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Use Weapons
Bonus +15
ST/DU 15/40
Rarity Extremely Rare
Weight Modifier 100%
Primary Color Pearlescent Deep Purple
Dyeable No

The somnis alloy is more contemporary in the annals of Elanthia, arriving for sale at Trapper's Shack Bloodriven Village in the year 5123. The alloy itself is a deep, rich purple in color, with pearlescent striations throughout that carry a slightly iridescent property, causing items forged from it to naturally shimmer or glisten when the light catches them just right. The metal itself appears to be a seamless integration of iron, carbon, and some unidentifiable substance, resulting in a steel-based alloy of surprising elegance. The alloy will not accept dyes, as the surface appears to be entirely impermeable, but is easy enough to alter for those with some small talent in metalsmithing. The material itself carries with it the ability to occasionally render the target of a strike with a somnis armament comatose, plunged deeply into a sudden slumber, though it remains unclear what, exactly, about the alloy renders this effect possible.


Lesser somnis armaments have a material-based flare that will use a rather forgiving SSR roll to attempt to put the target to sleep when the flare processes.
Greater somnis armaments exist will process the same flare as lesser somnis, but will process the flare before any strike lands.

Alteration Notes

Alterations to somnis materials are able to be done as part of any GALD service, with the notable exception that the word 'greater' is not allowed to be added to any weapon which is not unlocked to allow it. Also, as noted above, somnis cannot be dyed, and should always remain a deep purple with pearlescent striations in hue (alternate wording is fine, so long as no objectively different colors are implied.) To further clarify, there is no requirement that the color (or any color) be in the description, but if any colors are used, they must remain true to the original hues.

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