Summer Comes to Ta'Vaalor 5118-7-23 (log)

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Koaratos 23, 5118


The Argent Mirror sends a young Elemancer to Ta'Vaalor. With her is the artifact responsible for the unnatural winter storm that has lingered over the Fortress for months. She hopes to use the artifact to reverse the storm. Log provided by Avawren, all first person lines are hers. Heavily edited for brevity.


[Ta'Vaalor, King's Court]

A small cluster of trees stands near the edge of the court, providing a shady spot and a chance for a brief respite from the bustle of the city.  Several elven guards stand beneath a nearby tree, chatting quietly amongst themselves as they scan the crowded court.  You also see the Raxl disk, a crackling bonfire, a darkly stained wooden bench with some stuff on it and a wooden barrel.
Also here: Squire Legionnaire Raxl, Elemancer Zenlynn, Malriac, Jarlon who is sitting, Luisumraith, Sevinos who is sitting, Iyrandrar, Maiden Sylthana
Obvious paths: north, east, south, west

Sevinos peers quizzically at Zenlynn.

Zenlynn shows everyone her branch.

You blink.
Sylthana quietly asks, "Is that the magic branch in question?"
Speaking in Elven, you say, "Well ... it feels odd to finally see it."
You sigh.
Sevinos agrees with you.
Zenlynn says, "I have spent the past days studying with the Artificers."

You see Elemancer Zenlynn Veythorne Illistim the Dedicated of Lore.
She appears to be an Elf.
She is shorter than average.  She appears to be very young.  She has almond-shaped blue-green eyes and alabaster skin.  She has waist length, glossy copper red hair streaked with silver.  She has a dainty face, a small nose and slightly pointed ears.
She is in good shape.
She is holding a gnarled fir branch in her right hand.
She is wearing an ebon wool mantle edged with thick fur, a pale grey blouse with tiny pearl buttons, some fur-lined dark grey pants, and a pair of polished black boots.

Zenlynn says, "We think we can drive back the cold."
Zenlynn says, "But it will take so much power."
Sevinos says, "Well, now. I'm all for that."
Speaking to Zenlynn, you ask, "You have heard, I am sure, or what happened to the boy who tried to give it power?"
You frown.
Zenlynn says, "It is our thinking that if we work together channeling through this branch, we could channel enough of the opposite to balance."
Zenlynn says, "No...."
You shake your head.
Sevinos blinks at Zenlynn.
Sevinos asks, "Did they not warn you of the danger?"
Speaking to Zenlynn, you say, "As he tried to feed more and more mana into it he grew ... withdrawn. Slow."
Zenlynn says, "There is always danger when working with magic."
Zenlynn says, "I am young, but I am skilled."
Speaking to Zenlynn, you say, "The last we heard of him he claimed to be 'dead in the head', and that he could feel no mana. At all."
Zenlynn nods.
Zenlynn says, "The Mirror sent me here, and I cannot let her down."
Sevinos says, "This is the same child that caused the snow to begin with, mind you."
Zenlynn says, "We think if I have enough power to channel through the branch, We can balance out nature again."
Zenlynn says, "But, there is that chance will not work."
Speaking to Zenlynn, you say, "It is not a distrust... I apologize, I did not catch your name. Merely a worry. The boy thought it just needed more power too ..."
You shake your head.
Sevinos asks, "And what if it completely drains you, as it did the boy?"
You quietly say, "And I will never forget how cold he sounded when finally gave it up."
Zenlynn says, "I am Elemancer Zenlynn."
Zenlynn says, "Zenlynn Veythorne."
You bow your head slightly to Zenlynn as you drop into a deep, respectful curtsy before her.
Speaking quietly to Zenlynn, Sylthana asks, "What do you require to help?"
Zenlynn says, "After looking around, this will take so much power."
Speaking to Zenlynn, you say, "Avawren Fiora Nalfein, miss. I am an empath, who has spend the last few months trying ... and failing, to help the boy."
You frown.
Zenlynn says, "The poor lad."
You nod in agreement at Zenlynn.
Zenlynn says, "This place feels so wrong."
Speaking to Zenlynn, you say, "I dearly hope that perhaps by fixing this we can learn how to fix him. If we can ever find him again, that is."
Krystalena says, "Good eve to you."
Speaking to Zenlynn, Sevinos says, "I will help as well, if I can."
Zenlynn says, "Everything is out of balance here."
Orssus says, "That's because it's summer and freezing."
Krystalena agrees with Zenlynn.
Zenlynn says, "Please."
Zenlynn says, "If you have any of the smallest amount of power."
Sevinos nods at Zenlynn.
Zenlynn turns to face you.
Zenlynn turns to face Sevinos.
Krystalena nods at Zenlynn.
You nod once at Zenlynn.
Zenlynn turns to face Jarlon.
Zenlynn says, "You three hold on to me."
Zenlynn says, "And the others."
Zenlynn says, "Hold to them."

