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As an official document, the page is not directly editable by users and so I have started this talk page with my suggested update. Based on the release of the Nalfein Black Rose Deck, I believe it is time to update this article so the translations on this page and the deck are fully in sync. This update below includes typo fixes and adding full descriptions for each symbol. No changes have been made to the Meaning column. --MINQUE (talk) 02:08, 21 November 2018 (CST)

Nalfien Black Rose Deck Translations

Symbols Meaning
a curling broad-petaled white acacia blossom elegance
a four-petaled pure white alyssum worth beyond beauty, or insanity
an ovoid cluster of tiny dark pink amaranth blooms immortality, or everlasting love
a textured petal coral amaryllis pride
a transparent, multi-petaled dark purple anemone expectation
a fan-like cluster of tiny white angelica flowers inspiration
a shiny bright red apple with a thin stem "Give in to temptation; let me tempt you"
a five-petaled blush pink apple blossom preference
a spear-shaped pale green ash leaf grandeur
a multi-veined heart-shaped golden aspen leaf lamentation
a many-petaled bright golden aster joy in variety, or depth of spirit
a cluster of pale purple trumpet-shaped azaleas temperance
a spear-shaped glossy green bay leaf deathless glory
a teardrop-shaped glossy pale green beech leaf prosperity
a bright pink begonia with layered teardrop petals gaudiness, or elegance
a serrated-edged teardrop dark green birch leaf meekness
a foaming cascade of white pink-centered blaestonberry blossoms childhood, or innocence
a pale pink bleeding-heart blossom with trailing dark red petals heartbreak and longing
a sprig of pale bluebells with a ruffled fringe constancy
a leafy dark orange bougainvillea blossom with a long stamen playfulness
a dark green clover-shaped bur-clover leaf with red speckles blindness
a round bristly grey burdock pod touch me not
a wide-leafed dark yellow buttercup material or spiritual riches
a cluster of coral-throated peach butterflyweed "Let me go free"
a paddle-shaped strigae cactus warmth of feeling
a stalk of drooping lavender calamintha shyness
a multi-layered red camellia unpretending excellence
a multi-layered white camellia perfected loveliness
a triple-petaled dainty white chamomile blossom energy in adversity
a tightly wrapped ruffle-petaled dark red carnation love
a tightly wrapped ruffle-petaled pale pink carnation pride
a tightly wrapped ruffle-petaled pale white carnation purity
a tightly wrapped ruffle-petaled bright yellow carnation disdain
a branch of stiff-needled cedar strength
a wispy twelve-petaled purple chicory frugality
a shaggy red chrysanthemum "I love you"
a mult-layered white chrysanthemum truth
a shaggy multi-layered yellow chrysanthemum "I feel slighted"
a five-petaled pale yellow cinquefoil blossom beloved child or perversion
a violet-striped dagged fuchsia clematis artifice and vanity
a cluster of bright clover blossoms dignity
a dark green triple-petaled clover industriousness
a dark green four-leafed clover "Be mine"
a four-petaled dark purple clover blossom providence
a four-petaled soft white clover blossom "Think of me"
a star-shaped columbine folly and desertion
a star-shaped purple columbine resolution and determination
a star-shaped red columbine anxiety
a feathery cluster of coriander dotted with black seeds hidden value
a sprig of tiny white cothinar blossoms wishes and dreams
a plump dark red cranberry "I have the cure for your heart's hurt"
an exotic dark purple crocus cheerfulness
a cluster of dark red currants "Your tears hurt me"
a three-winged fuchsia cyclamen diffidence
a drooping bough of leafy cypress death
a pale dark yellow daffodil crown upon a long green stalk respect and chivalry
a fire-tipped bright pink dahlia good taste
a many petaled soft white daisy innocence
a bright yellow dandelion surrounded by a fringe of green coquetry, or spirituality
a cluster of blue-centered white delphinuris peace in adversity
a wide teardrop-shaped white dogwood blossom durability
a stalk of crimson dragonstalk ferocity, or Ta'Vaalor
a simplistic seven-petal white dryad with blush tips solitude
a cluster of tiny white edelweiss blossoms longing
a jagged-edged yellow elm leaf dignity
a warm brown faewood bough festooned in white flowers holy magic
a stalk of fennel topped with tiny dark yellow flowers strength
