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Linsandrych's Legacy: A Detailed Examination of the Dynastic Argent Mirrors and Their Contributions to Illistimi Society With Notes On Selected Post-Lanenreat Figures is an Official GemStone IV Document, and it is protected from editing.

Linsandrych's Legacy: A Detailed Examination of the Dynastic Argent Mirrors and Their Contributions to Illistimi Society With Notes On Selected Post-Lanenreat Figures

Compiled by Hiraani Gael Illistim, Chief Scholar of House Illistim
20 Koaratos in the year 5110

Modern Era

This document is intended as a discourse on the extended reigns of the women and men who comprised the dynastic monarchial lineage of House Illistim. Following the dissolution of Linsandrych Illistim's line in 33922, the time of multi-thousand year hereditary reigns ended, replaced by the practice of elevation to the monarchy via selection by the Council of Thrones. The typical reign of a given Illistim monarch dropped to approximately 250 years. From 33922 to the present, over 80 different elves have held the Peacock Throne and sat as Illistim's Argent Mirror.

Of the post-Lanenreat Argents, only those whose actions or historical time periods are considered critical to Elanthian development are discussed within this text. The interested scholar is encouraged to reference Meachreasim's, "Late Illistim History," and Maraellynde's, "Non-Dynastic Argent Mirrors: Their Influences and Impacts," for greater coverage on the lives of the post-dynastic monarchs.

Within this document, dates are set from Year 0, the founding of Ta'Illistim. Year 0 is equivalent to -49,107 in the Common calendar. Therefore, at the time of this writing, the year is 54217 Illistim or 5110 Common.

Linsandrych (The Founder)

Place of birth unknown, date of birth unknown. Reigned 3212 years.
Second daughter of Palioandrych Illistim and Heslyn Illistim.
Two daughters.
Date of death unknown, presumed 3212.

Linsandrych established the Library Aies, laying the first cornerstone herself, and built the first iteration of Illistim Keep. These two buildings, after the arrival of the Chroniclers, became Ta'Illistim. Though 3212 is given as the official date for the end of her reign, Linsandrych's actual date of death is unknown. In 3212, following what some sources call the death of her husband and others the death of a lover, Linsandrych left Ta'Illistim, disappearing into the world. No concrete evidence of where she went or when she passed exists, though rumored sightings of an aged and sorrowed elf, traveling alone and possessionless, fuel stories of her travels that persist to this day.

Several locations in the Elven Nations bear Linsandrych's name, including the Commons in Cysaegir and a district in Ta'Illistim, where her reverential shrine is located.


Born Ta'Illistim, 1967. Reigned 1897 years.
First daughter of Linsandrych Illistim.
Left no issue.

Valastiel took up the mantle of Argent Mirror following the disappearance of her mother in 3212. She was very much her mother's child, though she was often said to have preferred the company of a good book to that of a living companion. Her personal diaries were long stored in the Library Aies, but were lost during the Undead War with Despana.


Born Ta'Illistim, 3210. Reigned 1980 years.
Second daughter of Linsandrych Illistim, patrimony in question.
Two daughters.

Though she was the daughter of Linsandrych, Ananaon never knew her mother. She was raised by her older sister Valastiel following her mother's disappearance and presumed death. Her reign was quiet and undistinguished.


Born Ta'Illistim, 5876. Reigned 2589 years.
Second daughter of Ananaon.
One son.

The second daughter of Ananaon, Adonethwen is known primarily for the poetry she left behind. Her favored form was the sestina. She had no daughters, and when it became apparent none were forthcoming, she passed the throne to her only son. Historical accounts indicate that she intended to effectively co-rule with him, but at some point early in the endeavor the attempt was scrapped. Adonethwen is mentioned in the accounts of the Lorekeepers as being a member of that organization after her abdication.

Celemerun (The Beautiful, The Lame)

Born Ta'Illistim, 8833. Reigned 1535 years.
Only son of Adonethwen.
One daughter, one son.

As the first male ruler among the Illistim, Celemerun spent the early years of his reign alternately playing up and fighting against his image as a flirtatious, headstrong golden-boy. Following a riding accident that left him partially paralyzed, his attitude became more sober. His later years were spent focused on shoring up relations between the various elven houses, which he did with some success. Ultimately, historical scholarship has been kinder to Celemerun than his contemporaries were, viewing his playboy years as not truly indicative of the person and ruler he came to be.


