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The SPELL verb will indicate how many spells a character knows (SPELL), which spells a character knows (SPELL ALL), and how many spells are currently on a character with durations. The third function, SPELL ACTIVE is more detailed than Elemental Detection (405), and can be used to view others' spells if their SPELL PRIVACY is set to allow sharing. SPELL will also indicate details about uses of daily cooldown spells including Miracle (350), Time Stop (550), Regeneration (1150), and Divine Word (1640).


Spell help:

    SPELL                 - Displays number of spells known by circle.
    SPELL ACTIVE {target} - Displays a list of spells currently active on your character.
                            {target} is optional and will show target's spells if specified.
    SPELL ALL             - Displays each spell known by number and name.
    SPELL SORT            - View and change your setting to sort spells and other status conditions.
    SPELL PRIVACY         - Toggle your SPELL ACTIVE {target} privacy settings.  (Currently: not sharing)


Your spell lists:
Minor Spiritual...50
Minor Elemental...72
Sorcerer Base.....172
You can view your progress towards your skill goals in the character sheet.
You can view your spells in the spells panel.

Spell all:

Minor Spiritual
      101 Spirit Warding I
      102 Spirit Barrier
      103 Spirit Defense
      104 Disease Resistance
      105 Poison Resistance
      106 Spirit Fog
      107 Spirit Warding II
      108 Stun Relief
      109 Dispel Invisibility

Minor Elemental
      401 Elemental Defense I
      402 Presence
      403 Lock Pick Enhancement
      404 Disarm Enhancement
      405 Elemental Detection
      406 Elemental Defense II
      407 Unlock

Sorcerer Base
      701 Blood Burst
      702 Mana Disruption
      703 Corrupt Essence
      704 Phase
      705 Disintegrate
      706 Mind Jolt
      707 Eye Spy
      708 Limb Disruption
      709 Quake
      710 Energy Maelstrom
      711 Pain
      712 Cloak of Shadows

Spell Active and Sort

SPELL ACTIVE shows time left on spells, armor adjustments, active society powers, ESP, MEDITATE benefits, Martial Stances, MSTRIKE cooldown, and other similar effects that have a duration. SPELL SORT can be used to force hindering effects and cooldowns to appear first or last in the SPELL ACTIVE display.

Spell active:

You currently have the following active spells:
Sign of Staunching ................. 0:06:44
712 ................................ 3:11:57
ESP ................................ 3:50:41

Spell sort

Your spell sorting setting is currently OFF.  When sorted, hindering effects will be shown LAST.
To change your setting, enter SPELL SORT ON or SPELL SORT FIRST.

Spell privacy toggles whether other players in the room can see your spell durations using SPELL ACTIVE {target}.

>spell privacy
You are now sharing spell information with other players.