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This log is from the Tales of Divination series put on by the Order of the Sphere and Scythe on October 13 2018 from the viewpoint of Lady Darcena Wolf-Valslayer. This lecture, Tales of Divination: Smoke Readings and Igaesha Method contains information on divination practices by the Faendryl to include Smoke Seers and Igaeshian Readers.

Editor’s note: Many of the ambient noises or individuals interacting with each other outside of the scope of the events of the night have been removed from this retelling. Grammar and spelling has been corrected for ease of understanding. Actions have been combined in places to reduce the length while maintaining the atmosphere. Some conversational pieces that were meant to happen sequentially but did not due to the nature of parsing speech in the game (i.e., player A says one piece of information, player B asks a question, player A continues with more information, then player A answers the question) have been reordered (e.g., player A says both pieces of information, player B asks a question, player A answers the question) in every situation where it makes sense to do so and doesn’t disrupt the actual proceedings.

Pre-Event Chatter

[Wehnimer's, Garden]
A small, well-tended garden surrounds a little shack here.  Clipped traesharm berry bushes serve as a low fence, enclosing the herbs and flowers of the plot.  A garden bower, made of modwir twigs twisted together and covered with flowering vines, shelters a bench of finely polished onyx.  You also see a varnished pale oak cart with some stuff on it.
Obvious paths: north, east, south, southwest

Attendees: Alkamas, Gypsy Scribe Balley, Behtiina, Caligos First Mate Classen, Lady Darcena, Kaabl, Lady of Manor Katara, High Lady Lauranathalasa, Mayor Lylia, Melikor, House Cleric Mikalmas, Monfus, Great Lord Mongonator, Rioja, House Seer Rovvigen, Taelarn,  Yhtrin

The loud clang of metal rings out from the north docks, followed by some vulgar shouting and grumbling.

Some covered wagons are wheeled into the area by some imperial soldiers, but then stopped by a trio of Wehnimer's militiamen.  After a few moments of an inspection, the militiamen wave the soldiers on and the wagons proceed towards the town docks.

Some townspeople wander by, speaking amongst themselves, "...so much that we've enough now for the winter.  I owe that to our Mayor for her good sense in growing this town, and the size of my children's bellies..." Their voices trail off as they travel out of sight.
The faint sound of hammering can be heard, echoing from the direction of the town docks.

Some townspeople wander by, gossiping amongst themselves, "...so we've allowed elves to take root nearby, and the imperials to build ships in our backyard and we still claim to be free I wonder how much our Mayor and town council got paid..." The voices fade as the townspeople walk out of sight.

A spiral of feathers descend before you.  Within the spinning white feathers you can make out a figure of a white-haired woman in long grey robes standing perfectly still.  While her lips move, you hear no sound, but you are still able to understand her message: "Join Sphere and Scythe for Tales of Divination presented by Seer Taelarn in the Wehnimer's Landing, Garden."  As soon as your eyes meet, and she acknowledges your understanding then spiral quickly retreats into the heavens leaving no trace behind.

Rovvigen smiles and recites softly:
	"Evening everyone, I am so happy to see everyone out and about tonight"

(Behtiina stands silently in the back, giving off a pretense of elegance.)
Lylia accepts Mongonator's small rose, nodding appreciatively at him.
Yhtrin asks, chuckling, "Instead of under water?" [Editor's Note: This occurred during Ebon Gate at Caligos Isle where there was a lot of diving.]
Mongonator bows to Lylia.
Katara begins chuckling at Yhtrin!
Lylia whispers something to Mongonator and sniffs at her small rose.
Rovvigen recites softly:
	"Thanks for coming out to support the Sphere and Scythe and thanks for coming to hear our Seer Taelarn speak on his methods of Divination. While you listen to his lecture on his given methods we have refreshments on the cart."

Rovvigen points at a varnished pale oak cart.

Rovvigen recites softly:
	"Without further delay I turn the floor over to the Seer himself, Taelarn"