Born Ta'Illistim, date unknown. Reigned 2041 years.
Only daughter of Celemerun.
One daughter.

Atilsaah was a late-born child in her father's reign, born well after his famous injuries and change in personality. Known to be a quiet, bookish child, she was nonetheless accomplished at the nuances of statecraft and left the Illistimi city-state wealthier and more secure than she found it. Following her time as Argent Mirror, Atilsaah spent many years in Ta'Loenthra.


Born Ta'Illistim, date unknown. Duration of reign unknown.
Only daughter of Atilsaah.
One daughter.

Little is known of Nionien. Her one noted accomplishment is the construction of BriarStone Keep, to which she moved the royal household.

Ainlinnima (The BriarStone)

Born Ta'Illistim, 14429. Reigned 2109 years.
Only daughter of Nionien.
Two daughters.

Ainlinnima's mother was the Argent Mirror Nionien, but her father was an established merchant out of the Veythorne family. Her focus on the economy of Ta'Illistim, and of establishing BriarStone Court as a high-end trade district within the city, are often attributed to his influence. Despite calls to move the royal household out of BriarStone Keep and away from the influence of business affairs, Ainlinnima maintained the household begun by her mother and raised the next Argent Mirror there.


Born Ta'Illistim, 17847. Reigned 616 years.
First daughter of Ainlinnima.
Left no issue.

Contemporary sources indicate that Venteliel was an immensely popular Argent Mirror, though this seems to be largely because of her predilection for giving away large sums of silver to charities, the poor and the various artistic foundations that sprung up during her reign. Her personality itself is not readily apparent in the historical record, though hints here and there indicate that she was prone to fits of alternating depression and mania, which often left her indisposed to rule.


Born Ta'Illistim, 18012. Reigned 1 year.
Second daughter of Ainlinnima.
Left no issue.
Died Ta'Illistim, 19110, aged 1098 years.

Filostya died only a year into her reign, under mysterious circumstances. The subsequent confusion of who would rule after her death, as she had no children and no siblings, led in part to the formation of the group that would evolve over the years into the Council of Thrones. Calls to perform magical questionings of Filostya's memorial tree, in the hopes of determining the exact cause of her death, have consistently been opposed by the Council of Thrones.


Born Ta'Illistim, 18321. Reigned 1957 years.
One daughter.

Analadhia's ascension to the Peacock Throne was contested by many at the time, as her familial ties to Linsandrych Illistim's line were of blood, but illegitimate and, as one scholar put it, "messy." Her connection to the royal family can be traced back to Argent Mirror Celemerun, who prior to his own time in power fathered a son by his first cousin. The bastard child was fostered in Ta'Loenthra, but after Celemerun's death came back to Ta'Illistim, where subsequent generations lived as known, but distant, royal relations. It was the decision of a council of august leaders in Ta'Illistim that elevated Analadhia, setting a precedent that would become more important in later years.


Born Ta'Illistim, 19851. Reigned 2721 years.
Only daughter of Analadhia.
One son.

The reign of Argent Mirror Cafainiel is notable for a brief schism between House Illistim and House Loenthra, a schism which drew the other elven houses into the conflict, pitting them diplomatically and financially against one another. The disagreement between Cafainiel and her Loenthran counterpart, Siskania, arose over the latter's insistence that Ta'Illistim owed Ta'Loenthra for providing a residence for Cafainiel's long-distant relations, who lived there temporarily in a fosterage arrangement. Cafainiel regarded this demand as petty and unsubstantiated, and publicly denounced Siskania as a money-grubber and a human-lover. In response, Ta'Loenthra began taxing the goods of Illistimi traveling merchants, Ta'Illistim banned the import of Loenthran products, the other houses jumped in to take sides and ultimately, a small sum was quietly paid out in patronage to Siskania's favorite bardic association, at which point the feud dissipated. At the time of the payout a prominent writer called for, "a council to manage these quarrelsome thrones, and the quarrelsome children atop them." The unofficial advisors to Argent Mirror Cafainiel denounced the writer, but his words stuck, shorted to, "a Council of Thrones."


Born Ta'Illistim, 22573. Reigned 57 years.
Only son of Cafainiel.
Three daughters.

