TINKER (verb)

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The TINKER verb is used to tinker with a character's appearance or and item.


General verb help information
>help tinker

Usage:     TINKER     TINKER {self}     TINKER {target}

>verb info tinker Verb information for verb "TINKER":

People targets: STANDARD - You tinker with (target's) appearance. FOREST GNOME - Noticing a tiny, stray twig on (target's) leg, you reach                        over and remove it, flicking it into the distance. GNOMES - You sneak closer to (target) and tinker with a few of his things.

Self target: STANDARD - You tinker with your appearance. GNOMES - You methodically tinker with each one of your belongings.

Object targets: STANDARD - You try to tinker with your (item). FOREST GNOME  (Foraged/Herbs)   WITH EMPTY HAND - Tracing the (item's) form with your fingertip, you study it scrupulously                        hoping to deduce pertinent information regarding its origin.   WITH ITEM IN HAND - You meticulously inspectthe (item) in an attempt to discern and                        understand its ecological intricacies. BURGHAL GNOME   (metal)   WITH EMPTY HAND - You carefully tinker with (item), working to improve it.   WITH ITEM IN HAND - You carefully tinker with your (item), working to improve it.

No target: STANDARD - You look for something to tinker with. FOREST GNOME - You ponder on the philosophical aspects of your environment and                        consider the potential ecological consequences of your surroundings. GNOMES - You search for something worth tinkering with.

NOTE: ONLY first person messaging is listed unless it differs substantially from other versions. Wedding messaging will only work with your spouse, all other targets default to standard messaging. Messaging without an option shown applies to all options. Special scripts and areas may override listed messaging.

TINKER output (non-gnome character)

>tinker backpack
You look for something to tinker with.

>tinker brush
You try to tinker with your fel rune brush.

>tinker scarf
You try to tinker with your black silk scarf.