Stormwild Hall

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"Stormwild Hall"

Colors: crimson and ivory
Emblem: a lightning-pierced crimson rose
Slogan: "Fellowship - Mirth - Indulgence"

About Us

Stormwild Hall: If you're looking for a party, this is the place! We specialize in tea parties, garden parties, dances, pillow fights, and gaming nights. Oh and of course, our primp and paint parties where we do everyone's nails, face paint, and the like. Needless to say, there's a fair amount of booze among our food and drink.

An extravagant Hall situated on a sprawling 200-acre estate overlooking the Shining City, Stormwild Hall has always been an escape for the elven and non-elven alike to gather and exchange flirtatious looks. We offer a swimming cove where many have rendezvous for a bit of hot...spring water. Our cabana house is the perfect place to change and reapply that bit of smudged makeup. And our treehouse is simply sublime for the magely types. They can explode all sorts of potions up there!


Where did the fun begin? Well, when Ta'Illistim was just a two horse town we spent time there exploring and realized there were just no parties! So we decided to fix that. We built Stormwild Hall as an MHO with parties as its purpose. We have been hosting parties and helping the town militia over the years, and we're still standing! Our house founders were Katara Stormwild, Caro Lindor, Hypolyta Phedra, Marionetta P'Peteer-Exodorn, and Chronin Exodorn. Katara and Caro are the only remaining founders.


  • Katara Stormwild - High Lady of Stormwild
  • Jadzara - Vice President and Main Contact
  • Anjel (officer)
  • Siusan (officer)
  • Caro (officer)
  • Jozette (officer)
  • Viela (officer)
  • Kitana (officer)


Membership Qualifications: Must be breathing. There is no fee to join, but we happily accept donations. Benefits of membership, besides the obvious party perks, are access to the Hall, our supernode, our fishing area, and our enchanting workshop.


Map of Stormwild Hall's Upper Level, by Siusan Greenleaf
Map of Stormwild Hall's Ground Level, by Siusan Greenleaf