[everyone begins to join Zenlynn's group]

Zenlynn says, "And we will make a great wheel."
Orssus says, "I don't know spells, but I can control my small amount of mana."
Zenlynn says, "With enough power."
Zenlynn frowns at a gnarled fir branch.

King Qalinor just arrived.

Krystalena snaps to attention and crisply strikes her chest with a closed fist in a display of respect to Qalinor.
Zenlynn says, "Artificers, I hope you are right."
Nihrvanah snaps to attention and crisply strikes her chest with a closed fist in a display of respect to Qalinor.
Zenlynn says, "Oh my, we need more."
Speaking to Zenlynn, Qalinor says, "Ah, good you have come.  Myasara..."
Qalinor coughs.
With a graceful movement of her hands, Lynaera lowers her head and sinks into a formal curtsy before Qalinor.
Zenlynn bows to Qalinor.
Speaking to Zenlynn, Qalinor says, "The Mirror, said you were on your way."
Zenlynn says, "The Argent Mirror sent for me."
Qalinor says, "At ease."
Nihrvanah falls back into a relaxed, neutral stance.

You see King Qalinor the Sovereign Commander of the Crimson Legion.
He appears to be a Vaalor Elf.
He is tall.  He appears to be in the prime of life.  He has dark-rimmed green eyes and fair skin.  He has very short, amber hair.  He has a classical nose and narrow pointed ears.
He is in good shape.
He is holding a stein of dark ale in his right hand.
He is wearing a simple electrum circlet, a dark crimson jacket with a golden wyvern embroidered on the left breast, a dark gold wool capelet, an eahnor wyvern badge, a crisp golden silk shirt with crimson blazestar cufflinks, a gold-bound crimson silk scabbard decorated with a ferocious eahnor wyvern, a pair of dark crimson slacks with a gold stripe down each leg, and a pair of dark leather boots cuffed at the knee.

Qalinor nods once.
Zenlynn says, "'I have been studying your branch."
Speaking to Zenlynn, Qalinor asks, "You believe you can set things right?"
Zenlynn says, "Please join hands around me and to me, so we make a large wheel."
Speaking to Qalinor, Zenlynn says, "Yes your Majesty."
Zenlynn says, "But it will take more power than I think we can even imagine."
Zenlynn says, "And control."
You glance about with a look of concern on your face.
Zenlynn says, "We do not want to flip the power."
Speaking to Zenlynn, Qalinor says, "Whatever aid you require, we will give if we have it."
Zenlynn says, "Just balance."
Qalinor nods at Zenlynn.
(Nihrvanah nestles herself between Zenlynn and Raxl and cautiously joins hands with them.)
Speaking in Elven, Nihrvanah asks, "Like... this?"
Zenlynn nods.
Zenlynn says, "Yes."
(Avawren steps forward and takes Zenlynn's other hand hand, giving a slight frown.)
Zenlynn nods.
Zenlynn says, "I am going to try and balance the elements."
(Krystalena joins the others in the circle.)
Speaking in Elven, Lynaera asks, "Should only casting folk join this circle?"
Zenlynn says, "The power the branch gives should be enough."
Zenlynn says, "If you have any mana please join."
Zenlynn says, "Those who can channel to me should, and those who cannot, I think we can pull from you."
You nod once at Zenlynn.

Zenlynn gently rubs the branch in her hands.