an arching dark green fern with silver heads sincerity
a yellowish-green feverfew stalk haloed in button-shaped white flowers delay
a spindled evergreen fir bough riddled with tiny red berries the test of time
a slender bough of fireleaf festooned in flame-hued elliptical leaves fiery temper
a dark green flamestalk crowned in feather crimson florets pleasant memories
a tiny-leafed stalk of flax crowned in bright blue frilled flowers fate
a magenta-throated flytrap with pale green trigger hairs deceit
a long foxglove stem with pale purple flowers insincerity and danger
a curving bough of bright white freesia calm
the silhouette of a fully bloomed gardenia purity
a lush bright red gardenia "I request a meeting"
a wilted dark red gardenia melancholy
a luscious pale pink gardenia "I prefer you"
an extravagant soft white gardenia true friendship
a trumpet-shaped indigo gentian "You are unjust"
a crimson gladiola spike with sheathed leaves strong character
a white-edged ruffled gloxinia bouquet of magenta and plum hues proud spirit
a straight bough of luminescent glowbark radiance of spirit
a blade of goldenrod surrounded by yellowish-green leaves encouragement
a thorny bough of mustard yellow gorse anger
a spindled twig of hawthorne resplendent with sharp thorns hope despite all
a brown frill-wreathed hazelnut laying on bright green leaves reconciliation
a stalk of dark purple heather untameable
a pink-purple heliotrope crowned with purplish-green leaves devotion
a chocolate brown hellebore with clustered seedpods scandal, and the Arkati Luukos
a sprig of hemlock presenting off-white flower umbrellas "You will be the death of me"
a partially unfurled hibiscus of tangerine hues delicate beauty
a cluster of holly berries upon a dark sprig with glossy leaves foresight
a flowering stalk of plum-hearted lavender hollyhock ambition
a tangle of pale white honeysuckle devoted love
a trio of cream-edged dark green hosta leaves vitality
a vibrant green hyacinth spike festooned in coral blossoms playful games
a showy flowerhead of bluish-purple hydrangea heartlessness
a delicate umbrella of cream-flowered Imaera's lace wonder, and the Arkati Imaera
a delicate white iceblossom dappled in bluish ice truth
a thorny illthorn bough displaying star-shaped leaves "I cannot stop thinking about you"
a yellow-throated dark purple iris "Believe me"
an unyielding bough of dark ironwood unbending strength
a trailing vine of pale green ivy fidelity
a cluster of bright white jasmine clinging to a delicate vine amiability
a feathery bough of juniper dappled with purplish berries "I will protect you"
a freckle-throated white and chocolate lady's slipper "I submit to your whim"
a flaxon bough of feather-headed larch audacity
a stalk of transparent purple larkspur fickleness
a bough of bright green elliptical-leafed laurel presenting teardrop red berries glory
a cluster of dark purple lavender mistrust
a bough of dark purple lilac first emotion of love
a coral-throated bright day lily with crimson petals coquetry
a pure white five-petaled snow lily with pronounced stamen gratitude
a freckled magenta stargazer lily edged in white high breeding
a nodding stalk of lily-of-the-valley return of happiness
a pair of entwined lofty lor boughs immortality through love
a blush-tinged off-white lotus estranged love, or eloquence
a violet-hearted black lotus with pointed petals exotic beauty
a yellow-hearted indigo blue lotus blossom a dream state
a beautiful wide-petaled white magnolia natural beauty
a crimson maple leaf with bright yellow veining reserve
a fringed golden marigold wreathed in green leaves jealousy
a stalk of feathery white meadowsweet uselessness
a sprig of purplish-red mezereon with bright red berries flirtatiousness
a smattering of sawtooth-edged mint leaves virtue
a wild stalk of coral-hued monkeyflower laughter
a velvety large purple moonflower forgetfulness
a vine of multi-hued morning glories vainglory
a pewter-leafed black mournbloom grief and mourning
a twisted bough of mulberry with withered purple berry clusters "I shall not survive you"
a spiked bough of myrrh with tiny dark green leaves gladness
a flared and star-shaped white narcissus egotism
a star-shaped purple nightshade sorcery
a seven-lobed bright green oak leaf displaying three acorns bravery or hospitality
a grayish blossom of oleander with dark green blade-like leaves "Beware"
