Sorcerer Guild (Kharam Dzu)

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The Kharam Dzu Sorcerer Guild is located north of the alchemist shop on Citrine Street.


Drinks Food
Tumbler of cool spring water Some mud wasp pate
Mug of tart lemonade Boiled kiramon egg
Cup of red cactus tea Some dried thrak jerky
Shot of Lower Eye firebrew Strip of salted tsark
Decanter of firethorn brandy Braised lizard tongue

Guild Store

Item Price Item Price
a wavy bronze tipped hazel rod 4036 a well-tailored sable silk shirt 4485
a silver-chased open hand opal sigil 8974 a ruby-capped faewood staff 104052
an invar-tipped witchwood rod 5382 a vultite-shod enruned runestaff 107640
a brushed steel tipped ebonwood wand 2691 a flowing satin lined red silk cape 35880
a ruddy copped tipped yew wand 1794 some fitted raven casting leathers 4485
some glossy black leather boots 4485

Alchemy Store

Item Price Item Price
a black iron cauldron 10000 some powdered rock crystal 20
a mortar 4000 some powdered labradorite stone 100
a pestle 1000 some powdered green tourmaline 220
a leather tome 10000 some powdered black tourmaline 200
a flask of clear water 100 some powdered clear tourmaline 180
a flask of blessed water 100 some powdered blue tourmaline 200
a flask of pure oil 100 some powdered golden amber 300
a flask of blessed oil 100 some powdered rose quartz 160
a vial of viscous liquid 100 some powdered citrine quartz 160
a vial of sand-like liquid 100 some powdered bright chrysoberyl gem 400
a vial of pearlescent oil 100 some powdered golden topaz 1200
a vial of amber-hued oil 100 some powdered smoky topaz 1000
a diamond lens 35000 some powdered blue lapis lazuli 1200
a sapphire lens 22500 some powdered green malachite stone 1000
an emerald lens 30000 some powdered green garnet 1400
a ruby lens 30000 some powdered pink rhodochrosite stone 1000
an amethyst lens 12000 some powdered polished pink coral 700
a shadowglass lens 25000 some powdered yellow sapphire 1800
a blue mist-shrouded crystal 800 some powdered violet sapphire 2000
a jagged crimson crystal 150 some powdered star sapphire 2400
some pale translucent dust 375 some powdered green sapphire 1800
a slender white bone 1000 some powdered green starstone 2000
a handful of quartz sand 450 some powdered cats-eye moonstone 2400
a vial of concentrated firethorn essence 3000 some powdered golden moonstone 5000
a dark shadow-shrouded crystal 400 some powdered turquoise stone 800
a shining silver crystal fragment 1500 some powdered grey pearl 4000
a vial of viper venom 1100 some powdered white pearl 5000


Kharam Dzu Sorcerer Guild Map

Behind the Scenes

The "Unknown" room in the warp between the Planetarium and the Summoning Chamber is the street with the bank of The Crossing in DragonRealms. Some of its races do not exist in GemStone.

Sorcerer Guild:

The guard is a Gor'Tog, the reptiles are S'Kra Mur, and the felines are Prydaen. This would have been written before gnomes were a player race in GemStone.

The bustle of crowds making their way between secular centers of town that converge here carries people along with its momentum.  The granite and marble facade of the First Provincial Bank stands solidly, a strange-looking guard armed with pike and crossbow posted at the door.  A number of well-dressed reptiles congregate outside.  Dwarves, elves, halflings and humans move in the crowd, but there are also more snakelike creatures, gnomes and furry, catlike sorts, although no one seems to take notice.
Obvious paths: none

>look bank
There is an impressive bronze sign alongside the bank entrance, which itself is flanked by marble pillars.
The guard scratches itself idly.

>look sign
It's impressive.
There appears to be something written on it.

>read sign
In the Common language, it reads:
<--- NOW OPEN! ---> MAMAS Company brings precision to your heaving and hauling!

>look guard
The guard is tall and muscular with dark green skin covering a massive, hairless frame.  Dull dark eyes examine the passers-by carefully, and the guard radiates a sense of solidity and permanence.

>look reptile
These reptiles are well dressed, but nothing in Elanthia is like them.  They stands tall and lithe, cold skin glistening with a faint tracery of scales.  Slitted pupils slash their eyes down the middle and short tails curl restlessly behind them.


The same room as it appeared in DragonRealms in 2015.

[The Crossing, Hodierna Way]
The hustle of crowds making their way between the secular and religious centers of town that converge here carries you along with its momentum. The granite and marble facade of the First Provincial Bank catches your eye, standing before you as solid as its name. A Gor'Tog guard armed with pike and crossbow is posted at the door, while a few well-dressed merchants congregate outside. You also see a disheveled Gnome workman, a harried Gnome workman, a big orange sign with a picture of a smiling Dwarf and a large parchment.
Also here: XXXXX
Obvious paths: east, southwest, northwest.