Order of the Sphere and Scythe

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Order of the Sphere and Scythe is a Meeting Hall Organization that was founded in Jastatos 5116, currently based in Wehnimer's Landing (go to Ocean View off of Old Mine Road [Lich #8193] and GO DOORS). The group achieved Tier 2 MHO status in Lormesta 5117 and Tier 3 Status in Lumnea 5117. Its goal is to provide a safe haven for those who have been blessed with the gift of sight, as well as those who are interested in learning more about this rare gift and protecting those who possess it. The Order is heavily influenced by the Arkati, specifically Jastev and Gosaena.

In addition to the Order's dedication to the gift of Foresight, our secondary goal relies heavily on preserving the history of Elanthia and fostering roleplay in the Lands. Our group is dedicated to respecting the History of Elanthia through storytelling and roleplaying events.

Those interested in joining should contact any officer, either in game or via rovvigen@sphereandscythe.com, to set up an interview. Assuming the interview is successful and the applicant remains interested in joining, the Ruling Council will convene, discuss the applicant, then take a vote. If the Ruling Council votes in the applicant's favor, the applicant will then be contacted about induction into the Order.

Current Ruling Council

  • Elder Seer : Rovvigen
  • Priest of Gosaena : Mikalmas
  • Priest of Jastev : Vraimar
  • Elder Sentinel Advisor : Barble
  • Sentinel Officer : Open
  • Seer Officer : Tryxx



Order of the Sphere and Scythe is a democratic group dedicated to the gift of foresight granted by Lady Gosaena and Lord Jastev, based in Wehnimer's Landing. While recognizing the gifts granted by Gosaena and Jastev, membership will be open to any who possess the gift of sight or wishes to further the cause of the Sphere and Scythe and its broader mission of fostering roleplaying in supporting roles.

Statement of Purpose:

The Sphere and Scythe is dedicated to the advancement of the practice of divination in all forms in Elanthia. The order achieves this goal by providing education, research and practical application of the various incarnations of divination. The Order furthers this goal by relying on the gifts bestowed toward our end by the Lord Jastev and the Lady Gosaena. Additionally, the Order seeks to preserve the history of Elanthia through roleplaying and storytelling.


To Preserve The Past, To Protect The Present, and to Predict the Future.

Mission Statement:

The Order will not discriminate against any seekers and will always strive to provide truthful answers as revealed by the divination method chosen by the seeker. The Order vows to always seek peaceful resolution to all seekers. Above all else, the Order is devoted to cause no harm to any person, real or perceived.


  • To provide and promote education on the practice of Divination in Elanthia.
  • To provide enlightenment and a better understanding of the art of divination to all interested parties.
  • To assist fellow adventurers in their search for knowledge.
  • To promote fellowship and cooperation of all races and professions across Elanthia.
  • To foster and encourage roleplay through storytelling.


Any adventurer who can hold mithril is eligible to join.

Potential members should demonstrate an interest in the practice of Divination or a desire to provide support services to those who practice the art of fortune telling.

Any interested person can inquire with any officer about membership.

Membership in the group will be contingent on approval by a majority of the officers.

Should the prospective member be interested in practicing the art of Divination additional criteria must be met.

This will include an apprenticeship with a recognized Seer in the group. The Seer will then recommend to the council the suitability of the candidate to fill the role of Seer.

The council will respect the judgement of the mentor unless a majority of council members object. Should a majority object, the final decision will be determined by popular vote of all members.


Ruling Council:

The ruling council shall consist of six members: 1) an Elder Seer, 2) a Priest or Priestess of Gosaena, 3) a Priest or Priestess of Jastev, 4) an Elder Sentinel Advisor, 5) an Officer Sentinel, and 6) an Officer Seer. These will be our six Officers.

The Elder Seer, Elder Sentinel Advisor, and the Priest(ess) of Goseaena and Jastvev will vote based on their experience and conscience.

The appointed Officer Seer and Officer Sentinel will seek council and guidance from other members before casting their votes.

In the event of a tie, the triad of the Elder Seer, Priest/Priestess of Gosaena, and Priest/Priestess of Jastev will break the tie with a majority vote.

High Priest/Priestess of Gosaena and Jastev will be appointed by the Elder Seer. The Elder Sentinel Advisor and Sentinel Advisor will be elected by majority vote of the entire membership council.

Should the Elder Seer position be vacated, the remaining members of the council will elect a new Elder Seer with any tie vote being decided by a majority vote of the membership.


Seers will provide the gift of sight to all those who seek, regardless of personal affiliation of the seer or the seeker. Seers in the group will maintain the autonomy to practice divination in a manner that is congruent with their personal belief systems. Should an ethical conflict arise, all seers will refer the seeker to another member of the group to provide guidance.

Sentinel Advisors:

Sentinel Advisors will provide non-affiliated guidance to the seers and ruling council.  While their primary role is not defense, they will, when the need arises, provide defensive support to the seers. The Sentinels will be trusted to provide defense according to their judgement during a crisis, should the need arise.


Seer Membership Covenant:

  • I vow to uphold the tenets of the Sphere and Scythe at all times both personally and professionally.
  • As a Seer of the Order I promise to provide the gift of foresight granted to me by the Arkati without prejudice.
  • I vow to always be truthful in my divination to all who seek answers.

Sentinel Membership Covenant:

  • I vow to uphold the tenets of the Sphere and Scythe at all times both personally and professionally.
  • I pledge my allegiance to all members of the Order.
  • I promise to always speak truthfully and respectfully offer my guidance to the Order.
  • In times of crisis I pledge my allegiance to the Order and will, in my best judgement, defend the Order and its members in its mission to provide guidance to any who seek our advice.


The official colors of the Order of the Sphere and Scythe are: Black, White and Grey.

The official crest is: a grey scythe set in a white crystal sphere resting on a field of black

The wearable symbol is as follows: A sphere encased silver scythe.

Description: The convex lens of the crystal sphere allows you to view the intricate scrollwork of the silver scythe encased within with greater detail. The scythe is engraved with feather scrollwork from the snath of the handle to the toe of the blade. The grip of this tiny scythe is wrapped in grey leather. Beyond the scythe, in the background of the sphere you notice two figures etched in the back side of the crystal. One is a winged woman dressed in robes of grey, opposite an old man dressed in drab colors.