Elmelan married a Vaalorian noble, Sinlycha, in the first wedding of an enthroned Argent Mirror to a foreigner. Rumors at the time indicated that the marriage might be because of Ta'Illistim's need for an alliance with Sinlycha's family, who produced arms for House Vaalor, though the marriage was lasting. It is unknown what role the nascent Council of Thrones played in the marriage, though notably none of Elmelan's advisors, or any of the prominent politicians of the day, opposed the match.

Lahrair (The Child Argent)

Born Ta'Illistim, 23809. Reigned 1610 years.
Second daughter of Elmelan.
One daughter.

Lahrair was only a child when she ascended to the Peacock Throne, and details of who controlled the government in her minority are nonexistent. Almost all records from that period are incomplete, to the extent that the Library Aies has declared the removal of records, "Undoubtably with purpose and possibly maliciously so." Historical accounts resume in Lahrair's early adulthood, when calls for Lahrair to make her mandatory service in the Vaalorian military, as she was Vaalorian on her mother's side, were dismissed by the Council of Thrones. In lieu of that service, Lahrair sent a legion of her troops in her place. This group, part of the Vaalorian army and yet set apart from it, evolved into the organization known as the Sabrar.

Lilorandrych (Linsandrych Come Again, The Reborn Founder, Illistim's Golden Mirror)

Born Ta'Illistim, 24473. Reigned 3589 years.
Only daughter of Lahrair.
One daughter.

Lilorandrych is considered one of the greatest minds of elvenkind. She reigned over a golden age of Illistimi prosperity and peace, notable for its advancements in art, literature, magic and the alchemical sciences. Under guidance the Library Aies tripled in size and the first Ta'Illistim Exhibition was held, allowing foreigners a rare glimpse at the wonders of the city-state. Lilorandrych's only notable failing was in providing a worthy heir to the throne. Her daughter Tenesi, grandson Nimyaion and granddaughter Lanenreat are regarded as weak and ineffectual rulers, who ultimately brought about the end of their line. Debate continues as to what fault lies with Lilorandrych in the decline of the bloodline.

Those who wish a more complete study of the life of Lilorandrych are recommended to read, "A Life of Service," while a contrast with the Illistim house founder may be found in, "Linsandrych and Lilorandrych: Two Faces of the Mirror."


Born Ta'Illistim, 27390. Reigned 2055 years.
Only daughter of Lilorandrych.
One son, one daughter.

Most scholars agree that, to be fair, Tenesi's reign was always going to be overshadowed by the memory of her mother's time as Argent Mirror. They differ though in how much of her decision-making can be attributed as reactionary, and how much was just poor choices. As the daughter of Lilorandrych, the so-called, "Golden Mirror," Tenesi came into power with a stable government, a full treasury and strong diplomatic relations with the other elven city-states. By the time she ceded power to her son, the government was in ruins, the House was in debt and the other city-states regarded Ta'Illistim as a poor, if pretty, cousin.


Born Ta'Illistim, 28012. Reigned 1888 years.
Only son of Tenesi.
Left no issue.
Died Ta'Nalfein, date unknown.

At the behest of his grandmother Lilorandrych, NImyaion was raised outside of formal court life, spending his formative years in the Illistim countryside. He resented what he perceived as a controlling interest on her part and a weakness on the part of his mother, and after his ascension to Argent Mirror, attempted to distance himself from his grandmother's policies and works. He fancied himself more of a musician than a politician, which showed, as he continued to make the same poor decisions that plagued his mother's reign. Nimyaion is one of the few monarchs in Illistimi history to have left the throne voluntarily, but never to have served on the Council of Thrones or in any advisory capacity to the rulers that followed him. He died at the hands of a thief in Ta'Nalfein, old, alone and a joke.

Lanenreat (The Ignominious)

Born Ta'Illistim, 28678. Reigned 935 years.
Only daughter of Tenesi.
Left no issue.

Lilorandrych's youngest grandchild resigned in disgrace after failing to contained Despana and her hordes. Ultimately, she lost the support of her advisors, as well as the love of her people. As the last direct descendent of Linsandrych Illistim's line, Lanenreat saw the end of her dynasty's power as anything but a symbol.


Reigned 204 years, from 33922 to 34126.

