Messenger of Lorminstra did imply that you were free to find your own way through life. Given how this last year has gone, possibly even free from the hand of fate and predestination."

Kerl says, "Excellent, it's really quite good."

Paidreg says, "Whatever Paidreg's destiny was, I believe it to be complete."

Speaking softly to Paidreg, Kilthal says, "He was the Paidreg that was. Ye are the Paidreg that can be."

Speaking pleasedly to Paidreg, Eugenides says, "You did not melt. You must be real."

Speaking to Shannivar, Aydan says, "That was about it, yes."

Nilandia bends over her volume and begins writing with her quill. After a moment, she lifts her head and scans back over what she has written with a critical eye.

Armaxis ponders.
Paidreg says, "There is something... strange that I recall."

Raelee folds her arms over her chest.

Raelee narrows her eyes.

Kerl asks, "So Paidreg, if you aren't "Paidreg" and you aren't sure who you are, what do you intend to do with yourself? Do you presume to take his place? Are you sure you want to do that?"

Speaking to Paidreg, Shannivar says, "You may have been created from our memories, but you're not bound to stay that way, I don't think. You should be able to change, as any of us do in life."

Kerl raises an eyebrow in Paidreg's direction.

Paidreg softly says, "Gates. Two gates, and they will open. It seems a trivial recollection."

Kerl says, "By the way, the albacore is quite good... memories or real."

Speaking to Shannivar, Perigourd says, "I should think his life is akin to that of one newly born with all the possibilities laid before him."

Speaking to Paidreg, Eugenides agrees, "Correct!"

Eugenides applauds Paidreg.

Nilandia says, "Not quite trivial."

[Venquinor House, Dining Room]
The low wooden eaves of the roof reflect wetly from the polished surface of a blond oak dining table carved from a massive single slab of wood at the center of the chamber. Climbing through a high arch in the northern wall, some rounded riverstone steps ascend to the second level of the manor. Mosaic tiles dance over the surface of the arch in interlocking patterns of opal and emerald tesserae. You also see a blue wolf that is sleeping, a shy forest spirit that is flying around and a carved oak chair.
Also here: Raelee, Bristenn who is sitting, Great Lord Rorac who is sitting, Lord Smalrog who is sitting, Annelie who is sitting, Eugenides who is sitting, Kilthal, Alisaire, Armaxis, Barundar who is sitting, Nilandia who is sitting, Lady Kateerina who is sitting, Protector Misun who is sitting, Alifair who is sitting, Vender who is sitting, Jorvil who is sitting, Guarrin who is sitting, Shannivar who is sitting, Xanthias, Sir Eahlstan who is sitting, Iyvelruel who is sitting, Melorra who is sitting, Kyaloria who is sitting, Shirkon who is sitting, Kerl who is sitting, Yukito, Kippe, Metadi who is sitting, Lady Arwen who is sitting, Karibeth who is sitting, Sir Cryheart who is sitting, Protector Aydan who is sitting, Missoni who is sitting, Perigourd who is sitting, Lord Paidreg who is sitting
Obvious exits: west

Alifair says, "With a rebirth a second chance, not necessarily a terrible thing."

Speaking to Kerl, Paidreg says, "The Baron, at least, is in deliberations. No doubt he will meet with representatives from the Church of Koar."

Kerl says, "I would imagine there really isn't a protocol for such a thing."

Kerl rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Speaking to Rorac, Paidreg asks, "The... bug?"

Raelee quietly says, "... not a 'bug'."

Paidreg says, "Ah. No."

Speaking abruptly to Paidreg, Rorac asks, "Do you remember the bug?"

Speaking to Perigourd, Rorac says, "That's only partially true."

Aydan mutters, "Probably best."

Speaking to Paidreg, Nilandia says, "There is much to be said about that, sir."

Paidreg says, "I know, vaguely, that I died."

You ask, "Have we located Mirke's body?"

You say, "And is th' Provost aware he died alone."

Speaking to you, Perigourd says, "I do not believe so."

Speaking deeply to you, Guarrin says, "There is no way he could have survived long with those wounds...

You nod slowly.

Melorra quietly says, "One quie."

Speaking to Guarrin, Perigourd says, "Stranger things have happened."

Rorac looks thoughtfully at Paidreg.

Paidreg says, "No one has reported anything to me regarding Mirke's whereabouts."

Perigourd casually glances at Paidreg.

Guarrin glances at Paidreg.

Paidreg says, "I do recall being quite fond of him, though wary."

Speaking deeply to Perigourd, Guarrin says, "Still unlikely though."

Speaking to Paidreg, Nilandia says, "Might be for the best."

Armaxis says, "Hm. Pardon."

Speaking regretfully to Paidreg, Eugenides says, "He stole from you."

Speaking to Paidreg, you say, "His last known act before he said he wished to die alone, was in essence, setting you free from the control he recognized you under."

Speaking to Paidreg, Eugenides offers, "But also paid in turn."

Speaking to Eugenides, Paidreg says, "My recollections of you, however, are quite strong."

Speaking to Eugenides, Paidreg says, "It seems that people do not like you much."

Speaking quietly to his fresh spring water, Paidreg says, "I wonder if this was even water at all."

Speaking quietly to Paidreg, Shannivar says, "They should. He sacrificed a lot for the town."

Speaking to Paidreg, Perigourd says, "I would say he tends to be more contraversial than disliked."

Paidreg takes a drink from his fresh spring water.

Paidreg says, "Chances are... yes."

Speaking deeply to Paidreg, Shirkon says, "He is kinda likes da gnat dat flies inta ya ear. Canna gits him out."

Speaking to Paidreg, Aydan says, "He was a sellsword, but even then... he remembered who paid him. One of the last things he did was take your place in order to save you from having to do something that you would've very likely not survived."