Zenlynn says, "I have never touched something as powerful as this..."
Nihrvanah says, "I can accept mental mana to channel as elemental if there are monks among us."
Zenlynn closes her eyes for a moment.
Nihrvanah says, "If you are in Sunfist, I would suggest sigil of concentration."

The sky is filled with a blanket of low clouds, pale and unmoving.  Sounds seem muffled and the air feels thick and takes on a quiet stillness.

[Everyone begins sending mana to Zenlynn]

Zenlynn says, "Please continue until we have results.... hopefully good ones."
Zenlynn frets.
Zenlynn gazes up into the heavens.
You frown.
Nihrvanah says, "Again, I can accept mental mana to channel as elemental if any train in that."
Qalinor says, "If you pray to any Arkati, now might be an appropriate time."

[So much mana sending]

Qalinor coughs.
Zenlynn gently raises the branch between her two hands.
Zenlynn takes a deep breath.
Sevinos gazes in wonder at his surroundings.
(Krystalena looks up offering silent words.)
Zenlynn says, "Please join us and send your power to help."

[Bolts of energy and slightly drained looks everywhere]

Zenlynn says, "Tonight we push back the winter."
Zenlynn says, "I hope."

Soft vibrations begin to pulse in the stones beneath your feet.

Jarlon continues to beseech the gods for mercy and guidance.
Nihrvanah looks over at Krystalena and shakes her head.
Lynaera glances down.
Lynaera checks her footing.

Zenlynn raises the branch higher.

Zenlynn keeps her eyes closed and a glow of power moves through her arms and into the branch.

Lessalyn's face turns slightly pale.
(Avawren tightens her hold on those next to her, murmuring a prayer under her breath.)
Zenlynn says, "More...."

[More mana sending]

A low hum fills your ears as a palpable energy charges the air, causing your hair to stand on end.

Krystalena says, "I can take spirit and send elemental somewhat."

You nod at Krystalena.

Zenlynn the branch begins to glow, her hands illuminated by its power.

Zenlynn shakes as heat begins to radiate from the branch and fan out through those connected.

[Yes, more mana sending]

Zenlynn trembles.

Brilliant hues of orange, red, and subdued pink flash across the violent clouds, seeming to encase them in their fiery grasp.

Zenlynn says, "More."
Krystalena says, "Join Elemancer Zenlynn and send mana please."

Zenlynn her body shakes and trembles as the power flows.

(Nihrvanah tilts her head up and marvels at the beautiful colors.)
Krystalena says, "If you can't send spirit mana as elemental, send the mana to me.  I can send it."

The air begins to heat as the snow slowly melts.

You pant, trying to catch your breath.
(Lynaera steadies those standing by her.)
Nihrvanah says, "I can accept mental mana and convert it to elemental to send as well."

The halo of power begins to spread through the court.

Krystalena says, "If you have elemental, send it to Zenlynn."

Fire fills the sky as you recoil from the heat emanating from Zenlynn's branch.

Ysaeril gazes up into the heavens.
Skystriker gazes up into the sky.
Lynaera gazes up into the sky.
You frown.
Siierra gazes up into the heavens.
Lessalyn gazes up into the heavens.
Krystalena exclaims, "Go, Zenlynn, go!"

The temperature of the air begins to climb hotter warming the whole court.

[Everyone continues to send mana to Zenlynn, or to those who can convert non-elemental for them]

Zenlynn exclaims, "I.... I can't!"
Nihrvanah encouragingly exclaims, "You can!"
Siierra nods encouragingly at Zenlynn.
You exclaim, "You absolutely must!"
Krystalena exclaims, "Yes, you can!"
Krystalena exclaims, "You can do it!"
Zenlynn exclaims, "The power!"
Lessalyn agrees with Krystalena.
Speaking to Zenlynn, Lynaera exclaims, "Be strong. You can do it!"
Speaking in Elven, Ysaeril lightly murmurs, "Concentrate."
Skyssriker nods encouragingly at Zenlynn.

Speaking in Elven, Siierra softly says, "You can do it."

The temperature spikes as beads of sweat roll unhindered down your body.

Sevinos exclaims, "You were chosen just for this, you can do it!"
You pant.
Skystriker shivers.

The branch shakes and trembles raising up above Zenlynn until she is barely touching it.

