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Solstice Dreams, also known as Foehn's Promise 2, was a pay auction event that distributed 250 items by coin and token auctions. It took place December 9th through the 15th in 2005. This page lists all items that were auctioned off. However, as you could trade in your item for a consolation prize not all items are actually in the lands.



Bastard Sword

  • an eonake cresset sword – show: The long blade of the cresset sword is brilliantly gleaming eonake with nary an imperfection. Both the wide, straight crossguard and the hand-and-a-half grip are sheathed in matte black leather, and tiny eonake rosebuds peek out from the ends of the quillions. A thick eonake disc serves as a pommel, and set flush with its surface on both sides are small carved chips of red-orange carnelian forming a mosaic image of a blooming rose.


  • a brilliantly bejeweled ora broadsword – show: Odd pieces of various gemstones encrust the pommel of the broadsword, with an empty gem setting at the base of the pommel.


  • a long and thin forked steel dagger with a garnet-set pommel
  • an old hazelwood-hilted knife with a gently curving vultite blade
  • a slender blackened steel dagger – show: Long, glistening black streaks are smudged across the dark steel blade of the dagger, completely coating both edges. An angled guard separates the blade from the leather-wrapped hilt, each quillion tapering to a sharp point. - Poison ambusher
  • a short black steel stiletto – show: Greasy black film coats the short triangular blade of the stiletto, but for a few irregular bare streaks where the glossy black steel shows clean. Knotted silk the deep dusky hue of a twilight sky is wrapped about the hilt to provide a surer grip. - Poison ambusher
  • a thin glossy black misericord with a curling silver guard - Poison ambusher


  • a crescent-edged falchion with a gilt wire hilt – show: A small, intricate leather strap runs from the handle of the crescent-edged falchion, designed for hanging from the belt. - Wearable on belt
  • a feather-hilted golvern falchion etched with a fall of snowflakes
  • an ivy-etched verdant vultite falchion – show: Two strands of ivy interwine along the length of the blade, incised skillfully in the verdant green vultite. Smooth and darkly tanned hide has been wrapped tightly around the hilt and secured with shiny brass studs. You also notice a small enchanter's glyph.
  • a razor-sharp rolaren badelaire with a sapphire-set pommel


  • a crimson-bladed vultite balestarius with a suede-wrapped haft
  • an ebon-hafted crimson vultite axe – show: Night black stars spangle the smooth crimson vultite along the axe head in a seemingly random pattern. The carved ebonwood haft has been incised with tiny whorls enameled in silver that culminate in a flawless black diamond in the pommel. You also notice a small enchanter's glyph.
  • an oversized steel meat cleaver – show: A solid grip of smooth walnut graces the cleaver, darkened nearly to black at either end. The broad squared-off blade of the meat cleaver is brightly polished, though still bearing a few small scratches and nicks along the edge. The cleaver glows with a dim light.
  • a razor-edged eonake throwing axe - returns when thrown


  • a faenor katana – show: The katana displays the edge stippling typical of Erithi workmanship, semi-circular arcs running down the length of the blade where the hardened core transitions into the flexible edge metal. Its hilt is wrapped in intricate knotwork of braided silk cord in red and white, and the endcap bears a stylized icon depicting the head of a bull. You also notice a small enchanter’s glyph.


  • a deep golden vultite langsax – show: Thin veins of inky black streak the rich dark golden vultite in remarkably straight lines, growing only marginally wider near the base of the long and tapering blade. The guard of the sword is abbreviated, a mere jutting of smoothly-shaped metal, and is wrapped with narrow strips of age-blackened hide. Similarly stained hide winds about the hilt, baring only the gentle flare of the sword's unadorned golden vultite pommel.
  • a gleaming white steel longsword with a faintly gold-sheened blade - casts major sanctuary when raised
  • a razor-edged rolaren longsword

Main Gauche

  • a blue-tinged mithril main gauche - Traded in
  • a vultite main gauche inset with a radiant opalescent thunderstone


  • a slender silver-plated scimitar – show: A slender yet deadly work of art, this elegant scimitar is plated with silver from the flared pommel to the curved tip except for a fine-grained ebony grip. The fuller delves through elven script on the crescent-edged forte before delineating a sleek line along the back of the blade. You also notice a small enchanter's glyph.

Short Sword

  • a faintly green-tinged vultite short sword with a tapered leaf blade
  • a slender mottled blue and silver imflass baselard
  • a slender Krolvin pit slasher – show: A favorite in the Krolvin slave fighting pits, this slender weapon was designed for cramped hand-to-hand fighting. The leather-wrapped haon handle holds a two foot long blade on either side. Each blade is slightly serrated just past the handle to aid ripping flesh, while the front halves of the blades are smooth and come to a sharp, pointed end for slashing and thrusting. You also notice a small enchanter's glyph.



  • a scintillating white glaes awl-pike with a sturdy frost blue shaft
  • a translucent rainbow glaes ranseur – show: A polished shaft of honey blonde oak supports a heavy blade that glints in the light like the distilled essence of a rainbow. The sturdy wooden pole is wrapped in ribbons of pale leather, which capture the colors of the blade and provide a coarse grip, and protected at its base by a matching glaes end-cap. You also notice a small enchanter’s glyph.


  • an ornate vultite beaked axe
  • a red-flecked pale vultite jeddart-axe – show: Small flecks of bright bloody crimson stand out starkly against the pale silvery-grey vultite of the jeddart-axe’s broad curving blade. Darker inclusions mar the metal as well, clustering more densely where the blade joins the long black fel shaft. A meandering row of eahnor studs winds its way in a loose spiral down the shaft with increasingly distant spacing, ending in a squared-off cap at the lower end. You also notice a small enchanter’s glyph.
  • a regal eonake jeddart-axe – show: Wrought from some deep elven forge and inscribed with cryptic quabbals, the jeddart-axe bears the mark of the royal House of Loenthra.


  • a barbed ruby-tipped pitchfork – show: The faintest of crimson sheens glistens on the surface of the pitchfork. Each slender tine ends in a serrated ruby barb, and several wavy sigils trace a sinuous line down the dark bloodwood shaft. A larger ruby, carved to resemble a leaping flame, caps the end of the shaft. The pitchfork glows with a dim light.
  • an ebonwood-hafted trident – show: The long shaft of ebonwood is polished to lustrous black and wrapped midway along its length in emerald leather binding. The spikes of the trident are pale seafoam green, and the edges in the valleys between are shaped like cresting waves. A pale green medallion, set with square emeralds on both sides, balances the end of the trident. You also notice a small enchanter’s glyph.
  • a wickedly barbed black vultite trident veined with dusky silver


  • a small scrap of paper – read: This paper entitles the bearer to one (1) weapon fashioned of True Coraesine. The base of the weapon is also the choice of the bearer's -- though the weapon must have a bladed edge of some sort. The enchantment upon the finished weapon shall be of the fifth rank.