Smoke Readers

Rovvigen smiles at Taelarn and bows to him.
Yhtrin applauds.
Taelarn smiles at Rovvigen.
Lylia gazes with interest at Taelarn.
Taelarn bows to Rovvigen.
Speaking to Rovvigen, Taelarn says, "Thank you, I appreciate the warm introduction."
Speaking softly to Taelarn, Rovvigen says, "My pleasure."
Rovvigen bows to Taelarn.
Taelarn says, "And thank you all for coming tonight.  I look forward to the opportunity given to me."
Taelarn says, ""While much has been covered by other learned scholars about Igaesha reading, I seek to inform those present about another divinatory method that is similar in many respects to Igaesha reading.  I speak of course of, capnomancy, or smoke reading."
Taelarn nods at Lylia.
Taelarn smiles.
Lylia smiles at Taelarn.
Taelarn says, "This will by necessity be a very broad overview of this divinatory practice.  I could speak for hours on this matter but this is not the forum for such."
Taelarn says, "Also, please tell me if I need to slow down.  I sometimes rattle on without thought about how fast I am speaking."
Taelarn says, "Seen by many Faendryl as the working-class divinatory practice, capnomancy uses candles bathed in fragrant oils, smoking incense, or even smudge sticks to delve into the future and divine answers to questions."
Mongonator raises his hand.
Taelarn peers quizzically at Mongonator.
Mongonator asks, "So you get...visions from getting...high?"
Speaking to Mongonator, Taelarn asks, "Yes? I will have a question and answer period at the end of my presentation. Could you hold off on any questions till afterwards?"
Mongonator says, "Sorry."
Mongonator nods.
Rovvigen smiles at Mongonator.
Speaking to Mongonator, Taelarn says, "Not a problem, but yes, I will answer that question at the end."
Taelarn says, chuckling, "It's a good question."
Rovvigen agrees with Taelarn.
Taelarn says, "Smoke Seers will gaze and contemplate the patterns and spirals that rise up from the smoking object in order to determine their meaning."
Taelarn says, "While not as highly regarded as Igaeshian Readings, Smoke Seers are still highly sought after by commoners for their divinatory skills."
Taelarn says, "Smoke Seers can also hail from both men and women, and does not require the use of the specialized Igaeshian vials or demons, in order to practice their divinatory skills."."
Classen nods.
Taelarn says, "As with Igaeshia Readings, Smoke Seers interpret the images seen within the smoke.  However, since Smoke Seers are not using a vial to trap the smoke, the very actions of the smoke can be used to answer the questions posed."
Taelarn says, "For example, if the smoke rises straight up and lightly then that is seen as a good omen. If the smoke stays stagnant though, and hangs heavily upon the burning medium it is often seen in a negative manner, with connotations of lethargy, or lack of positive change."
Classen idly gnaws on the stem of the red glaes pipe in his mouth.
Melikor looks thoughtfully at Taelarn.
Taelarn says, "This all hinges on what questions are being asked as well."."
You ponder the meaning of Taelarn's existence.
Taelarn says, "Smoke Seers will often develop their own personal style and choice of medium when they take up this divinatory path."
Taelarn says, "Some smoke seers will use fragrant incense that can be burned inside a brazier.  This can then allow the smoke seer to both inhale some of the fragrant smoke into themselves, drawing a more personal connection with the reading."
Taelarn says, "It can also allow them to interpret not just the smokes actions, but also the sounds of the incense as it burns and pops, as well as the scents they inhale."
Mikalmas tilts his head toward Taelarn, examining him intently as the tip of one ear twitches briefly.
Mongonator removes a rosewood mandolin from in his black leather longcoat.
Taelarn says, "Some practitioners will even use small sacrifices and burn the sacrificial bodies upon an altar."
You ponder the meaning of Taelarn's existence.
Rioja inclines her ear, listening intently.
Taelarn says, "Other smoke seers enter a trance as they inhale the often-fragrant smoke as well.  This can often happen if the Seer uses herbs or incense that is known to have mind altering effects when ingested."
Speaking to Mongonator, Taelarn says, "So yes, some of the Smoke Seers do get into an altered state in order to perform their divinations."
Taelarn chuckles.
Lylia smiles at Taelarn.
Melikor chuckles.
Mongonator says, "Pass the incense."
You chuckle at Taelarn.
Taelarn chuckles.
(Yhtrin hides a smoking gesture behind his other hand.)
Rioja leans on Mongonator, giving him a companionable grin.
Taelarn says, "It is all dependent upon what the Seer seeks in their divinatory practice, and what the client feels comfortable with."
Taelarn says, "Aside from the various mediums that are available to Smoke Seers, they share a great deal with their Igaeshian Reading counterparts."
Lylia nods in agreement at Taelarn.
Taelarn says, "Both Igaeshian readers, and smoke seers, use the positions of signs seen within their chosen medium as instrumental to a reading."
Taelarn says, "These positions can influence whether the sign is about some future event, or something from the past that has bearing upon the chosen question."
Taelarn says, "The Seer's understanding of these positional signs can take years to master but are relatively easy for a novice to grasp.  However, both Igaeshian and Smoke seers can take years to fully understand and adequately interpret the nature of the signs and symbols that they see."
Taelarn says, "It is this nuanced understanding that takes years and years to master and can lead to two different Seer's interpreting the omens differently."
Melikor grins at Lylia.
Taelarn says, "Most Igaeshian Readers have a very clear and concise list of symbols that they see within the vials.  Smoke Seer's have a similar list of common symbols, but the very nature of their medium is often ephemeral and can lead to a wider array of symbols that must be interpreted by the Seer."
Taelarn says, "As such, Apprentice Seer's will often create their own codices of symbols that they have seen and the meanings ascribed to them.  These are often influenced by the Master as well, and has led to some very interesting differences between two Smoke Seers as they both see the same sign but have very different interpretations."
Lylia leans forward and rests her chin in her hand, a thoughtful expression on her face.
Deep in thought, Yhtrin laces his fingers before him.
Taelarn says, "In conclusion, Smoke Reading is a valid and nuanced divinatory practice with its own rich history.  I will now open up the floor for any additional questions."