Zenlynn exclaims, "Its too hot!"
Lessalyn begins to twitch.
Skystriker shudders.
Ysaeril gazes up into the heavens.
Jarlon exclaims, "Ae, though the light mae burn us, let it forge your resolve into steel!"
Cigger wipes the sweat from his brow.
Sevinos fidgets.
Nyaranya fans her emerald green wings at Zenlynn, visibly stirring the air about her.

The air becomes to hot to breath scorching your lungs.

Jarlon exclaims, "Become unbreakable!"
Zenlynn exclaims, "Balance!"

[Mana flies from person to person]

Fierce winds blast forth from the branch in Zendlynn's hands, racing upward to join the churning mass above.

Ysaeril clasps her hand over her mouth.
Skystriker leans forward.
Nihrvanah whispers aloud, "You've got this."
Zenlynn exclaims, "No! Balance, too hot!"

Zenlynn screams as she tries to pull power back from the branch.  Her face wrinkled in concentration.

Pushed into a churning maelstrom by the winds, the once threatening clouds begin to swirl in an increacing vortex.

Zenlynn says, "Too much power....."
Ysaeril looks at Zenlynn with concern.
Speaking to Zenlynn, Nihrvanah exclaims, "FOCUS!"
Cigger says, "The king is not in the group."
You frown at Zenlynn.
Speaking to Zenlynn, Krystalena says, "Deep breaths.  You can do this."
Skystriker shudders.

Vibrant blue lightning begins to crackle across the sky.

Speaking in Elven, Ysaeril lightly murmurs, "Easy now..."

The branch trembles in Zenlynn's hands as the heat subsides.  The air cooling.

Sevinos gazes up into the heavens.
Speaking to Cigger, Qalinor says, "I'm useless in this.  Should I be allowed to slay it with a blade, I would be there instantly."
Krystalena says, "We don't need our Sovereign blowing up trying to do this."
Lessalyn agrees with Krystalena.
Krystalena says, "That's what we're for."
Krystalena grins.

The vibrant blue lightning crawls across the enormous grey-white clouds above.  With each wave of light the clouds density seems to get thinner.

Speaking to Zenlynn, you say, "You have this."
Nihrvanah gazes up into the heavens.
Jarlon exclaims, "Do ya see all this, then?!"
Speaking to Krystalena, Qalinor says, "I suffer with my people, the good and the bad alike."
Sevinos says, "Just a little more. You're doing it."
Speaking to Qalinor, Krystalena says, "If you blew up with Reservist around, we'd never hear the end of it."

The wave of golden light settles over the land, hovering as the cold begins to disappear.

Speaking in Elven, Ysaeril carefully says, "Nearly there it seems."
Zenlynn exclaims, "More, now!"

[Mana continues to flow]

Speaking to Qalinor, Krystalena says, "Your presence gives us courage."

Zenlynn raises the branch as high as she can.

Dannia quietly says, "Anything I can do to help? I can't send anything..not magical at all."
Speaking to Dannia, you exclaim, "Find a hand and grab it!"
Zenlynn exclaims, "Now! Balance! Let the lands return and nature be balanced!"
Speaking to Dannia, Jarlon says, "Pray, Lass. The gods be listenin' today."

Encased in fiery glow, the lightning arcs deeper into the heart of the maelstrom.  An eerie silence falls across the land and time seems to halt its inevitable pace as the storm is caught between furious, pulsating life and a thrashing, wailing death.  Time jumps forward, startling you from your awe as the clouds above explode in overwhelming brilliance, and the first rays of summer sun fall once again upon the lands through the tattered remnants of the storm.

The branch in Zynlynn's hands, crumbles to charred ash.

Zenlynn falls over.

Ysaeril suddenly stumbles for no apparent reason.
Nihrvanah tilts her head down.
You snuffle and gasp, making an enormous production out of simply breathing.
Lynaera gazes up into the sky.
Speaking to Dannia, Qalinor says, "You can provide moral support as I am."
Sevinos gasps.
Ysaeril gazes up into the heavens.
Qalinor grins.

Zenlynn falls over, her eyes rolling up and then closing.

