Stout hoarbeam cart

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The stout hoarbeam cart wanders around Dwarven Circle and Commerce Burrow in Icemule Trace, and is operated by a fur-garbed elderly dwarf.

An assortment of footwraps, handwraps and cloth armor are available for use with the Unarmed Combat System. Current inventory listed below.


Name Properties Price
1. some white wolf hide handwraps +0 50
2. some white wolf hide footwraps +0 150
3. some polar bear fur handwraps +0 50
4. some polar bear fur footwraps +0 150
5. some leather mithril-studded gloves +5 1500
6. some leather mithril-toed boots +5 4000
7. some gold-runed tiger skin handwraps +20 15000
8. some gold-runed tiger skin footwraps +20 45000
9. a fur-trimmed flowing white robe +0 100
10. a black-striped fitted umber vestment +0 100
11. a blue-grey woven twill vestment +0 100
12. a pale silk mithril-buckled vestment +5 2500
13. a dark silk and cloth-of-gold vestment +20 32500

Ambient Messaging

An elderly dwarf grunts and leans against his hoarbeam cart.

An elderly dwarf idly rubs his fur-garbed hands together and grunts impatiently.

An elderly dwarf remarks, "Back in the day, they called me Golarg Lightningfist."

An elderly dwarf sighs and wanders around to the other side of his hoarbeam cart.

The elderly dwarf yells, "Fur and hides made for those as fearsome as their owners were!"