Mongonator raises his hand.
Taelarn nods at Mongonator.
Lylia gazes admiringly at Taelarn.
Mongonator asks, "Does music help set the mood?"
Speaking to Mongonator, Taelarn says, "Ah, an excellent question."
Kaabl says, "Interesting... but sounds quite difficult.. different signs meaning different things for different seer's.. oih."
Mongonator says, "Can it enhance the vision."
Lylia smiles at Kaabl.
Taelarn says, "Music can often enhance the Seer's state and open them up to a more unbiased divination."
Darcena mutters, "Or just a more relaxated state. Definitely lots of little bardlings running around."
Rovvigen turns an inquisitive ear toward Taelarn.
Speaking to Kaabl, Taelarn says, "Yes, but part of the beauty of divinatory practices is honing one's skill and learning to be as accurate as one can be."
Taelarn chuckles.
Lylia raises her hand.
Rovvigen peers quizzically at Lylia.
Speaking to you, Taelarn says, "Yes, specific types of music would be more beneficial in helping the Seer achieve a relaxed and trance-like state."
Yhtrin says, "It is the same in many rituals.  Music is used to enter a trance state, usually in assistance to other things.  Meditations, drugs, other unsavory things."
Yhtrin grins.
Kaabl nods at Taelarn.
With a somber expression, Mongonator begins playing a melancholy theme.
Speaking to Lylia, Taelarn asks, "Yes, you have a question?"
Mongonator strikes a bleak diminished chord, allowing the notes to hang for a moment before adorning them with further tones.
Speaking to Taelarn, Lylia asks, "In your practice, do you find that the clarity of the question affects the accuracy of the answer? I often find it is so myself, and I wondered if this is something you encountered too. If so, how might questioners frame their questions in ways that are more conducive to a useful reading?"
Rioja agrees with Lylia.
Melikor looks thoughtfully at Lylia.
Darcena glances appreciatively at Lylia.
Taelarn ponders.
Speaking to Lylia, Rioja says, "Well said."
Mongonator strikes a bleak diminished chord, allowing the notes to hang for a moment before adorning them with further tones.
Speaking to Lylia, Taelarn says, "An excellent question and observation."
Speaking to Rioja, Lylia murmurs, "I know less of smoke seeing than Igaeshian reading, but I find it is so with the questions people bring to me."
Lylia smiles at Rioja.
The quiet strains of Mongonator's lugubrious melody evoke memories of cloudy autumn days and now-quiet battlegrounds.
Kaabl says, "Oo, i would'nt even of thought of a question like that.."
Taelarn says, "It is true that the more clear and accurate the questioner, the easier it is to find the answers given through the divinatory process."
Mongonator adds a soft harmony to his melody, doing little to cheer the somber quality of the ballad.
Yhtrin says, "Frankly I think it is that way for all of us."
Lylia nods at Taelarn.
Yhtrin peers quizzically at Rovvigen, Mikalmas, and Balley.
Rovvigen adopts an agreeable expression.
Darcena raises her hand.
Mongonator strikes a bleak diminished chord, allowing the notes to hang for a moment before adorning them with further tones.
Rovvigen softly says, "Indeed."
Mikalmas says, "I personally won't do a "general" type reading.  That just gives me no direction whatsoever.  It varies, but absolutely, the more specific the question the easier to interpret your tool."
Taelarn says, "However, one must be careful to not allow the questioner to influence the reading.  I have found some who wish to find an answer, and they seek a specific response so they attempt to couch their question in such a fashion that their sought after answer is more likely to be seen."
Rovvigen agrees with Mikalmas.
Kaabl asks, "I suspect knowing the time frame in when the event you're seeking to learn about would be relavent as well... not knowing this maybe would make it less accurate?"
Mongonator adds a soft harmony to his melody, doing little to cheer the somber quality of the ballad.
Lylia nods in agreement at Taelarn, chuckling and saying, "Forcing the answer. Yes, I have seen that too."
Rovvigen softly says, "I have a question after Darcena has asked hers."
Yhtrin says, "Charletans use such ques to work with."
Yhtrin nods once.
The quiet strains of Mongonator's lugubrious melody evoke memories of cloudy autumn days and now-quiet battlegrounds.