Dannia nods at Qalinor.
Jarlon applauds.
Dannia quietly says, "That I'm pretty good at."
Dannia smiles.
Siierra gasps.
Siierra walks toward Zenlynn.
Siierra kneels down.
Sevinos asks, "Someone, check on the Elemancer?"
Alastir says, "Zenlynn may need an empath."
Speaking to Krystalena, Nihrvanah says, "Check on the Elemancer."
Speaking in Elven, Ysaeril says, "It seemed to work! For a moment."
Krystalena kneels down.
(Krystalena takes Zenlynn's hand and gently rubs it.)
Speaking to Zenlynn, Krystalena says, "You did great."
Speaking to Krystalena, Nihrvanah whispers aloud, "Is she breathing?"
Lynaera observes, "The branch was reduced to ash."
Krystalena says, "She appears to be exhausted."

(Krystalena examines Zenlynn closely.)

Qalinor says, "Let me send for the royal healers.  She has earned at least that much from us."

Zenlynn looks pale, her eyes closed and body unmoving.  Her hands are covered with burns and black char.

Nihrvanah glances over at Zenlynn and winces.
(Krystalena closely examines Zenlynn's hands.)
Nihrvanah murmurs, "She is going to certainly need a bit of help for her hands."
Krystalena says, "Indeed."

With a startled look, a nearby soldier sprints towards Guardian Keep, chagrined that he was slow to his Sovereign's command.

Ysaeril glances north.
Speaking in Elven, Ysaeril uncertainly says, "Oh my."
You say, "Hands can heal, I pray that that thing didn't do to her what it did to the boy."
(Krystalena places her hand on Zenlynn's forehead then cheek.)
Krystalena says, "She's cool.  She needs attention that we cannot give."

A small group of crimson robed individuals enters, directing a bandon of legionnaires.  "Lift her gently, and transport her to Guardian Keep.  She is breathing but needs care immediately," one intones.

Krystalena stands up.
Krystalena nods.
Krystalena says, "Be careful of her hands."
Speaking in Elven, Ysaeril lightly says, "I would like to accompany  Zenlynn if I may for a time."

Without a word, the legionnaires surround Zynlynn and gently lift her unmoving body.  At a nod from their Sovereign, and the barked commands of a healer, they march double time to the north.

