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>prep 903
Your hands glow with power as you invoke the phrase for Minor Water...
Your spell is ready.
>cast nymph
You gesture at a sea nymph.
You hurl a stream of water at a sea nymph!
  AS: +156 vs DS: +7 with AvD: +30 + d100 roll: +77 = +256
   ... and hit for 111 points of damage!
   Massive blow to left eye sending bone back into the brain!
The sea nymph falls to the ground and dies.
Cast Roundtime 3 Seconds.

Total damage from the above attack is 111 points. Part of this is hitpoint damage (also called raw damage) and the remainder is impact critical damage. Each spell will have a critical damage type associated with it. E.g., Minor Shock (901) does lightning critical damage, Minor Acid (904) does acid critical damage.

Hitpoint damage is the product of the spell's damage factor and endroll success margin. The endroll success margin is defined as (endroll - 100). In order to cause hitpoint damage the endroll must be a minimum of 101. The critical damage can be determined by finding the value associated with the critical messaging, Massive blow to left eye sending bone back into the brain!, in the impact critical table.

Critical Damage

This is the left eye section of the impact critical table.

Rank Damage Message Status Effects Wounds
0 0 Strike catches eyebrow narrowly missing left eye! none none
1 1 Strike hits close to the left eye! none R1
2 3 Blow connects right below left eye! S1 R1
3 5 Glancing blow to left eye scratches cornea! S3 R2
4 10 Blow to the eye swells it shut! S5 R2
5 15 Blow to left eye destroys it! S10 R3
6 20 Hard strike to left eye pops it! S12 R3
7 40 Massive blow to left eye sending bone back into the brain! F R3
8 45 Poke to the left eye continues into the brain! F R3
9 50 Hard strike removes the left eye and a goodly bit of skull! F R3

From this section of the table we can see that the damage value associated with the critical messaging in the combat panel is 40. The attack is a rank 7 left eye critical which is fatal and will leave the corpse with a rank 3 eye injury (blinded left eye).

So, of the 111 total damage, 40 of it is from the eye critical injury.

Hitpoint Damage aka Raw Damage

The calculations for the remaining 71 raw damage are done as follows.


Weapon damage factor * endroll success margin = Raw damage

  • Weapon damage factor: .455 (found in the damage factor table above)
  • Endroll success margin: 156 (endroll of 256 - 100)
  • Raw damage: 71 ( .455 * 156)

Note: In order to determine which damage factor to use, you need to know the armor of the target. One way to help make this determination is to compare the AvD 30 of the target to those in the damage factor table. In the table there are two possibilities with AvD 30, cloth or leather. If we multiply the endroll success margin by both values it can be readily determined that only the cloth DF of .455 will yield the actual value of 71 hitpoints.

Total Damage

Total damage is simply the sum of raw damage + critical damage.

  • Raw damage: 71
  • Critical damage: 40
  • Total damage: 111

Now we can see that the total calculated damage of 111 equals that from the combat messaging panel, and hit for 111 points of damage!.