Rovvigen nods at Taelarn.
Taelarn nods.
Speaking to Darcena, Taelarn exclaims, "Please, ask away!"
Rovvigen agrees with Lylia.
Mongonator strikes a bleak diminished chord, allowing the notes to hang for a moment before adorning them with further tones.
Behtiina slowly empties her lungs.
Darcena asks, "On that note, do you find that any of the divination tools are better suited to one topic over another? And whether that is a yes or no, do you find that there are certain topics that it is best to have questions upon? Can you, perhaps, give an example of a good question?"
Mikalmas says, "That's when the Seer has to discern.  For example, "Will I win my next battle?" is definitely different than "What will the outcome of my next battle be?"  In those instances, I tend to reframe the question more neutrally, as in the second question, and confirm."
Mongonator adds a soft harmony to his melody, doing little to cheer the somber quality of the ballad.
Rovvigen smiles at Mikalmas.
Yhtrin nods in agreement at Mikalmas.
With a clear seventh chord, Mongonator takes his hands from the strings of the mandolin and allows the song to fade into nothing.
Speaking to Mikalmas, Yhtrin says, "Much better put than I could."
Yhtrin grins at Mikalmas.
Speaking to Mikalmas, Taelarn says, "Yes, that is an excellent point.  Being able to reframe a question, so that you and the seeker understand that you are not seeking the answer they desire, but an answer is very beneficial."
Mikalmas adopts an agreeable expression.
Speaking to Darcena, Taelarn says, "I have found that there are certainly some divinatory practices that are better suited for some questions."
Yhtrin says, "Questions of Life and Death are better left to the Haruspex."
Yhtrin nods once and says, "I may be biased. Maybe."
Rovvigen smiles at Yhtrin.
Darcena says, grinning slowly at Yhtrin, "Well, when there is so much death involved."
Rovvigen softly says, "Just a little possibly."
Rovvigen smiles at Yhtrin.
Rovvigen softly says, "Ok."
Kaabl raises his hand.
Taelarn says, "For example, Igaeshian reading is an excellent practice for questions about personal topics such as a political win, or if a business dealing will be good or bad...whereas the Krolvin form of divination that Yhtrin practices can delve more easily into matters of conquests and also seeing into the heart of a person."
Darcena murmurs, "Almost literally."
Yhtrin coughs, correcting, "Half-Krolvin."
Rioja grins at Darcena.
Darcena gives a sidelong glance at Yhtrin and unsuccessfully tries to stifle her grin.
Behtiina scoffs.
Taelarn says, "In addition, smoke reading is an excellent method for gaining a better understanding of how a past event will influence the future."
Speaking softly to Taelarn, Rovvigen asks, "I have seen you do both methods during our Visions of Prophets events and many other divination events the Order has done. Which method is more comfortable for you and why?"
Rovvigen smiles at Taelarn.
Lylia grins at Taelarn.
Taelarn chuckles.
Mongonator begins a musical chant...
Speaking to Rovvigen, Taelarn says, "Thank you for such a wonderful question.  I am far more comfortable with Smoke Reading as I have far more practice with it."
Rovvigen nods at Taelarn.
Taelarn says, "However, I have enjoyed Igaeshian reading for a myriad of reasons.  I feel like it ties me more closely to my heritage."
Rovvigen nods at Taelarn.
Taelarn says, "It was simply difficult  in the past for me to get my hands upon the vials, and demons, necessary to perform Igaeshian reading."
Kaabl says, "Are there any specific taboo questions for divinations? You know as genies you cant ask about love or ressurections and that sort.."
Yhtrin scoffs.
Yhtrin remarks, "Taboos are for the weak."
Kaabl chuckles.
Mikalmas says, "Some Seers may choose to avoid certain topics.  But that's much more of a personal choice."
Rovvigen softly says, "I do have one statement about some of the kinds of questions we are asked."
Behtiina nods slightly at Yhtrin.
Rovvigen softly says, "The readings we give are draining for sure, so its upsetting when our gifts are mocked by asking a question like what color should I wear or what will I have for dinner."
Rovvigen smiles.
Yhtrin nods in agreement.
Taelarn says, "If any are curious, I do have both Igaeshian vials and the smudge sticks I use to perform my readings."
Lylia narrows her eyes.