Speaking slowly to Paidreg, Raelee says, "Like or not is not important. He was never wrong, not once, during the course of our troubles.

Aydan says, "And even when he was thought to have been dead... or about as good as dead, you never gave up on him, either."

Speaking curiously to Paidreg, Rorac asks, "Do you plan on carrying out your services of Baronial Provost?"

Speaking to Rorac, Paidreg says, "If I am allowed to do so."

Paidreg says, "I understand that the town, though reconstructed, is in a bit of a state of disarray."

Cryheart says, "It stands stil, again."

Cryheart says, "Though with some changes."

Speaking to Paidreg, Vender asks, "A question if yas would please?"

Speaking quietly to Raelee, Eugenides says, "I think the lack of listening will continue in general."

Aydan says, "There are some linger after-effects as well."

Paidreg nods to Vender.

Speaking quietly to Raelee, Eugenides adds, "Even though things are not quite finished."

Speaking to Paidreg, Melorra asks, "Lady Lorminstra at least, believed that your birthright should be returned to you.. if I remember 
correctly, Lady Shannivar?"

Speaking to Eugenides, Raelee says, "... old habits seem to die rather hard."

Speaking to Paidreg, Vender asks, "May I have permission to use yer likeness in my upcoming puppet play, recapping all that went on?"

Shannivar cocks her head.

Paidreg nods to Vender.

Speaking to Vender, Paidreg says, "You may."

Shannivar says, "Yes, Melorra. The emissary said we should render to him that which was his birthright."

Annelie says, "Yes, this is what the message said."

Paidreg says, "I think that a fair permission to give."

Speaking hopefully to Raelee, Eugenides exclaims, "Maybe this time, the cost will be more than the town!"

Paidreg says, "For even if this likeness was not mine first, it is mine now."

Speaking to Paidreg, Vender says, "Thank yas."

Shannivar asks, "But.. wasn't his office an appointed position?"

Speaking to Paidreg, Rorac says, "If you'll excuse me for a few moments."

Paidreg says, "That is actually why I asked you all here, because I feel compelled to take a more active hand in these deliberations in Vornavis."

Speaking to Eugenides, Raelee says, "If that is the case, so be it. It is our responsibity to learn from our errors. If we refuse to do so, we deserve all that we get."

Paidreg says, "...once I find clothes."

Yukito nods to Paidreg.

Paidreg says, "We do have some rebuilding to do."

Cryheart says, "Indeed."

Speaking to Shannivar, Aydan says, "Yes, but he is also of noble blood, and a cousin to the Baron. If nothing else, his birthright is one of the Imperial Nobility."

Speaking softly to Paidreg, Kilthal says, "There are a few shops in the city that can sell ye clothing."

Speaking to Aydan, Melorra says, "That's how I took it."

Eahlstan ponders.

Paidreg nods to Kilthal.

Paidreg says, "I was given word of some rather extensive accounts on Solhaven's behalf in the Bank of Vornavis."

Speaking to Paidreg, Nilandia says, "I have some clothes in storage as well that might suit your tastes."

Speaking hesitantly to Paidreg, Shannivar says, "Both of the Protectors were there, when we spoke with the Lady's emissary. Maybe one of them ought to go with you to give that viewpoint in the deliberations."

Speaking to Nilandia, Kippe says, "He'd look odd in one of your skirts."

Paidreg says, "Please let it be known to various merchants and store owners that a healthy sum will be paid to them by me, personally, even if I do not have the backing of the city itself, if they choose to work here in Solhaven."

Speaking to Kippe, Nilandia says, "You do not want to know what all I keep, Kippe."

Paidreg says, "I wish to provide any necessary incentive to help recover the town's losses in recent months."

Speaking deeply to Paidreg, Metadi says, "That is generous o' ye."

Aydan says, "We'll need to keep an eye out for Dawe, then."

Aydan says, "She did a bit to ensure the refugee camps were supplied, and never asked about payment."

Speaking to Paidreg, Annelie says, "Let us know what we, as individuals, can do to help."

Speaking softly to Paidreg, Kilthal says, "There is a substantial amount of lumber in Camp Kezmon that could be used fer something."
Misun nods to Metadi.

Cryheart says, "And some supplies."

Paidreg says, "I should be going as well. I believe I recall the way to some quarters in Vornavis, and perhaps I have appropriate attire there and will not need to throw good money into purchasing more."

Rorac thoughtfully says, "We could make some docks for fishing with all that timber."

You ask, "Had to depart myself last night after our talk with th' Luukosian Priest. Has Vectrus returned to th' empire then?"

Speaking softly to Paidreg, Kilthal says, "Whether construction or moving those logs tae further reinforce our defenses."

Paidreg says, "I shall inquire."

Paidreg says, "If you will all pardon me? We shall meet again next weekend, at the latest."

Speaking to Paidreg, Nilandia asks, "A moment of your time, sir?"

Speaking to Paidreg, Rorac says, "Before you go, I've something for you."

Speaking to Nilandia, Paidreg asks, "If it is but a moment?"

Nilandia says, "It is."

Speaking softly to Paidreg, Kilthal says, "I have a request fer ye later, at the next meeting perhaps."

Nilandia says, "I merely have some gifts for you from myself and Kyaloria."

Speaking to Paidreg, Missoni says, "Have a nice evening."

Vender says, "Thanks again fer the late night snack."

Speaking to Paidreg, Xanthias says, "I sank you for ze vine, Lord."

Cryheart says, "Rest well."

Speaking to Paidreg, Nilandia says, "We wished to see you well."

Cryheart nods to Paidreg.

(People give him gifts then he leaves)