You slowly and deliberately empty your filled lungs.
Ysaeril touches one finger to her lips.
Krystalena glances north.
Krystalena bites her lip.
Speaking to Ysaeril, Qalinor says, "Perhaps when she is recovered, she will speak.  For now let us allow the healers their space."
Nihrvanah nods in agreement at Qalinor.
Ysaeril furrows her brow.
Ysaeril wrings her hands.
You quietly whisper to Krystalena, "Did you feel anything unusual from her?"
Speaking to Ysaeril, Qalinor says, "I am sure there is much to learn from her.  We are indebted for her service."
Krystalena says, "This makes me want to study more.  Get better at healing such things."
Alastir says, "I would suggest having wizard assist the empaths, they may need to recharge her powers, so to speak."
Speaking in Elven, Ysaeril slowly says, "I must trust you will take care of her then.  It's not her learning I am after at this moment, only her wellbeing."
Ysaeril places a hand over her heart.
Krystalena whispers, "Just that she was cool."
Speaking to Ysaeril, Qalinor says, "As are we all."
Orssus asks, "Would she be able to eat manna bread?"
Speaking to Orssus, Qalinor says, "You're asking an old warrior."
Qalinor starts chortling.
Orssus says, "So long as she doesn't choke."
Orssus chuckles.
Qalinor says, "I'm sure she could, though if it would be beneficial is another question all together."
Krystalena exclaims, "The lake!"
Nihrvanah says, "If anything, I'm sure they can mush it down with water."
Speaking to Orssus, Krystalena says, "There are potions that would work far better."
Speaking to Krystalena, Qalinor says, "Would you send a Squire to check please.  I would expect it to beging thawing if this worked."
Speaking to Raxl, Krystalena says, "Please go check the status of the lake."
Speaking in Elven to Krystalena, Raxl says, "On my way."
Squire Legionnaire Raxl just went west.
Orssus says, "If it melted, hopefully no one was actively walking across it."
Qalinor agrees with Orssus.
Krystalena says, "Squire Raxl reports the lake is still frozen."
Dannia quietly says, "It seems unlikely to have melted while it is still snowing, though."
You ask, "Does everyone else feel well? No ill effects from the draw of the stick?"
Speaking to Orssus, Qalinor says, "If Zynlynn was successful, I would expect it to take some time."
Sevinos looks over at you and shakes his head.
Speaking to you, Qalinor says, "I felt nothing, but then again my connection to the flows of magic is tenuous at best."
Orssus says, "I suppose it would have to be a violent release of manna out on the lake to instantly reverse what happened in the first place."
You nod respectfully at Qalinor.
Qalinor nods at Orssus.
Speaking to Qalinor, you say, "I am certain the Legionnaires are happy to hear that."
Sevinos agrees with you.
Speaking to Orssus, Qalinor says, "Much like what I understand happened in the beginning."
Nihrvanah nods in agreement to you.
Krystalena says, "With the lightning, I was hoping a blast of it hit the lake."
Ysaeril lightly says, "It typically takes several weeks for ice to thaw under normal conditions."
Speaking to you, Qalinor says, "Perhaps the only time a lack of magic is beneficial."
Qalinor winks at you.
Sevinos says, "The child was on the lake when he first caused the freeze, was he not? That could explain the more dramatic effect that time."
You say, "Well ... that half of us here are not comatose puts one of my worries to rest."
Speaking to Dannia, Qalinor asks, "How do you feel?"
You slowly and deliberately empty your filled lungs.
Qalinor nods at Sevinos.
Speaking to Sevinos, Qalinor says, "From what has been reported to me, he was below decks on the ferry."
Speaking quietly to Qalinor, Dannia says, "Unaffected, Sir."
Speaking to Sevinos, you say, "He was ... trying to cool everyone off in the warm day."
Speaking to Dannia, Qalinor says, "Wonderful."
You frown.
Aqt says, "The initial weather changes seemed gradual. Perhaps this is a problem that cannot be solved in one swoop."
Ysaeril lightly says, "Swift and sudden changes in climate can have quite...unexpected consequences."
Lynaera asks, "If that is so...We'd need to do the ritual more than once?"
Sevinos says, "The stick was destroyed."
Krystalena says, "The stick crumbled."
Lynaera says, "Exactly."
Lynaera nods absently.

A crimson robed figure approaches Qalinor and bows before speaking, "The elemancer has survived.  She is weak and as yet unable to speak but lives.  She will be unavailable for some time as we determine what effects the large amounts of mana may have had on her."  With another bow, the figure retreats to the north again.