Smoke Reading Demonstration

Rovvigen softly asks, "Anyone have a question for Seer Taelarn this evening?"
Rovvigen softly says, "Don't be shy."
Rovvigen smiles.
Lylia surveys the area.
Melikor nods at Lylia.
Kaabl rubs his chin thoughtfully.
Yhtrin says, "Or did we intimidate everyone with the talk of good questioning."
Lylia raises her hand.
Yhtrin grins.
Kaabl chuckles.
Taelarn nods at Lylia.
Rovvigen smiles at Yhtrin.
Rovvigen turns an inquisitive ear toward Lylia.
Darcena nods at Yhtrin.
Speaking to Lylia, Taelarn asks, "You have a question?"
Darcena flashes a quick grin at Yhtrin.
Lylia asks, "I believe I have a question many of us wish to know: What outcome awaits us at Glaoveln this evening?"
Deep in thought, Lylia laces her fingers before her.
Darcena nods at Lylia.
Melikor smiles at Lylia.
Behtiina inclines her ear, listening intently.
Taelarn says, "A very interesting question."
Kaabl says, "This is my first session learning about divinations even, i am not even sure what to ask.. but it was a very interesting conversation."
Yhtrin seriously says, "Oh, I know the answer to that one."
Taelarn removes an ample white cedar smudge stick trussed in dark green silk cording from in his brocade longcoat.
Yhtrin flashes an evil grin.  The tips of his chipped ivory fangs are clearly visible, protruding from beneath his upper lip.  His eyes suddenly glow with a dark hue.
Speaking softly to Kaabl, Rovvigen says, "We appreciate you coming."
Taelarn lights his cedar smudge stick and the end begins to smolder.
Kaabl says, "Thankee."
Melikor surveys the area, smiles, and nods.
Yhtrin remarks, "Luukos will be fed well tonight."
Speaking to Yhtrin, Melikor says, "Krolvin's on the menu, I hear."
Speaking to Yhtrin, Lylia asks, "I concur, but on what sort of flesh?"
Lylia smiles quietly to herself.
(Taelarn takes several deep breaths, closing his eyes as the smoke begins to waft up from the stick.)
Katara stands up.
Melikor snickers.
Lylia gazes with interest at Taelarn.
Yhtrin says, "Melikor has the right of it.  I can smell the dogs breath coming out of the Maw from here."
Yhtrin cackles!
Rovvigen nods at Katara.
Melikor smiles quietly to himself.
Rovvigen turns an inquisitive ear toward Taelarn.
Taelarn gently shakes his cedar smudge stick before him, painting the air with a pale vaporous smoke.
Melikor smiles at Taelarn.
(Taelarn opens his eyes, and inhales some of the fragrant smoke wafting up from the smudge stick.)
Taelarn takes a deep breath.
Melikor looks thoughtfully at Taelarn.
(Taelarn gazes intently into the smoke as it flows from the stick, his eyes gaining a somewhat glazed appearance.)
Taelarn says, "This is very unique..."
Lylia leans forward.
Rovvigen peers quizzically at Taelarn.
Taelarn says, "The smoke shows me a twisted horn, which represents the difficult choices we have made to reach where we are today."
Behtiina scoffs.
Behtiina turns around.
Behtiina just went north.
Lylia nods in agreement.
Rovvigen smiles at Taelarn.
Taelarn says, "We have faced a difficult choice but we must persevere.  In addition I see a large sphere, which is the comet."
(Yhtrin pokes a finger in the smoke as it wafts towards him.)
Yhtrin grins.
Melikor chuckles.
Taelarn says, "This represents the change we will bring with the choices we have made.  Following the twisted horn portends a difficult time...filled with sacrifices but it will be a dramatic change."
Lylia nods once.
Taelarn gently shakes his cedar smudge stick before him, painting the air with a pale vaporous smoke.
Taelarn takes a deep breath.
Speaking warmly to Taelarn, Lylia says, "Thank you; I believe we all have the coming fight very much foremost in our minds."
Taelarn says, "I see a storm as well...we will need great power in order to achieve a victory."
Taelarn nods at Lylia.
Darcena flexes her muscles and flashes Taelarn a wolfish grin.
Rovvigen smiles at Taelarn.
Kaabl exclaims, "Dont worry everyone.. I am here now.. I am the great power you'll need.. you're all safe with me!"
Speaking to Lylia, Taelarn says, "Certainly, I am sure that we do.  Although I have been spending so much time within the Elven Nations that I wasnt aware of the coming battle until very recently."
Kaabl nods.
Mikalmas grins at Kaabl.
Kaabl grins.
Taelarn nods at Rovvigen.
Taelarn takes a deep breath.
Lylia grins at Kaabl.
Taelarn says, "Hopefully we are able to make it through this storm and achieve the goals we have but it will not be without a significant price."
The last bit of Taelarn's cedar smudge stick withers away to ashes.


