Spike the war rat

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Spike the war rat
Storyline Bregandian War
Gender Male
Race rat
Status unknown
Relationship(s) Devestior Alasian

Spike the war rat was an NPC seen most commonly during the Bregandian War period, which was deemed a non-canon storyline for Elanthia.


You see Spike the war rat.
He appears to be a very old rat, has soft white fur, black paws from which protrude razor sharp claws, grey eyes and a long muscular tail.
He has a sparkle of intelligence in his eyes that seems to reflect great knowledge.  Quite bigger then most of the animals you have seen, you estimate him to be close to ten feet long and weighing three hundred pounds.
He is wearing a gold ring, a long pink silk scarf, a spiked collar with a tag that reads "Spike", a fluffy red cap with a small white soft ball hanging from the end.