Striking Point quiver

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Original release information is unknown, but these special quivers were recently available at Spitfire 2015 at Striking Point.


You analyze your nacre thigh-quiver and sense that the item is largely free from merchant alteration restrictions, but the creator has stated that "The item has restrictions on changing the noun."

The creator has also provided the following information:
This item may be altered by a talented merchant, so long as the noun remains the same.

You can try to PULL and CLENCH the thigh-quiver.  You get the sense that only items like arrows and bolts can fit into it.

Verb Traps

WEAR You wrap your nacre thigh-quiver around your thigh, fastening it securely. XXX wraps her nacre thigh-quiver around her thigh, fastening it securely.
REMOVE You unbuckle your nacre thigh-quiver and remove it from around your thigh. XXX unbuckles her nacre thigh-quiver and removes it from around her thigh.
With arrows/bolts
You adjust your nacre thigh-quiver, assuring yourself that you have ammo at the ready. XXX adjusts her nacre thigh-quiver, then glances about confidently.
With arrows/bolts
You reach for the faewood arrows in your nacre thigh-quiver, gripping the fletching tightly as you glance around. XXX reaches for the faewood arrows in her nacre thigh-quiver, gripping the fletching tightly as she glances around.