Rovvigen recites softly:
	"Thank you all for coming out this evening to learn about the two methods Seer Taelarn has spoke about this evening"
Melikor looks thoughtfully at Taelarn.
Yhtrin applauds.
Mikalmas says, "If anyone has suggestions for events, lectures or things you'd like to know more about, please feel free to let us know.  One of us are usually around."
Melikor smiles.
Melikor nods at Taelarn.
Rovvigen bows to Taelarn.
Speaking to Lylia, Taelarn says, "I hope that provides you with some insight.  I wish it had been filled with more positive portents."
Rovvigen agrees with Mikalmas.
Balley softly says, "Thank you Taelarn."
Kaabl says, "Thank you for presenting Taelarn.. it was a pleasant event."
Taelarn says, "Thank you all for coming.  I have enjoyed sharing with you one of my passions."
Speaking to Taelarn, Lylia says, "Change is a positive portent, in this case. Something must clearly change if these slavers are to be battled back."
Lylia nods once.
Darcena glances appraisingly at Taelarn.
Lylia agrees with Melikor.
Speaking to Taelarn, Darcena says, "I enjoyed the lecture."
Speaking to Lylia, Taelarn says, "Yes, I agree.   Hopefully the cost of the change is not too high."
Darcena nods once at Taelarn.
Rovvigen recites softly:
	"Please we will have another Tales of Divination in the next few months as well so keep an eye out for that as well"
Speaking to Darcena, Taelarn says, "Thank you, I am glad to have been able to share with you and everyone here."
Rovvigen smiles.
Lylia replies, "I am asking no one to pay a price I am not willing to pay myself."
Lylia smiles.
Lylia stands up.
Melikor nods.
Darcena stares at Lylia and frowns.
Speaking to Rovvigen, Taelarn says, "Thank you for giving me this opportunity to share with others about my passion."
Darcena turns around and strides away, moving north.

Attendee Descriptions

Throughout the event, Classen and Darcena drank well aged whiskey. Lylia drank from a goblet of rich purple shiraz. Rioja drank from a glass of rich nut and berry liqueur. Classen ate from a plate of mint garnished lamb a skewered trio of lizard eggs and had a slice of raspberry-iced white chocolate cake. Rioja ate a plate of mint garnished lamb.


Classen breathes in deeply as he clenches a pipe in his mouth, then exhales slowly, causing some pure white amorphous clouds of puffy smoke to float up from his mouth.
Classen inhales deeply upon his pipe, puckering his lips and sending out a small stream of smoke before him briefly.


You see Lady of Manor Katara Stormwild the Officer of Silvergate Inn.
She appears to be a Sylvankind.
She appears to be very young.  She has long-lashed, haunting gold-flecked emerald green eyes and silky, faintly blushed lily white skin.  She has long, lustrous dark auburn hair tucked into a loose chignon adorned with an iridescent creamy white moonflower.  She has a delicate face, a button nose and gracefully arched, upswept ears that end in delicately tapered points.  She has a petite figure with a subtle, hourglass shape.  She has full, lush, naturally red lips.  A dark rose stormcloud diamond is positioned between her eyes, which casts a sparkling pink sheen across her face.
She has some diamond teardrop earrings set along the slender tips of her pointed ears.
She is in good shape.
She is wearing a pair of diamond earbobs, a lustrous platinum choker dangling a brilliant diamond rose, a sheer pale rose organza stole gracefully cascading to floor length, an embroidered silk shopping bag slung over her shoulder, an open-back ivory lace blouse tied with knotted silk ribbons, some corset-style leathers with curvaceous bodice contours, a crystalline bracer etched with archaic runic designs, a diamond-set platinum signet ring, a delicate crystalline chatelaine, a silk-corded crystal orb, an enameled seashell bucket, an exquisite hand-painted case, a distressed leather pack, a misty rose Vornavian silk skirt with sweeping cut-lace petticoats, and some bloodjewel heeled ankle-boots.

Arabesques of pink twine deep within the heart of Katara's stormcloud diamond.


