Miracle (350)

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Miracle (350)
Mnemonic [MIRACLE]
Duration Instantaneous
Utility Magic  
Subtype Raise Dead 
Components your own corpse 
Availability Self-cast 
Cleric Base Spells
Prayer of Holding (301) Attack
Smite/Bane (302) Attack
Prayer of Protection (303) Defensive
Bless (304) Offensive
Preservation (305) Utility
Holy Bolt (306) Attack
Benediction (307) Defensive
Well of Life (308) Utility
Condemn (309) Attack
Warding Sphere (310) Defensive
Blind (311) Attack
Fervent Reproach (312) Attack
Prayer (313) Defensive
Relieve Burden (314) Utility
Remove Curse (315) Utility
Censure (316) Attack
Divine Fury (317) Attack
Raise Dead (318) Utility
Soul Ward (319) Defensive
Ethereal Censer (320) Attack
Holy Receptacle (325) Utility
Prayer of Communion (330) Utility
Divine Wrath (335) Attack
Symbol of the Proselyte (340) Offensive
Miracle (350) Utility

Miracle allows a cleric to BESEECH their patron deity for a miraculous raising of themself, including a powerful chrism effect to the cleric, costing 50 mana, and also creating a temporary Minor Sanctuary in the room. The same rules for creating a Minor Sanctuary apply as when casting that spell, except that the failure rate is greatly reduced by the help of the deity's spiritual servants. Training in Spiritual Lore, Summoning helps to reduce the failure rate.

Once the creation of the Minor Sanctuary is successful, the cleric is immediately brought back to life with full health and spirit, yet all wounds remain. Training in Spiritual Lore, Blessings provides a chance for a free MANA SPELLUP after the cleric is resurrected.

Another optional use of this spell is BESEECH TELEPORT. This will teleport the cleric then raise them at the realm's location where corpses end up after decaying. In order for the teleport to work, it's subject to the same restrictions as creating the minor sanctuary in the room they died in. So if there are no creatures, it's guaranteed success, but if there are a lot of creatures, it's a skill check and can fail.

This spell may only be used once per day, but training in Spiritual Lore, Religion will allow the cleric to use it more frequently. Uses reset at midnight game time (ET).

Be forewarned, mana points are not easily recovered while dead, so it may be wise to keep a reserve of mana while adventuring in especially dangerous locations. High-ranking members of the Order of Voln will find the Symbol of Mana useful, as it restores 50 mana and can be used when dead.

Note: Using the BESEECH command at any other time will not cost the cleric 50 MPs.

Lore Benefits

Spiritual Lore, Summoning

Training in Spiritual Lore, Summoning helps to reduce the failure rate of the spell.

Spiritual Lore, Blessings

Training in Spiritual Lore, Blessings provides a chance of 5% per seed 2 summation of ranks that a free MANA SPELLUP effect is placed on the cleric after resurrection.

Spiritual Lore, Blessings ranks 2 5 9 14 20 27 35 44 54 65
Chance for free MANA SPELLUP 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% 35% 40% 45% 50%
Spiritual Lore, Blessings ranks 77 90 104 119 135 152 170 189 209 230
Chance for free MANA SPELLUP 55% 60% 65% 70% 75% 80% 85% 90% 95% 100%

Spiritual Lore, Religion

Training in Spiritual Lore, Religion will grant additional daily uses of Miracle at 60, 125 and 195 ranks. For example, a Cleric with 125 ranks of Spiritual Lore, Religion can cast Miracle three times per day.

Spiritual Lore, Religion ranks 0 60 125 195
Uses per day 1 2 3 4


When casting this spell, the messaging will be different depending upon the caster's aligned deity.

Main Article
Non-aligned messaging

First Person:

You feel a tingling at the edges of your perception and the air comes alive with a feeling of raw power. You sense something greater than yourself tugging on your spirit. As the power grows in intensity, you feel it draw you closer to your lifeless body and you marvel as it ushers your spirit forward. An extremely bright nimbus floods you as your spirit sinks into your body, which begins to fill with life.

Third Person:

Tingling on every nerve, the air comes alive with a feeling of raw power. Prismatic lights play through the air and hover over the prone form of Cleric. As the power grows in intensity, the energy begins to tug and move at her clothing and the air grows warm. An extremely bright nimbus forms around her and then slowly seeps into Cleric's body.
Chrism benefit
You get an increased feeling of well being.
No more casts of Miracle available for the day
You realize you've already requested a miracle from your deity recently and you're left with nothing but a hollow hope of being saved.


2019-05-04: Added powerful chrism effect upon resurrection, changed Spiritual Lore: Blessings from chance at chrism raise to chance for free MANA SPELLUP, added BESEECH TELEPORT option.