a delicate orange blossom resting upon a waxy green leaf bridal festivities
a softly white-speckled bright pink orchid beauty
a tri-colored pansy of predominately yellow and brown thought
a plum-faced white snow pansy haloed in violet hues "Think of me"
a bright green peapod cradling several peas an appointed meeting
a bough of delicate plum-hearted peach blossoms "I am your beauty's captive"
a bough of freckled white pear blossoms with affection
an herbaceous stem of purple-flowered pennyroyal "Flee me"
a delicate pale pink peony bashfulness
a scattering of rounded peppermint leaves warmth of feeling
a white-banded plum petunia "I am not proud"
a sprig of pale blue phlox flowers unity
a cluster of dark green pine needles pity
a bough of delicate pink plum blossoms "Promises to keep"
a large deep red poppy outrageous extravagance
a wide-petaled soft white poppy sleep
a trio of mustard-hearted soft yellow primrose early youth
a feathery sprig of lavender fairy primrose enchantment
an off-white umbrella of Queen's lace "Do not command me"
a cluster of purplish-red raspberries remorse
the silhouette of a fully bloomed rose love and beauty, and the Arkati Oleani
a velvety fully bloomed black rose subterfuge, or Ta'Nalfein
a half-bloomed dark cabbage rose ambassador of love
a small dark pink dog rose pleasure mixed with pain
a gorgeous pure white Elanthian snow rose perfection
a tiny pale moss rose true merit
a delicate soft pink rose romance
a wide-petaled sanguine rose "I love you"
a hearty dark swamp rose with barbed vines "Prove yourself to me"
a delicate white rose with blush inner petals purity
an extravagant wild rose simplicity
a full soft white rose silence
a large bright yellow rose friendship
a tightly coiled dark red rosebud a confession of love
a tightly coiled soft white rosebud a heart too young to love
a wrinkled knob-like nodule of rose-marrow roots a hidden heart
a sprig of slender pale green rosemary rememberance
a terminal leaflet of rowan resting beneath tiny white blossoms ancient mystery
a mustard yellow feathery sprig of rue utter disdain
a velvety moss green sage leaf esteem
a cascading bough of bright pink salorisa suffocation
a silvery bough of sephwir sylvan beauty, or Yuriqen
a layered crimson and white sirenflower blossom prophecy, and the Arkati Jastev
a spear of flame-hued snapdragons presumption
a solitary dark-eyed sneezeweed blossom wreathed in burnt umber hues mockery
an herbaceous cluster of sovyn clove "It is not yet time"
a dark seed-speckled red strawberry sweetness
a wide-petaled bright yellow sunflower devotion and admiration
a triple-petaled pale purple sweet pea delicate pleasures
a vibrant bough of bright green sycamore leaves curiosity
a layered and puffy off-white salneo blossom dreaminess
a rugged dark purple thistle head surrounded by jagged leaves austerity
an herbaceous sprig of purplish green thyme vitality
an aerial view of a crowning yellow trefoil bloom revenge
a three-petaled magenta trillium blossom modest beauty, or hope despite pain
a wave-shaped bough of bright white tuberose dangerous pleasure
a glossy pale tulip fame
a black tulip with glossy petals cruelty
a pale and dainty glossy ice tulip caution
a dark red tulip with glossy petals a declaration of love
a hearty tulip with variegated petals beautiful eyes
a pale and dainty yellow tulip hopeless love
a pale pink and white flower head of valerian an accommodating personality
a flowering cluster of pale and dark pink verbena family union
a semi-woody cluster of dark purple and lilac-hued vervain feminine enchantment
a delicate violet surrounded by wide leaves candid words
a dainty periwinkle-blue violet friendship and remembrance
a flame-wrapped dark fiery violet brilliance
a velvety dark purple violet faithful love
a wide-petaled pale wood violet secrecy
a large white water lily resting upon a verdant pad contemplation
a slender branch of black willow speckled with elliptical leaves love forsaken, or freedom
a bough of trailing purple wisteria "I cling to thee"
a tangled dark witchwood bush eldritch power
a stalk of deep purple wolfsbane blooms betrayal
a sprig of blue-green bristled wormwood absence
a blue-throated ruffled violet woth blossom blessed beauty
a gnarled wyrmwood branch speckled with brackish green flowers dangerously wild
a bristly sprig of yew with hollowed red berries sorrow
a triple-tiered bright orange zinnia with yellow accents thoughts of an absent friend