Alastir says, "I feel Zenlynn was able to break the storm cycle, although it may linger for a time."
Speaking to Ysaeril, Qalinor says, "That is one reason the elemancer sought balance, and not simply the dissolution of the storms."
Ziria says, "That is a relief."
Nihrvanah says, "I am sure it will take some time for it all to... cede... but at least... at least... the worst is over."
Kiryna says, "I hope the effects are minimal."
Speaking in Elven, Ysaeril graciously says, "Yes, indeed."
Lynaera says, "Still, if everything was reversed quickly...All of the snowmelt would wash away the walls."
Speaking in Elven to Krystalena, Raxl reports, "I stepped out on to the lake a bit and it still seems pretty hard."
Speaking to Lynaera, Jarlon says, "Aye. There'd be flooding."
Speaking to Lynaera, Qalinor says, "That is a concern as well.  Even at a gradual pace, the amount of snowmelt may be an issue."
Speaking to Raxl, Krystalena says, "It was being discussed that it'll likely take time for it to melt."
Speaking to Lynaera, Qalinor says, "Crews will begin sandbagging the bridges once we know the storm is over."
Krystalena says, "Once it comes loose from the shore, the wind will push the ice around and break it up quickly."
Lynaera nods at Qalinor.
Qalinor agrees with Krystalena.
Sevinos says, "The best excuse for menial labor I've heard in some time, Sir."
Ysaeril lightly offers, "Ice can have disastrous effects on structures near shorelines.  I would recommend fortification before the ice moves."
Ysaeril smiles politely.
You quietly say, "And perhaps we can put the rowers to proper rest now."
Lynaera nods somberly to you.
Qalinor nods to you.
Speaking to you, Qalinor says, "We have already constructed a new ferry.  Once the lake is free of ice, it will replace the lost one."
Orssus asks, "Is the old Ferry Captain fit for duty?"
Speaking to you, Qalinor says, "After all of the facts have come to light, I have approved the Captain resuming his position."
Qalinor nods at Orssus.
Speaking to Qalinor, Nihrvanah asks, "That is a relief to hear.  Has it a name yet?"
Alastir says, "Perhaps you could find some stronger rowers for this new ferry."
Qalinor says, "He has recovered and now that we are aware that he was caught in a magical blast.  He has been cleared of all blame."
Qalinor nods at Alastir.
You quietly say, "Being able to travel to Ta'Illistim without slipping and falling on my behind will be nice ..."
Speaking to Qalinor, Delsa asks, "What of the sylvan boy, any word on him?"
Speaking to Alastir, Qalinor says, "We will have to hire a crew, unfortunately."
Speaking to Qalinor, Alastir says, "I hear Giantmen are cheap, and should be well suited for the job."
Krystalena says, "I hope the captain doesn't have any ill effects emotionally when he approaches the lake.  What happened to him can leave lasting scars."
Speaking to Delsa, Qalinor says, "None since the night he last made contact with Anarquendi and Legionnaire Nihrvanah."
Speaking to Delsa, Sevinos says, "He was... damaged. Badly. By trying to do what we all just did."
Speaking to Krystalena, Qalinor says, "We will have to watch him closely."
Speaking to Krystalena, Qalinor says, "That is a valid concern."
Krystalena agrees with Qalinor.
You quietly say, "... I am disappointed that Anarquendi wasn't here to see this."
You sigh.
Gweg asks, "Did that thing living in the lake die, since it was frozen?"
Speaking to Gweg, Krystalena says, "You can see it move under the ice occasionally."
Speaking to Delsa, Nihrvanah says, "He was last seen... seen being a term used very loosely, the evening we obtained the stick from him. He would not allow us to help him and he was injured in a manner that cut him off from his mana entirely... we suspect at this point he is no longer among the living."
Speaking to Gweg, Qalinor says, "That is unknown. The ice is thick, but I doubt it is frozen solid."
Orssus says, "I do not believe the thing in the lake is dead."
Gweg says, "That is one tough critter."
You glance at Nihrvanah.
Speaking to Gweg, Qalinor says, "Perhaps we will have to hunt it down some day."
Qalinor shrugs.
Speaking to Nihrvanah, you say, "I very much hope that that assumption is wrong...
Gweg laughs!
Lynaera says, "If it were slain, it would not be the Lake of Fear, though."
Gweg exclaims, "That would be an amazing adventure!"
Speaking to Qalinor, Orssus says, "Or employ it into the Vaalorian Navy."
Speaking to you, Nihrvanah says, "Whether it is or not does not change the fact that he refused our aid."
Qalinor grins at Orssus.
Speaking to Orssus, Qalinor says, "Suggestion noted."
Krystalena says, "Put some sort of basket on the back of it and have it be the new ferry.  It might work for fish."
Orssus says, "With the right animal handling, who knows."
Orssus chuckles.
Speaking to Jarlon, Qalinor says, "If you think the lake monster sounds interesting, you might pray to whatever gods you do that the lake doesn't flood downriver."
Qalinor smiles.
Krystalena says, "Lake monster in the river...could be interesting."
Qalinor agrees with Krystalena.
Speaking to Krystalena, Qalinor says, "I'm not sure interesting is the word I would use, but we can go with that for now."
Krystalena grins at Qalinor.
Speaking hopefully to Lynaera, you ask, "Perhaps we can finally bring out the summer wardrobes now?"
Lynaera grins at you.
Speaking to you, Lynaera says, "I like the way you think."
Speaking to Qalinor, Krystalena says, "And if possible, please keep us updated on Zenlynn."
Speaking in Elven, Ysaeril politely requests, "If word could please be sent across the lake once Zenlynn awakes, I would be most appreciative."
Orssus says, "I'm just glad we didn't set fire to the sky."