You see High Lady Lauranathalasa Pilthanonador the Gameswoman.
She appears to be a Half-Elf.
She appears to be in the prime of life.  She has hazel eyes and tanned skin.  She has long, braided golden blonde hair.
She has a fluffy rolton tattoo on her ankle.
She is in good shape.
She is wearing a superior maoral-handled mithril forging-hammer, an Imperial Terasian war harness, some Terasian Guard battle plate etched with the image of an elven warrioress riding to battle astride a great black drake, a deathstone studded steel crown, a carved maoral snowflake locket, a triangular black ash medallion, a glass amulet, a ruby amulet, an embroidered white silk cloak, some supple white leather gloves, an onyx and chrysoberyl stickpin, a glaes spider charm, a warrior crest, a Warrior Guild Master at Arms pin, a small bone periapt, an old ivory white armband, a slit-pupiled eye symbol incised in yellow heliodor, a lead-bound linen badge, a supple ivory white purse, a steel-studded white leather backpack, a sepia leather bandolier reinforced by copper plates, a gryphon embroidered shirt, a leather crafter's apron, a glacial white smooth glaes armband, a wiregrass bracelet, a shiny gold ring, an ornate gold ring, a pearl-inlaid bone scroll tube, a steel-clasped white leather satchel, a polished leather hip case secured with a flap, a lace-hemmed white silk skirt, some indigo-veined ora schynbalds, a twined grapevine anklet, some pale silk stockings painted with vibrant flora, and some mithril alloy studded boots.


You see House Cleric Mikalmas D'Chavka the Officer of Silvergate Inn.
He appears to be a Sylvankind of the Kytawa D'ahranal.
He is tall.  He appears to be extremely old.  He has gently aged storm grey eyes and flawless, lightly tanned skin.  He has long, meticulously groomed honey-colored hair plaited into a long wrist-thick braid tapering to his waist, the rest restrained by a grey-toned headband of chain-linked silver-toned moonstone wings.  He has a delicately slender nose and thin lips.  His hair is tucked behind perfectly formed, delicately curved and slightly upswept pointy ears.  He has silver-tipped wintry white lacquer brushed onto his perfectly manicured fingernails.
You can hardly recognize him covered in all that soot and ash!
He has a deeply-hued purple mournbloom tattoo on his wrist, and an ebon-laced silver sickle tattoo on his neck.
He is in good shape.
He is holding an ancient white pastoral staff in his right hand.
He is wearing an ordinary silver sigil on a twisted glaes chain, a translucent sack, a moonlight cactus-bloom, a brass framed eisenruck with maroon cuirbouilli panels, some long flowing silk robes tied with a silver cord, an etched pewter stickpin, an elegant white silk gem pouch secured with a length of fine silver rope, a silver linked bracelet, an antique silver reliquary, an enruned gold ring, a rugged runestaff sling, a sterling silver monocle, a silver-tipped frosted glass feather stickpin, a silver sphere-incised signet, a silk-strung carved thanot medallion, a faenor-inset silver sickle symbol, a pristine white elven greatcloak elaborately hemmed with interwoven silver feather embroidery, a silver-inlaid moss agate Gosaena symbol, a pristine white clerical collar traced with silver-threaded elven script, a small Silvergate pin, a rhimar-bound witchwood Adventurer's Guild badge, a twist of braided vines, a small Silvergate pin, a rugged leather wand harness, a braided platinum and vaalin wedding band with a channel-set white opal, a braided gold ring, a vaalin-laced keyring, a silver feather-inlaid moss agate anklet, and some pristine white leather sandals secured with feather-shaped antique silver buckles.


You see Great Lord Mongonator Shiningsoul the Bladesinger.
He appears to be a Giantman.
He appears to be mature.  He has hazel eyes and tanned skin.  He has long, straight dark blonde hair.
He has minor cuts and bruises on his back.
He is holding an old golvern shield in his left hand.
He is wearing a small rose, a small rose, a sepia leather bandolier reinforced by copper plates, a plain pink dreamstone earring, a beveled star emerald neckchain, a charred golden harness, an open-lidded brass trunk pin, some polished black leather boots, some rolaren augmented chain, a faded gold ring, a tin ring, a shimmering silver mesh satchel, a dark leather pouch embossed with an infinity knot, a medallion-strung slate and ebon tartan kilt, a coal black ramie silk backpack, a lapis studded chambray surcoat, a void black deathstone symbol carved into a scimitar, some fuzzy serge gloves, some gak wool gloves, a tin-bound ceramic Adventurer's Guild badge, a mithril juggernaut pin, a slightly tarnished brass halo, a quartz amulet, a carved haon musical note, a vultite charm bracelet, a black alchemy bag, an engraved gold alloy talisman, and an aged black leather longcoat.


