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Warrior Access

Category: Hunting and Combat
Topic: Combat Maneuvers Discussion
Message #: 623
Author: GS4-COASE
Date: 04/09/2013 10:59 PM EDT
Subject: Combat Maneuvers Update

Monks will now have access to the Spell Parry and Spell Cleave combat maneuvers. Note that monks will need an ensorcelled/anti-magical weapon in order to parry spells, just like anyone else. Spell Cleave can be used with an ensorcelled weapon or UCS gloves. In addition, the Stance of the Mongoose has been opened up to Warriors (this was part of the earlier release, but I simply forgot to announce it).

Finally, in order to allow players to adjust to the recent extensive maneuver updates, a special CMAN FIXSKILLS option has been granted. Until May 2, 2013, all players will have one-time access to the CMAN FIXSKILLS command. This command automatically converts all unlearning CMP into available CMP, so be sure to unlearn any maneuvers you wish migrate before invoking this command.