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  • Archsenex has made a script for this task. If you would like to use said script, please email VANKRASN39@PLAY.NET.
  • To add a shop not already listed edit the page using the Edit tab at the top of the page, insert {{:EGShop:<Shop Name>}} in the proper location (alphabetical) and save the page. This will create a broken link on the page to the new shop.
  • To edit the shop, click on the broken link and insert the copy/paste code from Template:egshop (copied here) in the code field and fill in the proper information:

Copy/paste code:

==Shop Name==
  • Replace Shop Name between the "==" with the proper shop name.
  • Since it is much more likely that there will be exits instead of paths, only exits are in the copy/paste code, but if it is paths, change exits to paths.
  • In the section (between the <blockquote> tags in the copy/paste code below), insert shop data by using template:container to insert a container name underlined (this can be used as many times as needed). Below that you can insert data using the Category:Shop table templates or a freshly generated table. This site is highly recommended to convert tables or tab separated values to wiki code (uncheck format header rows). Replace the first line of every table generated with {| {{prettytable}} or revise as needed.
  • Keep all shop data between the blockquote tags in each room. To add a new room, repeat all applicable code from the RoomDescription template to the bottom.
  • Saving the shop page will automatically add that information to this page if the initial step was done properly.
  • To edit shops already listed, click on the edit link next to each shop section (you must be logged in).
  • When you begin a shop, do a quick edit adding {{work-in-progress}} just below the header to show on the listing/recent changes that you are working on the shop.
  • When the full listing is done, remove the (Template) from the area inside the "==".
  • If this is still not the ease of what you feel you can work with sanely, there is a public Google doc that can be edited. Let someone know in the chat on the page or email or post here or anything to say that a shop is done and a number of people have volunteered to transfer from the doc into the Wiki.


This page was made in this manner because of what happened with Ebon Gate 2009 shop listing. That page cannot be saved with any further edits. VANKRASN39 (talk) 00:30, 15 October 2015 (CDT)