The Council of Thrones, in its first official act, chose Laibanniel from amongst a pool of candidates, placing her on the Peacock Throne in place of the deposed Lanenreat. Laibanniel subsequently oversaw the initial defense of Ta'Illistim during the war with Despana and her undead hordes, formed the first official alliances with non-elves and saw the separation of the elven houses as anything resembling a unified group.


Reigned 248 years, from 34560 to 34808.

The reign of Segeir was a brief moment of calm before a period of upheaval. Largely controlled by the Council of Thrones, Segeir's chief accomplishment was the rebuilding of Ta'Illistim's military and the establishment of the Sapphire Guard within Ta'Illistim proper.


Reigned 221 years, from 37002 to 37223.

Following a protracted war, Argent Mirror Istmaeon authorized the use of magics that ultimately vanquished the kiramon, sending them away from Elanthia. Publicly, Istmaeon called the eradication of the kiramon a heroic act and a defining moment of elven, and Illistim, superiority. Privately, Istmaeon wrote in his journals of the doubts he had regarding the action, worrying that there would be greater consequences to come.


Reigned 209 years, from 41348 to 41557.

Yathrauniel had never seen anything but war when she became Argent Mirror, and her placement on the throne is often cited as a reaction by the Council and Thrones to undisclosed threats against Ta'Illistim. She was not a scholar, but had served as a member of the Sapphire Guard in the defense of Ta'Illistim against the kiramon, coming to be regarded as a local hero to the people of the city. Her tactical mind, as well as the aforementioned attitude towards her, made Yathrauniel a popular monarch during a time when stability was craved, but war was still freshly remembered.


Reigned 264 years, from 41558 to 41822.

The polar opposite of her predecessor, Nuraet was an academic, with a classically academic agenda. The focus of her reign was on shoring up those institutions that went by the wayside during the conflict with the kiramon. She established schools and implemented a curriculum of mandatory instruction throughout Ta'Illistim and her territories, declaring that, "There are things that all Illistimi should know, and a level of equal instruction that all Illistimi should receive, if we are to be in truth the egalitarian society we claim to be."


Reigned 213 years, from 43019 to 43232.

It was during the reign of Argent Mirror Alaein that contact was first officially made with the gnomish peoples, who were found to be living a nomadic life within the forests and fringes of the empire. As an experiment, Alaein decided to allow the gnomes to remain, as long as they were peaceable. The Council of Thrones urged him to have the small people removed, fearing that their presence would set a precedent for the habitation of foreigners within the borders, an argument which Alaein found unconvincing but which ultimately came to be truth.


Reigned 251 years, from 46598 to 46849.

Ulorean was fascinated with foreign cultures and using the precedent set by Argent Mirror Alaein, allowed small groups of humans to live in an enclave within Ta'Illistim. This backfired, and after bloodshed ensued, Ta'Illistim was again closed to foreign influence. Ulorean stepped down from the Argency, joining the Council of Thrones and becoming a vocal opponent to the mingling of peoples.


Reigned 281 years, from 49549 to 49830.

A contemporary of the ill-fated Chesylcha, Caladsal came to the throne with youth, vibrancy and a passion for flight. The death of her friend, who she regarded as a royal cousin, left her changed. Her youth gone, her spirit broken, she turned her attention to projects of construction, building up the defenses of Ta'Illistim, especially its airship fleets.


Reigned 239 years, from 50247 to 50486.

It was during the reign of Ardtin that Winedotter gnomes were officially given leave to live and work within Ta'Illistim, effectively ending the city's history as a one-race town. Critics at the time accused Argent Mirror Ardtin of selling out the autonomy of Ta'Illistim in exchange for access to cheap labor and glimaerstones, but eventually the presence of the gnomes became common and accepted, continuing to this day.


Reigned 221 years, from 53764 to 53985.

Irinara, a student of history and an admitted pragmatist, attempted to make Illistim a neutral party during the Nalfein-Turamzzyrian wars, throwing support only to House Nalfein at those moments when their survival was most threatened. Quietly, at the same time, she strengthened Illistim's own military and formed an alliance with the Vaalorians for mutual defense. Their pact, initially signed in secret but eventually disclosed, remains in place.


Reigned from 4845 to present.

To date, Myasara has seen her chief city attacked, the arrival of the aelotoi peoples and a furthering of both inter-elven and elven-non-elven relations. It remains to be seen what historians will make of her reign, however.

Published February 15, 2014.