You see House Seer Rovvigen Aniket the Officer of Silvergate Inn.
He appears to be a Paradis Halfling.
He is average height.  He appears to be young and sprightly.  He has silver-flecked blue-green eyes and mocha-freckled, lightly tanned skin.  He has short, tousled silvery white hair highlighted in shades of red.  He has a perfectly symmetrical, delicately featured face, a small, button nose and thin, lithely muscled arms and wrists.  He has glossy black polish brushed onto his talon-shaped fingernails.
He has an ora-inlaid red glaes pipe clenched between his teeth, an enruned silver hoop in his lip, a silver-inked scythe encased in a crystal sphere on his chest, a fire elemental tattoo on his neck, a lustrous ivory sliver in his right eyebrow, a silver-traced red flame tattoo on his arm, and a twisting silver-traced red flame tattoo on his wrist.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing an enameled seashell bucket, a blue mithril mesh cage supported by dark grey veniom-threaded bands, a leather pouch, a small Silvergate pin, a small daisy, a silver-strung delicate seer-stone, a translucent silver-hearted crystal, a carved fireleaf totem, a moon-filled white ora pendant, a silver neckchain hung with a crystal sphere-encased silver scythe, a tailored red silk overcoat, a quintuple orb brooch, a shield-shaped Voln pin, a crystal and agate-inlaid case, a red silk runestaff sling, some fiery red flowing robes embroidered with wisps of silver flames, a flame-etched silver-linked bracelet, a thick matte eonake ring etched with whorls of silver-inlaid flames, a twisted golvern wedding band swirled with dragon's-tear rubies, a silver-stitched flame red spidersilk bag, a brass-plated metal lunchbox, a braided rose gold anklet set with a trio of dimly glowing peach glimaerstone flowers, and some flat silver-laced sandals.


You see Taelarn Eilindel Faendryl the Rake.
He appears to be a Dark Elf.
He is tall.  He appears to be mature.  He has hooded crystal green eyes and ebon skin.  He has shoulder length, flowing deep red hair with a white streak running through it.  He has a delicate face, a classical nose and a jagged scar below his right eye.  His lineaments are thin and wiry, all especially accented by the hollowed set of his cheekbones.
He has a tattoo of a grey robed skull-faced woman with white feathered wings clutching a silver scythe, a curved pale vaalin spike in his left eyebrow, a trio of twisted silver rings in his lip, a tiny pave diamond stud in the upper ridge of his right ear, and a long cut down the center of his right palm.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a chiseled blue dreamstone talisman, an etched dragonstalk pomander on a thin vaalin chain, a silver-bladed dagger medallion, a crow black suede neckerchief, a black brocade longcoat with a suede half cape, a pale crystal theorbo pin, a Brigatta unicorn pin, an onyx-eyed silver pin worked into the image of an aishan, a sphere encased silver scythe, a two-headed serpent symbol wrapped around a crimson blazestar, a cross-woven blackened leather harness over a black spidersilk tunic, a suit of myrtle and argent vultite augmented chainmail, a despanal-eyed armband, a dark-grained glossy koa bracelet set with a large tawny sorrel crystal, some stygian leather gloves pierced by kelyn thorns, a diamond-set infinity band encircling a smaller ora ring, a supple black utility kit with a silver-set heliodor clasp, an emboidered silk instrument case with a circular latch, a hare's foot talisman, a pair of black suede trousers with crimson pinstripes, and some pebbled eahnor leather boots with a trio of drakar buckles.


You see Yhtrin Faelrlyn Faendryl the Soul Keeper.
He appears to be a Dark Elf.
He is average height and has a sinuous, serpentine form.  He appears to have come of age.  He has almond-shaped jade green eyes and ebon skin.  He has very long, fine blue-black hair worn in elaborate braids.  He has a gaunt face, a classical nose and a barbed marking around his jawbone.  His gaunt face, with skin stretched thin over his chin and cheekbones, confers a hungry, haunted quality to his features.
He has some unevenly ridged scarring on his right cheek, a blackened bone spike in his left eyebrow, and a sinuous banded onyx ring in the middle of his nose.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a silver-bladed dagger medallion, chipped viper skull prayer beads, a tattered black veniom-trimmed greatcloak with a mantle of ophidian scales, a smooth jade serpent symbol inset with brown agate eyes, some rigid ebon leathers bound with pentacle clasps with an underrobe of stark black ridgeweaver silk with long draping sleeves underneath, a greyed swamp snake skeleton bracelet, a squared black ash band, a flawless gold ring, an emerald-set engagement ring, an ermine-lined snake skin satchel, a siren lizard skin sack, a pair of dark cotton pants paneled with alabaster bourde, and some swamp green scaled leather high-heeled boots.